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Zhuge wanted to laugh when he was not bright, but he didn’t dare to laugh out loud, and his face was flushed.

Li Yuanfei is also a face of embarrassment. When he saw Mr. Pang’s face was pale, he was livid and worried. I knew I wouldn’t introduce Mr. Pang’s full name just now. This is a good thing, and the atmosphere was embarrassed by his own words.
Zhuge Ming and Zhuge Muyan immediately came to their senses and said respectfully, "Have you met Elder Pang!"
Zhuge stepped forward before dawn and said, "I’ve met Elder Urine … No, no, no, it’s Elder Pang ~ ~"
As soon as this remark came out, the scene was even more embarrassing. Zhuge Liang’s heart twitched hard. Just now, he just thought that his bladder was a bladder, and he accidentally lost his mouth.
At the moment, even the head of Yaohai Sect sitting at the top can’t help but show a faint smile, but because of his identity, he is embarrassed to laugh and his face turns red.
"Ha, ha, ha, this boy is interesting ~ ~" The middle-aged man sitting next to the head of Yaohai Sect laughed without considering his identity, laughing his head off: "This is really new. Who dares to make fun of Elder Pang’s name in Yaohai Sect? Today, it was given to me by a novice disciple … Ha, ha, ha, laughing me to death. I can’t do it ~ ~ Ha, ha ~ ~ ~"
With majesty, Elder Pang’s face has turned into sauce purple at the moment, and heavy pressure is coming from the body. Zhuge is not bright in front of him, and Zhuge Ming and Zhuge Muyan suddenly feel a panic.
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The sixth chapter dare you kill me (on)
"Elder Ge, please pay attention to the occasion!" At this time, the charming Taoist gave the middle-aged man a sidelong glance, and the middle-aged man immediately stopped laughing. He seemed to be afraid of this Taoist.
Pang Changhu’s eyes were wide open and he roared, "No big or small!"
The words sound just fell, and Zhuge felt a strong sound coming from his chest when he was not bright. He couldn’t help but fall back, and fully withdrew from four or five steps. The qi and blood in the body churned, and he couldn’t help but have a sweet throat, which seemed to be blood upwelling. Zhuge took a deep breath before dawn and swallowed the blood.
"No big or small, there is no respect in your eyes!" Elder Pang said with majesty, and his voice echoed in the Golden Hall.
Zhuge Ming and Zhuge Muyan looked at each other and secretly laughed in their hearts. Zhuge Buliang is inferior to a slave in their eyes, and both of them feel depressed when he is elected to Yaohai School. Now that Zhuge is embarrassed, they only feel like they have a bad breath in their hearts.
"Yuan fei, you see what you choose! ! ?” Elder Pang thundered, and Li Yuanfei quickly bowed down and dared not speak.
Su Nianjiao winked at Zhuge Liang secretly and motioned for him not to talk. Zhuge crouched on the ground before dawn, and his qi and blood were still aching until now, which was extremely painful.
"Well, let’s start!" The head of Yaohai School said.
Elder Pang walked up to Zhuge Ming, looked up and down, nodded secretly, and said, "Although you all passed the inspection before you came, I still have to confirm it!"
After that, Elder Pang put his palm on Zhuge Ming’s head, and a real force poured into it. Zhuge Ming’s body suddenly gushed out a strong golden brilliance, and his spiritual root was metallic, so a golden light emerged. ZhuGeMing can’t help moaning, seems to feel very happy. The golden brilliance didn’t fade away until it lasted for two minutes.
"good! Good qualification, good spirit root! " Mr. Pang nodded approvingly. Several other elders looked at Zhuge Ming’s eyes and were obviously hot.
Next, Elder Pang came to Zhuge Muyan’s side and made the same action. Various ge dusk smoke body emerged cyan light, but much dimmer than Zhuge Ming.
"Although it is not the best in Linggen, your qualifications are good, and it is indeed a beautiful jade to cultivate immortality." Elder Pang nodded and told Zhuge Ming and Zhuge Muyan to step aside.
"Yuan Fei, you said that the person with abnormal spirit roots was found in Zhuge family. Is this the boy?" Elder Pang pointed to Zhuge Liang. This guy is still trying to calm the boiling blood in his body and take a deep breath.
"Yes, Elder Pang, what emerges from this person’s spiritual root is white light, which is dazzling. I don’t know what is going on?" Li Yuanfei said respectfully.
"White light!"
Yet exclaim, including Yaohai faction leader and several elders all stood up in surprise. Several people looked at each other and saw great shock from each other’s eyes.
Elder Pang went to Zhuge Buliang in disbelief, put his palm on his head and injected a real force. Suddenly, a dazzling white light emerged in Zhuge Buliang’s body, and the white light bathed Zhuge Buliang’s body in it. The white light was dazzling, and Zhuge Buliang seemed to become holy at this moment.
The blazing white light gushed out of the body, and Zhuge felt that every cell in his body was excited when he was not bright. He was bathed in the blazing white light and looked so holy.
The white light lasted for five minutes before it dispersed.
The head of the Yaohai Sect sat back in his position and said, "Gentlemen, this may be a once-in-a-lifetime spiritual root without attributes. I have only heard of it before, but I didn’t expect to see it with my own eyes today. It’s unbelievable that there are still spiritual roots without attributes in the world!"
"The spirit root of a thousand years!" Zhuge was excited when he didn’t light up, so he was a rare wizard in a thousand years?
Elder Pang said, "Attribute-free spirit root is a heterogeneous spirit root, and there are many secrets in it. It is said that five thousand years ago, the magic wizard killed Luo, which was an attribute-free spirit root. It was only later …"
"Later, there were indeed a few practitioners without attribute spiritual roots, but after their cultivation advanced to the foundation period, it was difficult to break through and finally ended in depression." Elder Ge, who was laughing hysterically just now, said that he was getting serious.
The head of Yaohai Sect nodded: "That is to say, the spiritual root without attributes is now considered as an abandoned spiritual root. Even if it can be cultivated, it can only break through to the foundation period."