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Bai Meng saw that these people were still useful, but they didn’t get rid of the soul that changed into a Yuan baby. Although they were obedient, their skills dropped a lot, and they also suffered from the golden sun. Without ghosts and clouds, they couldn’t show up in the daytime at all, and they had to pay for what they had learned. They could never practice again.

I thought for a moment, holding my chin, and said, "Well, let’s just let the seven evil spirits go. Good or bad, there’s a place to live. I think the seven evil spirits are not rude, but their skills are a little low. I’ll make it clear first that he won’t be rude to you!"
As soon as his voice fell, a man looked up and said, "Lord, we have a hundred years of enmity with those seven evil men. Can we live with them?"
Bai Meng looked at the man and thought that this man still had some qualifications. I didn’t think that there were such disciples in the small iron humen. No wonder he was only 27 or 28 years old, but he had reached the middle of his out-of-body experience. Even if the magic method progressed and flew, it would be great. He was really a leader among these people.
"I think you still have some skills, but do you think I am a person who does small things? Today, I want you to enter a few years later, maybe you have gained the power of the seven evil doors. That’s the truth." Bai Meng pondered for a moment and asked, "Did you learn the mind method of this iron gate?"
The man said, "My master was the iron-armed magic sword of the last generation of Tiehumen Gate. When he received me in his later years, he accidentally got a copy of efreet’s Mystery Seal, and the skills described in it were all learned later. Only I entered the door late and didn’t learn the Iron Tiger Magic Classic, but my skills were the purest and my progress was the fastest!"
Bai Meng rejoiced that efreet’s Mystery Seal is the foundation of efreet’s Sanjing in the nine branches of Yin and Yang Sect. At the beginning, I audited efreet’s Sanjing, which was based on efreet’s Mystery Seal and Jiuyang’s Secret Formula, and immediately asked with a smile, "What’s your name?"
"The younger generation Ji Yandao, the flaming tiger king!"
"This flaming tiger is not good enough. I’ll give you a red jade demon!"
This person will achieve great success in the future. As long as he helps himself, he can think for a moment and then say, "The Five Poisons Devil took your Dreadwind Poison Fire Sword to draw away the Yuan God!"
The Devil of the Five Poisons did not dare to neglect to immediately withdraw his own Yuan God of Dreadwind’s Poisonous Fire Sword, and presented him with a jade symbol to Bai Meng Bai Meng, and let the Devil of the Five Poisons deliver it to Ji Yandao: "This sword is called Dreadwind Poisonous Fire Sword, and I personally forged it. The flying hand with the Five Poisons can destroy his body in three steps by leaving people. In addition to this sword, there is a sword named Dreadwind Ghost Fire Sword, which kills Yuan Ying’s body and Yuan Soul in three steps. Today, I will give you this sword, and then I will give you the sword when you are successful. In the future, I will be a pioneer in the world of Yin and Yang! "
JiYan exultation immediately took Dreadwind poison fire sword bow down to give thanks.
The magic way is about strength, no matter how big the resentment is, where there is hatred, but the other six people can’t help but be jealous of Ji Yan but have nothing to say.
Bai Meng said, "Although I am a late founder of Yin and Yang, there are many magic weapons, and all the great schools in the world are afraid of it. I am the only one in the world who is proud of the world. You are quite qualified and can learn from my disciples. The mentality is also closely related to my Sect, but it is not yet time for you to work hard. As long as you succeed in the future and make great contributions to our school, there will be your seat in Zi Xia Wonderland!"
Ji Yan’s exultation has knocked on his head three times in a row, which naturally means that the etiquette of mentoring should be established first, and only when he has made great contributions will he formally become a master.
Bai Meng smiled and understood what he meant, and looked at the other six people. They saw different expressions on their faces, both jealous of Ji Yan and somewhat complaining about Ji Yan’s feeling of recognizing a thief as a father.
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Chapter seventy-one Grandpa, what do you want to say?
Obviously, I still didn’t reach out and win the magic weapon. Who didn’t bow their heads for three points? Bai Meng also clearly smiled at the other six people and asked, "Is that efreet’s Mystery Seal?"
"Yes, yes, yes!"
When the opportunity came, the six people hurriedly agreed, and some of the grievances that had just existed disappeared, and they all laughed and lost their spirits.
Compared with Ji Yan, these six people are obviously a lot worse in terms of qualifications and character, but controlling Ji Yan and wooing them a little more will be enough to be used as cannon fodder.
In the future, the troops of this faction will be the main force, but cannon fodder will still be needed. Bai Meng rubbed his nose slightly with his hand and pretended to think: "You are all people who can do great things in the future. It’s just that although there are many magic weapons in Yin and Yang Sect, it’s impossible for everyone to have magic weapons. So, Ji Yan, I’ll give you another jade charm to repair the sword. After you learn a little, you can teach it according to the qualifications of the six of them. Don’t be anxious!"
Bai Meng took another jade symbol and entered it into the first half of the double cultivation of Yin and Yang in the Seven Stars Gu Jian Classic, that is, Ji Yan came over with the method of refining Yang sword with Tian Huipo. He whispered, "This sword is definitely the first part. You can learn the next part, but you don’t have to tell them and don’t teach them at once. Since I am a disciple, I must be proficient in controlling people!"
Ji Yan was overjoyed and said, "The younger generation knows that they will live up to the high hopes of the patriarch and carefully teach them to learn this sword tactic so as to serve my Yin and Yang Sect!"
Bai Meng smiled and saw that Ji Yan was a shrewd man with many things. It was a one-point communication. He did have the potential to be a disciple of Yin and Yang Sect, but he also thought that even if he accepted it in the future, because it was not authentic, he could only learn the three magic scattered scriptures under the seat of Jin Lingzi.
I thought I should get in place, so Bai Meng took them down to Lingbao Fairy Hall.
At the sight of Ji Yan holding Dreadwind’s ruling sword, Jiang Jinlong was frightened and jealous. After being jealous, Jiang Jinlong smiled faintly. He knew Bai Meng’s means. He slapped you and gave you two cakes. You volunteered to call him dad. Think about your face again. Zheng knows that you have another opponent. Yin and Yang Sect can’t be so easy to accept disciples. Even if this Ji Yan is well qualified, it is also a front name. So you really have to work harder.
Judging from Bai Meng’s words, even if the Yin and Yang Sect is in its heyday, there won’t be many disciples in the future. It’s true that one person will have to palm a bunch of good magic weapons, and there won’t be many. If one person goes up, he will have to go to the next person, that is, there will be one vacancy missing, and his heart will be secretly anxious.
Just wait for Bai Meng to sit in the second seat. Although he is sitting in three seats, he can’t wait to beat his legs and pour tea for Bai Meng now.
"It seems that all these things have been cleared up. I don’t have to use these things as usual. You can take them away. Jinlong, you don’t want the seven-tooth Hei Hu Dao. I think it’s ok. Today is the day when evil is in charge of the overall situation, so let’s not argue. Just give me a thin face. In a few days, I will close my door and refine my treasure. Then I will forge a magic weapon for you! "
Bai Meng is still smiling. Jiang Jinlong is even more delighted. He stayed in the Yin and Yang Sect for a while and saw many things back and forth. Now he really despises this seven-tooth Hei Hu Dao. I heard that Bai Meng personally refined a magic weapon for him, and his smiling mouth was about to crack.
Seven evil spirits old heart thumped a tunnel: "Wrong. Today, this white patriarch is afraid that he has something to say with himself, otherwise, how can he make such a great benefit? But I have nothing good to think about. Look at his magic tools. It’s simply a comparison between riding a bicycle and riding a BMW … Well, this Yin and Yang Sect is really a refining sect, and this garbage is just disdainful.
He immediately smiled when he thought of this: "I think there are still many rare materials that have been collected since flying to Humen for 400 years. It is also a waste for me to take them away. If you don’t dislike them, you can take them back, even if you don’t need to practice and play for yourself!"
"Then thank you for being old!" Bai Meng also called out the four demons and the four monarchs: "Take these treasure refining equipment and bring it back to the fairyland to make some little things for Tianhu to play with!"
The face of the seven evil spirits turned white, and the heart was shocked. What surprised me was that the good materials on the ground were just for the little disciples to make small things to play with. The second surprise is that the four magic lords and the four magic lords are not human, ghosts, demons and immortals, and they have two brilliant strengths, which are also the magic weapons in their hands.
"Master …!"
Seeing the seven evil spirits, the old saliva dripped down, and my eyes and husband couldn’t help but quietly remind them in a low voice.
The seven evil spirits woke up and quickly wiped their saliva. They were very embarrassed and Bai Meng said, "Don’t blame the patriarch for not seeing the world. Today, it’s a long experience. Your Sect is really the first refiner in the world!"