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"Yes, good luck, you find the unknown world will be controlled by you, bad luck. You’re in trouble. This is the truth of adventure, and it is also the charm of intelligent life’s adventure. The foreign invasion mentioned by a certain family earlier refers to the unknown world. All the worlds have been exploring the divergent depths of the worlds, and the world in the sand that the boy is going to. These are the foreign troubles that everyone in the house faces as you define them. "
"This …"
"Although it’s a headache in the depths of the world, it’s fair to explore, isn’t it? And the world in the sand is fatal to those who have no way! "
"Master, you mean that boy will be …"
"I don’t know, I didn’t say anything." The emperor winked slyly.
"Then, Lord, do you think there will be a deadly space that you have encountered in the depths of the divergence of the four realms of darkness!"
"Of course, and there must be."
"That master, a withdrawal to explore the legion …"
"Withdraw!" The emperor laughed wildly. "Exploration is dangerous, but it can buy time for this department. It’s hard to wait for someone to come to you, and you won’t be well. God, this is not the wisdom of a superior person. "
"Master, one this is not in the dark kingdom to vigour? Besides, deep in this world, there are more people exploring. There is no shortage of one. The ten families of the universe are far ahead. It seems that there is no need for someone to go first and be a bridgehead. Just like you, don’t you give up exploring the world in the sand in the original world? "
"good, good,
; | and the depths of the world are related to national luck. The world in the sand is a dangerous unknown world that only those who have no way can visit; But deep in the world, it is the world that the true spiritual monks can contact. "
"Master, night is not without exploration, just want to change a way to explore. You know, being unable to return to the depths of the world due to exploration is equivalent to the missing super true warrior, which adds up to more than ten legions every interstellar year. This is really a great consumption. Therefore, someone wants to entrust the exploration work to the adventure bank. Such an army … "
"Let it be," the emperor interrupted.
"By the way, master, you said that China has explored the depths of the spiritual divergence of Kun Tian? Or is it possible for them to start a plan to explore the depths of the world! " Suddenly, I thought of something in the dark night.
"Well … arguably, every country that can reach the divergence of the world will not give up exploration, and many countries in China are no exception. Didn’t you send a lot of secret spies? " The emperor glared. "Why do you ask someone instead?"
"This ….." In the dark night, NaoNao mouth, "The secret spy only found that Huazhong countries were emigrating to the uninhabited star field of Kuntian Lingjie divergence area, but they did not find any signs of exploration. There are tens of thousands of mature unmanned star fields in the divergent area of Kuntian Lingjie. People don’t know when to fill them? "
"It’s not married, the development of the three countries in China is fast, but it is congenitally deficient, which can make the countless desolate star fields in the original world enter the interstellar era, which is already good. How can I have the ability to explore in a short time? Even if it is done, it is at most to collect some samples and do some environmental research. It seems that something is wrong with someone watching you stare at China. Develop your dark kingdom well! There is no news that the boy has gone to the sand world, or that the boy has been closed for several interstellar years. You’d better stop thinking about everything! If you are in the mood, you should keep an eye on the ten families of the universe for a certain family. I heard that their armies are gathered in the world. "
"Yes, my Lord." In the dark, my face is embarrassed.
"That boy’s three systems are enough to show that boy’s character," Emperor Jun continued. "If you don’t provoke him or move his territory, he won’t bother to look at you, but if you move everything in his three systems, a certain family will guarantee that he will kill you in heaven and earth. What’s more, what’s a Kai Yuan Jie Tian doing with it? When you major in the twelve realms to break through to the extreme realm of the gods, and your national strength is strong enough to compete with the ten families of the universe, then, why worry about getting past the shame and what you want? Now, it is what you should do! "
"Lord, don’t you want to find a world for Ning Ze?"
"You want him to go to Kuntian Lingjie?" The emperor’s eyes are sharp.
"Yes, master. Ning Ze used to be the Lord of the Dark Heaven. Although the Lord ordered someone to give him a dark heaven to govern, as you know, Ning Ze’s talent and cultivation could not suppress the heaven given to him. It’s useless to stay in the dark if you want to make a comeback. Kuntian spirit world is unique, which is the most suitable for Ningze boundary. Sometimes, when it develops, it can lead an army to cross the snow and swamp boundary and attack the Shen Meng boundary. At that time, there will be no worries, and someone will help him. Why should he worry about big things? "
"It’s easy to say." The Emperor hummed, "Tell me how Jeannin became the Lord of the Kuntian spirit world?"
"Master, Kun Tian Lingjie is now divided by four major valves, but the only thing that can rival Ning Ze is just Kun Tian Sanzhi area. The rest of the black dynasty is crumbling, and the accused race is divided, which is not as stable as the two racial alliances, Xin Lan and Qing Qiong, but the strength of these two racial alliances is too weak to worry about. Ning can achieve the goal of controlling the world as long as he leads the elite troops of the Dark Heaven into the Kuntian spirit world, shocks the Heilie Dynasty and subdues the Heilie Nebula. Then, you can suppress the alliance between the two races and grab their starry sky. According to a certain idea, these two racial alliances can be ignored. Their territory is limited, but thousands of star fields can’t be fattened, but it is more valuable to get along with them. The same is true for the Kuntian Sanzhi area, which has a territory of two thousand star fields, so there is no need to pay attention to it. As long as Ning controls the families of the Heilie Dynasty, it will actually lay the foundation for a comeback. "
"You are a fool when you are a black nebula!" Emperor smell speech sepulchral tunnel, "you this is the black nebula and black fierce dynasty races to send in the arms of all countries. The Heilie Nebula has defected to many countries in China. Apart from the honour of the Lord and the crown of Heilie Dynasty, his Heilie clan will not lose anything. If it falls into the hands of Ning Ze, he will have to become a dog. Otherwise, you think Ning will let him go. Hum ….. If someone listened to your plan, wouldn’t it be for nothing to give the three countries a willing Kuntian spirit world. Don’t mention this bad idea in the future! "
"Yes, my Lord." See the emperor look cold in the dark night, nervous from my heart, busy way.
"Well, a family also needs to be closed, so go out!"
I quit in the dark night, and I hate myself. If it weren’t for your old guy’s self-assertion, I would give a hard-earned four-world talent to the loser who is in the dark. What about playing such an idea?
Looking at the nebula platform, the kings of the ten families of the universe gather.
"Are you sure? Chen Lao! " The color of worry on the face of the King of the Yellow Family of the Tenth Party appeared, and he asked in an urgent voice.
"Your Majesty, not only have our thousands of exploration legions lost their signals in the depths of the divergence of the world, but also their other clans …" Ge Pao Chen Lao looked at the kings of the other nine clans. "I’m afraid that the exploration armies of the nine realms, such as the Zhan clan, have also suffered the same fate of disappearance."
"How come, dear brothers, did you get the same news?"
"Yes, my brother." In addition, the King of the Nine Clans frowned. "According to the Extreme God Corps sent to the first aid, the exploration army has advanced a little too deep this time, about 5 million star domains away. They seem to be trapped in a space that we don’t understand."
"Wait, then you have to wait." The King of the Yellow Clan of Shifang pondered, "Anyway, the lowest cultivation of the Exploration Corps is the low-order celestial cultivation. As long as it is not too deadly, they will definitely be able to come out or build that space on the spot."