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Xu Qi put away the book of life and death, and happily walked down the guild building. At this time, the soul laborers have been tied up by ghosts and locks, while ten soul hunters and experts of ghosts and talents get together, as if discussing what is controversial. Although the controversy is not very fierce, it is obviously not harmonious …

Xu Qi slowly approached, but when the ghost Xu Qi approached in public, he immediately shut up, as if he had a guilty conscience …
"What are you talking about? Look at your sneaking around. You’re not scolding me behind my back, are you? " Xu Qi said jokingly.
"The president is joking. How dare we talk about you? In fact, we are discussing the positions of various departments of the Soul Guild. It is disrespectful to discuss these things without the permission of the president, so some people have a guilty conscience." Kendi-Quixote said.
Candy-Quixote understated things, spoke very rhythmically, said it in a joking tone, enlivened the atmosphere as much as possible, and made Xu Qi find no place to blame. I have to say that Candy-Quixote’s communication skills are outstanding.
"oh? I haven’t clearly defined the position of the Soul Guild. Since everyone is here now, let’s talk about our opinions. " Xu Qi said.
"It’s all about power. The guild has just been established, and so many members can’t be screened out. It’s better to draw up a set of rules and regulations, and then appoint official positions according to the contribution of guild members to the trade union, which is fair and reasonable." Soul hunter Xing Yuling said.
Xing Yuling is outspoken and naive …
"Although what Miss Xing said is reasonable, it is too idealistic, and there can be no absolute fairness in power. The contribution system of modern society is specially formulated for ordinary employees and cannot be applied to power institutions. An employee’s contribution to the trade union is high enough, but it represents the ability of the parties, and the rights of the trade union must never be handed over to unfamiliar people." Kendi-Quixote said.
"Mr. Kendy-Quixote, although the contribution system is flawed, it also has some merits. Although it is impossible to apply this system to high-level positions, it is completely feasible to apply it to grass-roots positions, so I suggest that the grass-roots positions of the Soul Association apply this contribution system, and the high-level positions are appointed by the president himself." Xie Xinyi said.
"I suggest …"
"I suggest …"
For the right to speak, ten soul hunters are pushed, and then the experts are ghosts. Of course, the secretary Xie Xinyi has an absolute advantage, because she is closest to Xu Qi …
Because Xu Qi was present, the scene was not noisy, but everyone’s opinions were really difficult to be unified, and all the ghosts were so noisy that they just didn’t quarrel …
"Ahem, let’s stop. Let me say a few words. The main purpose of our soul guild is to catch the ghosts in the secular world. At present, the main function of the soul guild base is to let everyone hand in the ghosts they have caught at any time, but their substantive rights are not much, so we don’t need to care too much. Let’s just regard this as an ordinary reception desk." Xu Qi said simply.
Xu Qi said it simply, but everyone was not confused. Although it sounds like no rights, the rights are huge and the prospects are broad …
Xu Qi glanced at everyone’s expressions, of course knowing that everyone might be fooled by his words, so he went on to say, "For the time being, the soul guild only needs three positions …"
Xu Qi said here, all the ghosts’ ears pricked up immediately. There are ten soul hunters and sixty-two experts, but there are only three positions, which is a serious lack of distribution …
Xu Qi paused, with an evil smile on his face, and said, "The first position, the president! The second position, the president’s secretary! The third position … Vice President! "
"Of course, the president is an adult, and the secretary of the president is Secretary Xie. This has been decided. I don’t know who will be the vice president?" Kendy-Quixote asked.
"Ahem, the soul guild has just been established, and there is nothing important, so the work of the vice president is relatively simple. It is only necessary to register that the soul hunter turned in the ghosts and ghosts as an artificial record, so it doesn’t take much talent. Let’s have Geng Yi as the vice president for the time being. On the Ghost Festival on July 15 next year, everyone will re-elect the vice president again, and Geng Yi and the top three soul hunters will be selected. Finally, who is the vice president will be decided by anonymous voting!" Xu Qi said.
Ken-Quixote’s eyes gave me a hint of unwillingness, but it disappeared in an instant. After all, next year is the time to really compete for the vice president. At this moment, the position of vice president is just a decoration. After figuring it out here, Ken-Quixote smiled and then congratulated Gengyi with everyone …
On the second day after the soul guild was formally established, Geng Yi made a statistic on the number of ghosts handed in by soul hunters, and then the soul hunters left one after another …
After waiting for the soul hunters to leave, Xu Qi called Geng Yi to the front and said, "Geng Yi, among the ten soul hunters, I chose you as the vice president. Do you know why?"
Geng Yi is not stupid. Of course, he knows that it is time to show loyalty, so he immediately said, "Thank you for your trust. I will definitely not be disappointed."
Xu Qi nodded and said, "Work hard. Now there are 62 experts from all walks of life on the island besides you, me and Secretary Xie. They are important talents of the Soul Guild. You can learn a lot from them if you get in touch with them more in the future, and vote next year. Whether you can succeed as vice president depends on how much effort you make this year."
"Thank you for your advice!" GengYi respectfully said.
The matter of the Soul Guild was handed over to Gengyi, while Xie Xinyi went to give shelter to the experts, while Xu Qi opened the gate of hell and entered the underworld with six hundred ghosts. Now the ghosts have completed their first use, so it is time to complete their second use …
The first function is to be a construction worker.
The second function, of course, is to … turn it into a merit value …
"Although there is suspicion of kicking down the ladder, these souls are ghosts, and it is their blessing to be reborn. I feel at ease, feel at ease …" Xu Qi comforted himself.
More than 600 ghosts, this is not a small number. It took a whole day to send these ghosts to The six great divisions in the wheel of karma. During this period, Xu Qi checked his own information twice, and every time he saw the rapidly increasing merit value, his face would smile. When all 600 ghosts were sent to reincarnation, Xu Qi checked his own information for the third time …
Name: Xu Qi
Gender: male
Status: Yin Shen
Official position: travel envoy [seven-product civil servant]
Deputy (1): Eighteen Hell-Scissors Executor [Eight-product jailer]
Deputy (II): Our Deputy [No Grade]
Merit value: 22480.5
Sin value: 14705.76
Special properties:
1. Youfang Imperial Envoy and Youfang Temple are seven civil servants, and have the right to appoint and dismiss Youfang Temple Chief.
Second, the scissors executioner, the official of the Eighth Hell, has the right to compete for the holder of the first two floors of the Eighteenth Hell.
Three: The dead man can leave the underworld to stand on his own feet, or go to the netherworld Hall to get the ghost sword in power and become the commander of the military forces attached to the underworld. The rank of the dead man is determined by the number of military forces he is in charge of.
"It’s really rich to increase the merit value by 7 thousand, but it’s a little strange that the merit value has exceeded 20 thousand. Why didn’t you get promoted?"
"The evil value has also increased by three thousand. It’s a little troublesome and strange. The evil value has increased so much, and the official career of eighteen hell has not improved. Is it the reason for the lack of exclusive magic weapon? Maybe I should find out the third layer of Cycas Hell in Eighteen Hell … But how did Cycas Hell get in? There are sharp iron branches everywhere, and I can’t get in at all … "
"Now it’s time to go to the temple of the dead. The ghost sword in power in the temple of the dead should be a good thing …"
Xu Qi flew into the sky and began to look for the yellow palace in the sky. Of course, he also tried to contact other magic weapons in the palace. Xu Qi now has twenty thousand merits and is no longer a rookie at the beginning. By rights, he should be able to contact some intermediate magic weapons …