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"Come on, the soul is inherently weak, and no amount of soul efforts can dig out the palace, damn it! Dizang is really a troublemaker. He smashed the palace when he first came to the underworld, and his salary should be deducted! " Xu Qi disgruntled muttered.

Xu Qi unconsciously touched the mount under him. When he touched the soul of the black tiger beast, his mind suddenly flashed and said, "Got it!"
Black tiger, fighting capacity is extremely strong, strength is also great, especially just black tiger changed into the size of a hill, although it was easily settled by the Tibetan Buddha’s palm, but black tiger is invincible in Xu Qi’s eyes, so …
Black tiger beast soul changed into a huge enhanced version again, and its front paws began to dig hard, and the debris of Youfang Temple was dug up one by one, and the magic weapon of Youfang Temple was sent to Xu Qi one by one …
There are 72 ghost locks, which have been taken away by Xu Qi earlier, so there are no ghost locks in the wreckage of Youfang Temple.
There are 72 pieces of black and white impermanent clothes, one piece of white impermanent clothes worn by Xu Qi and one piece of cloth cut, and one piece of black impermanent clothes damaged by Xu Qi. Therefore, there should be 70 pieces of white impermanent clothes and 71 pieces of black impermanent clothes in the wreckage of Youfang Temple.
There are 24 hooks and sickle guns, and one was dropped by Xu Qi, so there are 23 hooks and sickle guns in the wreckage of Youfang Temple.
There are 24 pairs of double hooks and 24 steel forks. The double hooks and steel forks have never been used, so now they are all buried in the wreckage of Youfang Temple …
Xu Qi counted the items, while the soul of the black tiger beast kept digging. One man and one beast worked as diggers for seven or eight hours, and finally dug up everything, but now these things are dirty, and the black mud in the underworld is really black …
Xu Qi wanted to go to the Santu River to clean things, but after thinking about it for a moment, she gave up the idea and didn’t know what the water of the Santu River would do to herself. If she fell into the Santu River, it would be miserable …
Xu Qi is now the platform of Youfang Temple, and he has access to all the items in Youfang Temple, so he is not worried about being electrified. So he picked up the magic weapon of Youfang Temple, rode on the black tiger beast soul, and carried it back and forth twice, and finally moved all the items to Yin Jingu Palace, so Yin Jingu Palace really became his base.
Xu Qi has just breathed a sigh of relief after busy working in the temple, and suddenly he thinks that he has a lot of things to do …
First of all, the token of power in Eighteen Hell, the appearance of the crypt disturbed his original plan, and he hasn’t had time to find the exclusive palace in Eighteen Hell yet.
The second is to find the information of the five bat tokens, but this is a matter of killing time, because there are too many information in the Yin Jingu Palace. If you want to find one by one, there is no time left in the month, I’m afraid you can’t find clues.
Xu Qi thought of looking for a token of power, and suddenly he thought of his merits and sins. He accidentally harmed the Tibetan Buddha, and the Tibetan has to suffer from eternal reincarnation. Will he increase a lot of sins?
Xu Qi hurriedly took out a life and death book and looked at his own information …
Name: Xu Qi
Gender: male
Status: Yin Shen
Title: flying bear
Official position: travel envoy [seven-product civil servant]
Deputy: Eighteen Hell-Scissors Executor [Eight-product jailer]
Merit value
Sin value
Special properties:
1. Youfang Imperial Envoy and Youfang Temple are seven civil servants, and have the right to appoint and dismiss Youfang Temple Chief.
Second, the scissors executioner, the official of the Eighth Hell, has the right to compete for the holder of the first two floors of the Eighteenth Hell.
"Virtue and sin haven’t changed, and special attributes haven’t changed, but there’s an extra title, flying bear? What do you mean? " Xu Qi touch nose puzzling said.
"Forget it, it doesn’t look like a bad thing. I will always figure it out later. Let’s get down to business first." Xu Qi said to himself.
Nearly a hundred palaces in the sky of the underworld, Xu Qi searched one by one to check the power token of each palace, but he was busy for two days and never found the power token of eighteen hell, which suddenly made him disheartened. He suspected that eighteen hell didn’t have a power token at all, but what did eighteen hell rely on to hold power? The matter became a mystery.
"Let’s go to the Yin Jingu Palace to check the information. While looking for the origin of the black iron token, you can also check the information of Eighteen Hell …" Xu Qi andao.
Xu Qi made up his mind, so he plunged into the books in Yin Jingu Palace, reading books day after day, and when he was bored, he ran to Naiheqiao to chat with ghosts in the Santu River, or made a hullabaloo about …
A month later, Xu Qi picked up a black book with a picture of Zhong Kui eating a kid on the cover, but five reddish bats were floating behind Zhong Kui …
Five Bat Orders, also called Five Blessingg Orders, are among the tokens that reside in the guide officer of Zhong Kui, five red bats. Although the red bats are full of lotus flower, they have the image of longevity, and those who wear the five Bat Orders are indeed immortal and can even come back to life after death.
"Come back to life? The Five Bats Order can preserve the soul of the host, and the Five Bats Ghost can devour the soul and flesh of the living, and inject a lot of vitality into the body of the dead, which can really bring people back to life. If my body is still preserved, then I can be resurrected, saving the way of returning to the sun to occupy other people’s bodies. " Xu Qi said.
Xu Qi took five bats, but he didn’t use them, because these five bats devoured the flesh and soul of the living, which contained a lot of rage. If you want to wear them, you must have another instrument of Zhong Kui, Kuixing Ruyi, which has the effect of concentrating on static gas and purifying rage, so that you can wear them. If you only wear five bats, I’m afraid you will be invaded by rage.
At the moment, Xu Qi has finished two of the three things, but the last thing about the token of eighteen hell is without a clue, so he is going to put this matter aside and wait for the chance in the future.
After a lapse of more than a month, Xu Qi finally walked out of the Yin Shrine with ease, ready to go to the secular world, ride the black tiger beast soul, and arrive at the East Gate of Hell in a moment. When he saw the tall Shimen Gate of Hell, Xu Qi suddenly looked west …
"Before the Tibetan Buddha dissipated, he once pushed the western gate of hell into the ground, but also made a mountain on it. I don’t know what the hell he was doing. Is there any secret in the western gate of hell?" Xu Qi andao.
Xu Qi looked at the mountain that broke the sky in the west and shook his head. The mountain hidden in the cave was too big and too high. At present, Xu Qi couldn’t take it at all. Even if he knew that there was something strange in the west, he couldn’t dig it out …

Chapter 46 Crime cattle wild ghost
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There are a few scattered white clouds floating in the sky of Beijing. It’s sunny, and sunny weather brings people a happy mood. However, it’s already late autumn, and people walking in the streets have put on their autumn clothes, and the breeze sometimes blows their faces, with a hint of chill in the breeze …
People are busy, and it is rare for anyone to pay attention to the sky. I don’t know when a mass of black fog gushed out in the sky, and it instantly appeared and dissipated, as if it had never appeared before, but after the black fog disappeared, a black spot appeared in the sky …
Xu Qi rode on the black tiger beast soul and appeared over the suburbs of Beijing. He looked at the ground for a few times, but now the military base originally on the ground has disappeared, and it has disappeared without a trace, leaving no trace. Even the houses and walls of the base have been demolished, and even a layer of lawn has been paved on the original site.
"Originally wanted to kill a comeback, but the gang’s efficiency is really high, so big a base, it disappeared in such a short time without a trace, and I don’t know what the gang does, but they gathered so many ghosts …"
"There can’t be only one such organization in the world. It seems that it is necessary to inquire about it in the future. Kendy Quixote should know something. Ask when you see him next time. If you can meet more such organizations, it will be much more convenient to earn merits …"
"Since I’m in Beijing, let’s go to where Liu Xia is. I think she’s caught a lot of ghosts, too."
Xu Qi controls the black tiger beast soul to land on the ground, and then controls the beast slowly like a big fairy. It smells like a fairy coming from the mountain, but no one appreciates his inscrutable image. First, ordinary people can’t see him with the naked eye. Second, because Xu Qi’s position is in the suburbs, there is no personal shadow …
"Go back to Dalian in a few days to get the hook and sickle gun back, sit down with the black tiger beast soul and hold the black hook and sickle gun. I am also a valiant soldier! Ha, ha, ha ….. "Xu Qi while controlling the black tiger beast soul to Beijing, while extremely boring dark cool …
The black tiger beast’s soul moves very fast. Although Xu Qi deliberately slowed down, it still took only a moment to reach the downtown area of Beijing. Supposedly, with the attack a month ago, the Dragon Group should have sent someone to monitor it in situ, but Xu Qi didn’t find anything wrong now, which made Xu Qi feel bored. He was also ready with various solutions, but now all of them failed.
After Xu Qi arrived in the city, he put away the black tiger beast soul. After all, there are many talented people in the world, and maybe when they meet a fierce one, so Xu Qi subconsciously keeps a low profile …
In fact, it is precisely because of Xu Qi’s low profile that it has reduced a lot of trouble for him. If Xu Qi rides a black tiger beast soul into the city, although ordinary people can’t see Xu Qi, there are not a few talented people in Beijing. Although ordinary talented people can’t help Xu Qi, most of these talented people are related to the country, and maybe Xu Qi will be besieged.