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Chapter two hundred and twenty-three Kneeling pit master magic field
The audience didn’t know it was a real person until they were really scared.
The explosive music suddenly sounded and the gorgeous stage lights dazzled, and the atmosphere ignited, and the audience became impatient.
The masked man moved and stepped on the rhythm of music, making his body feel a sense of trembling by rapid muscle contraction and relaxation techniques, like a rusty robot, moving and pausing, and his body was doing grid by grid like a movie, which was full of strength and rhythm.
The mask man’s precipice is that the heartless pit owner Su has fallen.
Hum, and play surprises.
I’d like to see if you’ll show your face this time
After a few simple mechanical dances, the masked man seems to be rusty. The robot is lubricated and gradually becomes smoother and smoother until it is like a normal person.
This robot is just as handsome as it is.
Then "coated with lubricating oil" and "robot" went straight to the advertising production small round table, picked up a bottle of Xiashi Spring, twisted it and continued to walk to the front audience, and handed out the water bottle in front of a beautiful girl, which meant to feed her water.
"I want to drink too."
The audience is boiling again. The fans are screaming to pierce the eardrum.
And that pretty girl is so happy that she almost fainted.
Mom, the owner of the egg pit is awesome. He inadvertently forced another advertisement.
Just after the beautiful girl audience happily took a sip of the mask and personally fed it to Xiashi Spring.
The masked man stepped back too far from the audience, went back to the small round table, screwed the bottle cap and put the water bottle back. After continuing too far, he went back to the center of the stage. The whole process was like the backward effect of the film, even when he came over, his limbs moved completely.
It’s not over yet
Back to the starting point, the masked man also "regressed" the robot just now, from the smooth movement of limbs to the rusty feeling and finally.
Music stops.
The masked man is as motionless as the most sculptural prop.
As if nothing had happened.
The audience at the scene can also watch the audience in front of the camera, guess the jury, and include the contestants who are preparing backstage.
Everyone at this moment
Be scared silly
be stunned
Am I dazzled or is time really back?
The lens shows that the bottle at the round table was taken a sip of water, and it just stayed there quietly as if to tell you that you were really dazzled just now. This really happened, and then inadvertently forced an advertisement.
This damn thing is awesome.
Think of it this way
"Ah ah ah ah"
"Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa"
The boiling field boils completely.
Guess the jury, teachers Han Shi, Huang Guolun and Yang were shocked and made a direct admiration.
"pit owner"
The screaming at the scene rose several degrees in vain.
The restless fans are crazy.
This backward dance step is that suluo showed too many steps in front of the world when he entered the World Classical Music Association Hall of Fame.
Who else could it be but him? There can’t be a second one.
China is the coquettish.
Desperate pit owner suluo
"God, I’m going crazy."
"The pit owner is so awesome, it’s a pervert."
"The enemy is too powerful."
"Handsome enough to have no friends. No one can stop me from learning this dance."