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Chapter 17 Treasure in the Stone
Chapter 17 Treasure in the Stone
The shop boy is also a little annoyed today. Well, Boss He doesn’t know where to drag such a wagon full of garbage lingshi materials. Since this morning, he has been busy cutting stones. When they cut stones, they cut tofu. Don’t make any effort.
Although he complained, the shop assistant never dared to complain about Boss He, otherwise he would go back and eat himself. But when he saw Chu Yanqi’s two small stones less than the size of a fist, he still didn’t good the spirit, so he chopped them down with one knife.
Stone skin cut, filar silk reiki spread inside, suddenly all the people present are feeling a flap.
"Ah …" Hao Qiang was very sensitive to the aura emitted by Lingshi, so he rushed over on the spot, held it in his hand and cried, "Lingshi … is really Lingshi."
"Don’t be so excited!" ChuYan habitat heart some acid, Hao Qiang such a science of uniting the qualification, if in a family of cultivate immortality, nature is highly valued, long ago to break through the spirit period, into the yuan spirit period, it’s a pity that followed him such a loser, so embarrassed.
"Young master, as long as there is such a stone, I can break through." Hao Qiang said, but after that, he couldn’t help scratching his head for a moment, and then said, "Forget it, master, you’d better sell it."
ChuYanQi didn’t speak, just said to the guy who cut stone, let him all cut out.
Before long, a small piece of pigeon eggs-sized Lingshi has been sent to Chu Yanqi.
Boss He’s eyes are a little straight. Although this Lingshi is small, it is pure and transparent, with a dense aura. It is definitely a Chinese product, and it is much more valuable than the one cut out by Gu Hongyu just now.
"Chu childe, sell? Five hundred and twenty gold! " Boss He is busy making an offer, and everyone knows that Chu Yanqi can’t practice at all. It’s useless to ask for a stone. It’s better to change it into a secular universal gold and silver thing.
But no one thought that Chu Yanqi shook his head and said, "Not for sale!" While speaking, he had handed the stone to Hao Qiang, and said, "Keep it well and try to go back and break through the spiritual period."
"Ah?" Hao Qiang was so surprised that he couldn’t help holding up the lingshi with both hands and said, "Young master, do you really give me this lingshi?"
"Nature!" Chu Yanqi nodded, and then said to Boss He, "Please, Boss, cut the other two stones for me."
"Good, good …" Boss He was busy with repeated promises, muttering in his heart, "Do you think you will always have such good luck, and these two pieces still expect to be cut out and made up?"
In fact, it goes without saying that the shop assistant has cut another small stone.
A knife down, there is no abundant aura, but there is a faint red luster flashing out.
"Huh?" The shop boy was very surprised.
"What’s the matter?" They were all curious and busy asking.
"It seems to be flint. Let me see." The shop boy said.
In the vein of Lingshi, there are often some other kinds of rare stones, some of which can be used to refine artifacts, some of which can be used as jewelry or even medicine, each with its own magical functions and different values, so everyone immediately raised their spirits.
"You are so lucky!" The little bean whispered, "You can cut out the pyrolite."
"What is pyrolite?" ChuYanQi curious asked, he really don’t know, this world for him, it is completely strange.
"Pyrite is the refining material under the eight products in the Wild Treasure Record." Hao Qiang whispered, "Master, you can consider selling it for something." For Hao Qiang, with such a small piece of Lingshi today, he is extremely happy, and there is nothing else to expect.
"It’s not a lingshi ….." Chu Yanqi was somewhat disappointed. He also promised the Jade Ding Fairy to give her a lingshi, so that she could absorb the aura and stabilize the Yuan God, but this stone was not a lingshi.
"This thing is worth more than lingshi." Little Douzi wanted to laugh at him for being old-fashioned, but he couldn’t practice and naturally didn’t know these things.
"What is the Wild Treasure Record?" ChuYanQi asked.
"Oh …" Said the little bean, taking out a book from the storage ring and handing it to him. "It is a rare book that records all kinds of rare treasures in the wild and divides them into categories. Various materials, instruments and so on. "
"Lend it to me!" Chu Yanqi really didn’t expect that there are such specialized science popularization things in this world.
"I’ll give you something with a copy in my hand." Small beans laughed with a snort, wondering, this ChuYan habitat, even if can’t fix for, somehow also know how to read, how what also don’t understand? When I thought of coming to Kunlan Town, Sanchi’s survey showed that although Chu Hua loved him, he could not stop the family disciples from bullying him.
At the beginning, he was not engaged in family affairs. Later, Chu Yunjie said that families can’t raise waste, and any family disciple must work hard. I don’t know how he offended Chu Yunjie, which led to Chu Yunjie always trying to assign him messy and filthy sundries without giving him corresponding remuneration.
Under such circumstances, he naturally won’t have time to study the Wild Treasure Record.
Just as they were talking, the man had already solved the stone, but it was a fire spar with a red gem shape slightly larger than broad beans, but it was enough to make many people red-eyed.
"Chu Gongzi, I am willing to give top-grade lingshi and buy this flint." Gu Hongyu leaned in and whispered, "My grandfather tried to forge a multiplier recently, and he almost fired spar-you took it to the market and sold it, which is the price."
"This …" Chu Yanqi looked at Hao Qiang. "Do you use it?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
Hao Qiang leng however, he? Where does he use such things now? Only after five days in Yuanling period can he touch the heart and start refining the multiplier, or drive others to refine the multiplier, but in any case, he is looking forward to getting an ordinary multiplier at best, which is a graded material, and he dare not even think about it.
"Chu Gongzi." Gu Hongyu looked at him and seemed to have some conation. He was busy and said, "Hao Qiang doesn’t need these things yet. Even if he cultivates to the fifth floor of Yuanling period in the future, you can buy him instruments that meet his requirements. Giving them to him now will not only do him no good, but will be harmful."
"Twelve Liang Lingshi, I accepted it." Small beans suddenly she chuckled and laughed.
"This ….." ChuYanQi some embarrassed, feel Gu Hongyu said seems to be very reasonable, he heard people say, it is not illegal to kill people in this world, killing people is a common thing, if who targeted Hao Qiang, it is not impossible to kill people for such a small piece of fire spar.