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"boos? I have never been afraid of such things. I have never heard boos when I played before! " Li Cheng continued to turn the wrist strap of his left hand and said, "This shows that they hate me, so they booed me. And I don’t care about it at all. I enjoy such booing, because it is an affirmation of your enemy. If they just booed me for a game tonight, I’ll ask them to continue the next day. "

Nisha has a lot of questions today. Maybe she wants to know more about this China man in front of her. "You have always been called the representative of the American dream, and your performance tonight further hit back at those who questioned you. What do you think of the dream?"
"Dream?" Li Cheng paused, as if thinking, "Pursuing dreams is a game for the brave. Although I have been decadent, I have never given up the pace of pursuing my dreams, and I have always been firm in my pursuit of dreams. Dreams are my own, and there was a time. I have nothing but dreams. I crossed the darkest time before dawn, and then I succeeded. I survived. "
"The last question. What do you want to say most to those teenagers who are pursuing their dreams now? "
"Many people give up their dreams because they are laughed at, but I just want to say. At any time, give yourself a reason not to give up. And take me for example. There used to be many people who laughed at me and looked down on me. But I got through it. I will use the results of training to give some color to those who laugh at me on the basketball court. "
"Ok, thank you very much for your answer." Nisha said with a smile.
Li smiled and nodded, then said, "See you in the next game, beautiful reporter."
"Am I really beautiful?" Nisha has always been proud of her appearance, but she still wants to hear the answer she wants in Li Cheng’s mouth.
Li Cheng nodded and quipped, "I was called a gigolo because of you. You can imagine how beautiful your face is. To use a China idiom, it is to fall in love with the country. "
"What do you mean?" The last sentence Li Cheng spoke Chinese, but Nisha didn’t understand it.
Li Cheng deliberately said, "I’ll explain it to you next time, haha!" After that, Li Chenggong walked into the player channel. And Nisha also pondered the meaning of Li Cheng’s last "America laguna".
Nisha murmured silently, "qing guo qing cheng" was determined to understand the meaning of this Chinese phrase, and at the same time he was determined to learn some Chinese. In her mind, the feeling of Li Cheng is not as simple as the need of work at all.
After playing back-to-back bulls, the Pacers will go back to their home to rest for two days. On the 25th, they will face a dark horse in the west this year, the New Orleans Hornets.
As the third largest city in the United States, Chicago naturally has many attractions. And now it’s the end of March, and the weather is warmer. Considering the wishes of the players, the team will stay in Chicago for one more day, and they will return to Indiana by charter flight after dinner tomorrow.
In the evening, the players didn’t go back to the hotel, and Granger invited everyone out to play. Originally, Li Cheng should pay the bill for tonight’s consumption, but Li Cheng’s salary is too small now, and he is far less rich than Granger. Although Granger is still a rookie contract, his business contract has already won him a lot of dollars.
After a night of chic, the players returned to the hotel after six o’clock. Everyone is going to go back to sleep and then go to their respective activities in the afternoon.
"How was that girl last night?" Granger lay in bed, stretched himself and asked casually.
"It’s very cool." Li Cheng seems to be recalling his feelings at night.
Granger glanced at Li Cheng and smiled: "You can’t satisfy her!"
"Danny, I really want you to go to the toilet to wash your hair and sober you up now."
"Cut!" Granger put up a middle finger.
Li Cheng responded disdainfully: "What if she is upset? I just want to feel good about myself, not to mention that she was flying in bed last night, okay? "
"I don’t know what you are talking about, you are so vulgar." Granger made a mockery, then turned over and went to sleep.
In fact, they didn’t have to come back so early at all, but O ‘Brien has a strange rule, which may be the only quirk of this accommodating head coach! He doesn’t like to see players coming back from nightclubs after he gets up. As players, they still try their best to satisfy the head coach’s quirk. After all, they don’t have to confront O ‘Brien on such a small matter. (To be continued. . )
Chapter DiYiSanLiu Praise
Li Cheng didn’t sleep immediately, but he entered the "Basketball Top System". He has been thinking about the task of "running wild in the place where Jordan was brilliant".
As soon as Li Cheng entered the screen interface of the system, a dialog box popped up in the screen interface of the system. "Achievement task: Run wild in the place where Jordan was brilliant. Task 1-Miller’s successor completed."
"Task reward: 5 days of system time consumption, 500 gold coins, 1 attribute point, 1 experience point, and one-time buff skill-a tribute to Madison Garden Square. Effect: the ability in Madison Garden Square is improved by 10%. Run wild in the place where Jordan has been brilliant. Task 2-Be old and grow stronger. "
Seeing this dialog box, Li Cheng felt a little depressed. "What is this?"! What is the system time? The achievement task is still divided into stages? Why is this system always panting, and if things don’t come out, they won’t tell Lao Tzu that there is this thing? "
Li Cheng left the pie mouth and began to read these introductions about the stages of achievement tasks and what the system time consumption is.
"System time consumption-replace gold coins as system consumption every day, and gold coins will not be reduced until the system time consumption is completed. After the system time is exhausted, the system will start to consume gold coins again. "
"The stage of the achievement task, the achievement task will be carried out in stages. There are at least two stages, but there is no upper limit at most. The more stages are completed, the richer the reward. "
"The time consumption of this system is really cost-effective, equal to 1000 gold coins!" Li Cheng gave a whistle with pleasure. As for the stage of achieving the task, Li Cheng doesn’t have much idea. When the task comes, it will be completed! It loves to be divided into several stages, just a few stages.
Then Li Cheng turned his attention to the second stage of running wild in Jordan’s glorious place-getting old and growing stronger.
Task name: Old but strong
Mission Description: In the 2001-2002 season, 38-year-old Michael Jordan scored 51 points against Charlotte Hornets. Show the true colors of Jordan’s basketball god. Times have changed, and the Charlotte Hornet has become history. They moved to New Orleans. But you still have to prove your worth in the hands of this team, so that the lingering struggle between Jordan and Miller can continue.
Mission goal: Last time Jordan dominated the game with scores. And you need to dominate the game in your own way and prove your value.
"Can I swear?" After reading the task introduction, Li Cheng really wants to call names.
The last time the Wizards faced the Hornets, although they were also a playoff team, their core Marshburn was injured at that time, and their fighting capacity was affected to some extent with bearded Davis as the core. And at that time, the relationship between the management of their team and the local fans was already very bad, so their home record was very poor.
But now it’s different. This year’s Hornets are the biggest dark horse in the west. Paul’s maturity. His empty play with Tai Sen Chandler shines through the league. But Li Cheng is just a rookie now, and it’s hard to imagine that he wants to dominate the competition in front of the increasingly mature queen bee.
"This game is too difficult." Li cheng sighed.
After complaining, Li Cheng began to assign his own attribute points. After completing this task, he only had one attribute point, and his experience was three quarters short of the upgrade, which was still a long way off! This attribute point was assigned to the agile attribute by Li Cheng, so that his agile attribute increased to 40.
Now Li Cheng’s "Perfect Body" attribute list is like this-Strength: 50.
Explosive power: 45