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"yes." The little bean’s face was full of horror and whispered, "I have seen in ancient books that after these people were eaten by tigers, their souls turned into tigers, full of resentment and very jealous of creatures. Therefore, once they see angry people or animals, they will pounce on them to absorb life. First, they will strengthen their souls. Second, those who die and are angry will be dedicated to the tiger owners as food."

"This tiger is really happy." Hao Qiang, fully alert, said.
"For the tiger’s happy life, stay and eat for him." Said the little bean.
"Let’s leave this donkey." Chu Yunjie gritted his teeth and said, "He is full of meat, and the tiger is really happy."
"You are tender-skinned, and the tiger is sure to like it." Hao Qiang scolded, "It is more appropriate to keep you."
"Your master is thin-skinned, hum." Chu Yunjie smiled strangely. "Look at this skin. Big girls are not as white and tender as him."
"Shut up." ChuYanQi scold a way in a low voice, "don’t you think, the tiger eat only one meal? There is no habit of storing food? "
"Master, you are also confused. You have never heard that tigers have the habit of storing food." Hao Qiang busy said.
"Anyway, eating me is definitely not enough." ChuYan habitat scold a way, "don’t hurry to find a way, you see …"
Between the four people talking, I saw dimly, countless tigers surrounded.
Chu Yanqi’s heart suddenly moved. After all, these tigers are souls. He immediately said, "Lei Fu, Xiaoqiang-use Lei Fu."
"Oh?" Hao Qiang was busy taking out a Zhang lei operator, so he lost it to the tiger.
After a few roars, Hu Xun was really afraid and didn’t dare to go forward. Chu Yanqi held a dagger in his hand and first rushed towards the front. But after only a few steps, countless tigers pounced on him again. Hao Qiang lost a few more LeiFu, forcing back a batch of tigers, but there were too many of them. When ChuYan lived in a daze, she heard a frightened cry from ChuYunJie. When she turned to look, she saw a few tigers pouncing on him and opening her mouth. These tigers were about to
Small beans holding a dagger in his hand, is also scared, constantly chopping and killing those tigers. But the tiger can’t die at all, and it often recovers in an instant after being cut in two.
Chu Yanqi grabbed Chu Yunjie’s side and pulled him out with a dagger. Chu Yunjie looked pale, reached out and touched his neck, and asked, "Is my neck hurt?"
"No …" ChuYanQi shook his head, "they only learn your anger, you should be careful …"
"You actually saved me?" ChuYunJie voice hoarse.
ChuYanQi didn’t speak, just now the situation is critical, he didn’t even think of, rushed over to save him, where still thinking about two people in the past hostilities?
"Chu Yanqi, do something quickly?" The little bean cried in a hurry, "If we go on like this, these tigers will bite us, and we will all die."
"I can’t help it." ChuYan habitat in a hurry, he has never seen a tiger in my life, just heard of, where there is any way?
"Master, do you think the blue silk bag is their home?" Hao Qiang said suddenly.
"Maybe …" ChuYanQi smell speech, heart movement, busy walked over to a big tree, waving, just put a cyan silk bag, silk bag seems to have a gas, floating in the wind. However, Hu Xun still turned a deaf ear and wanted to arrest some of them.
Chu Yanqi suddenly shouted, "Let’s hide in the silk bag."
"Ah?" Hao Qiang was stunned and cried, "Master, are you crazy?"
Chu Yanqi didn’t speak. First, he untied a silk bag and put himself in. Sure enough, when he put on the silk bag, the tigers who arrested him seemed to lose their goal at once.
"This method is effective, quick!" ChuYanQi shouted loudly.
Hao Qiang kicked over a tiger, and ran towards a silk bag nearby. When Xiaodou and ChuYunjie saw it, they also rolled and crawled, grabbed a silk bag and went to the body. Once the silk bag was put on, the tiger could not find the target immediately.
Chu Yanqi touched it with his hand. I don’t know what the silk bag is made of. It is smooth and soft, and it looks like silk, and it is all green.
"Master, what shall we do now?" Hao Qiang was all wrapped in silk bags, moved for a while, approached Chu Yanqi, and asked in a low voice, "Can’t you just stay inside?"
The little bean said with a sad face, "Chu Yanqi, how do I feel that this silk bag is used by tigers to hold food? If we put ourselves in it, does it count as sending sheep into the tiger’s mouth?"
"I also think that this silk bag may really be used by tigers to hold food." Chu Yanqi whispered, "Try it, let’s move forward?"
"How can I get there with this thing on?" ChuYunJie asked in a low voice.
This silk bag is translucent, but you can’t see it. However, how can you walk when you are wrapped in a sack?
"Walk slowly, it should be fine to walk here." As he spoke, the little bean moved carefully.
ChuYan habitat also followed in the past, before long, a line of people walked covered in sweat, and this strange forest, still didn’t walk in the past, there are several times, almost tripped.
"What’s the matter?" ChuYan habitat tightly behind the small beans, all of a sudden, in front of the small beans stopped.
"Where … there’s someone …" The little bean said in a low voice.
ChuYan habitat for a stay, where did this place come from? Looking through the silk bag, I saw an octagonal palace lantern hanging under a very huge strange tree. There was a bluestone table below, and a man in white was eating slowly at the table. There seemed to be some dishes on the far table.
"Where does this place come from?" ChuYanQi asked in a low voice.
I don’t know. The little bean said, "Do you want to go over and ask?"
"I look weird, I still don’t want it." Chu Yanqi shook his head. "Let’s sneak around and don’t disturb him." In such a place, sitting alone, eating slowly, how strange it is, it is better not to provoke it.
"hmm." The little bean promised and walked forward first.