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With Xiao Mu and wreaths all around, Mrs. Xiao, Xiao Jin can’t stand any hardships!

Watching the candlelight devour the letters and finally turn them into ashes.
Feng Jiang Yi said, "If we know that they are safe now, you can rest assured, but you said that they fled separately, or Xiao Kui was afraid that she would really bear a grudge against Xiao Mu because of Aunt Nine, and Aunt Six was also worried. Although they have no conflict of interest now, after all, they are all backyard women who have fought for Xiao Mu and Mrs. Xiao Park. Although they fled all the way, they can live well. In the future, they will find a place to settle down and be afraid of starving them."
Chang Xiangsi laughed. "At the beginning, I told Xiao Mu that it was best to separate them. Anyway, their brothers’ feelings were not deep, and Aunt Liu didn’t calculate how many aunts in Mrs. Xiao’s backyard would be really willing to be an aunt. Who doesn’t want to be a lady?"
I often miss you and clap my hands to clean the ashes that may be contaminated in my hands.
At this time, a maid-in-waiting came in and immediately knelt down and saluted when she saw the people inside.
"The handmaiden is the maid-in-waiting who sprinkles water in the garden. Just now, a father-in-law sent a letter to the handmaiden saying that it was to be given to Lord Feng!"
Then she took the letter out of her sleeve and handed it respectfully.
Send him letters?
Feng Jiang’s clothes narrowed her eyes slightly. Who is going to give her letters and send them by a maid-in-waiting?
Feng Jiangyi often looked at each other with longing and saw doubts in each other’s eyes. Feng Jiangyi didn’t get up to get the letter and asked, "Which father-in-law gave you the letter?"
"Back to Feng Zun, the handmaiden didn’t know the father-in-law, but the father-in-law … gave the handmaiden twelve taels of silver … the handmaiden didn’t want the silver, but … I thought that there might be something important in the letter … so I accepted it!"
The maid-in-waiting turned a little pale when she reached here, and she knew that it was not easy to earn twelve taels of silver and she was afraid of losing her life.
Feng Jiang Yi went over and took the letter away.
"Go ahead!"
The maid-in-waiting couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. "Handmaiden excused herself!"
Feng Jiang Yi looked at the letter in his hand and left no handwriting.
Chang acacia got up and walked towards him. He looked at the letters in his hand together.
"Open it and see who sent it!"
"hmm!" Fengjiangyi moment
However, he was worried about what was wrong in the letter. Instead of opening it directly, he put it on the tip of his nose and sniffed the smell of medicine. He was somewhat familiar with it and could not help but frown gently.
"What’s the matter? But there is something wrong with the letter? "
See he frowned slightly often acacia asked.
"There is a familiar smell of medicine that seems to be contaminated by the mysterious dance body."
Because there is no problem with the taste of the medicine, Feng Jiang Yi handed it to Chang Acacia. Chang Acacia handed the letter to the tip of the nose to smell it, and I really smelled a familiar medicine.
Is this a letter from Xuan Wu to them?
But is this mysterious dance true or false?
Chang Xiangsi simply opened the envelope and took out the stationery inside. When he opened it, he saw that there were four big characters playing along!
Feng Jiang clothes gather together a look and see the face handwriting look a slight change and then take the stationery in Chang Acacia’s hand and study it carefully for a long time before saying, "This is the Xuan dance handwriting. It’s true at all! Maybe he really fell into the hands of Qing Mu Gong, but he must be out of trouble now! "
"You mean … this is a letter from the real Xuanwu?"
Feng Jiang’s clothes gave me a smile with some excitement.
"I know that Xuanwu must not betray me. Before I said those words, it may not be true Xuanwu. Who knows if Qingmu police arranged several fake Xuanwu, and whether Fengli Sufang also intervened in this matter? But these Xuanwu seen so far are all fake real Xuanwu, maybe still in the palace but hidden in the dark!"
So he can breathe a sigh of relief. He really doesn’t want to dance the enemy!
I can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when I hear Feng Jiang’s clothes say so.
"It would be great to be as you say! But Xuanwu asked us to play along. Does he also know that someone in this palace is different? "
"hmm!" Fengjiangyi moment
"Maybe the true Xuanwu came back and saw the fake Xuanwu. This letter is to wake us up, and this matter can really be countered. Let’s first see if this Xuanwu is from Qingmu Gong or Huang."
I haven’t been on my guard for I’ve always wanted to catch the fisherman Li Feng Li Su Feng Jiang Yi.
It’s a relief to know that the real mysterious dance is now out of trouble.
"It’s a good day today. I have received two letters again and again. It’s good to know that Xiao Mu’s mysterious dance is safe!"
The best fruit is that Xuanwu is not san huang, the country of Nanyong, but are these possible?
Now everything is one-sided by Qing Mu Gong, and all the truth will not be clear until the real mysterious dance comes out.
A naive little face suddenly leaned over and smiled brightly.
Chang Xiangsi turned his head and saw "Don’t come in yet!"
As soon as Xiao Jin wrote, Princess Seventeen came.
Princess Seventeen jumped in with a smile towards Chang Acacia and then set her eyes on her belly.
"I haven’t seen your belly for a few days, but it’s a lot bigger. If I see it, I don’t know what kind of princess I should call it. My mother told me that your belly will grow to the size of a lantern in the future!"
Chang Xiangsi laughed and saw that Feng Jiang Yi was burning the letter paper together with the envelope.
Princess Seventeen also saw it and asked, "What does the Phoenix Lord burn?"
"Xiao Yu gave a letter!" Feng Jiang garment lightly out.
Seventeen princess immediately descended with wide eyes.
"Oh, don’t burn, don’t burn the princess. Look at what Xiao Jin said. Can you reach Princess Su Xi?"