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Tianxin looked up and looked at the spiritual yuan core that was not much slower than God’s knowledge and fled to other star fields, and sighed. With the existence of this mental nucleus, this long-faced man will soon reshape the flesh. It’s not that he can’t pursue now, but the war behind him is like fire and tea, which is really inseparable. As a last resort, the heavenly heart is running to simulate a huge murder, tracking behind the mental nucleus, so that this guy has no time to play tricks.

It was right that Tianxin didn’t go after the long-faced man in Phnom Penh. Star mowgli suddenly disappeared without a trace, and the nine deputy champions lost their elbow. They had no interest in the Thunderbolt High-order True Spirit Legion and the King Kong Fighting Star Fortress. Now, nine guys fell down one by one because of Zongzhong, and their voices screamed in their throats, and residual red appeared on their faces. They don’t have a future. Anyway, they have torn their faces. If they don’t succeed, they will die. But when they die, they can’t die alone. At least they have to be accompanied by someone. Therefore. After the nine guys turned around, they wanted to give the order that the whole army would attack the original Star City and act freely.
As the heavenly heart turns around, just before their orders are sent, a look at the urgency, and several devices come out together, leading the dragon ruler, the six-pointed star wheel, the heavenly Luo Zhou, and the mysterious baby Xuanwei Guanghua also turned wildly and violently, sending out interference waves …
Nine deputy champions, the quick-acting true spirit dharma body turned sharply and fled to the battlefield, but the slow-acting ones were either kept by the dragon-leading ruler or covered by the six-pointed star wheel, and Tianluozhou also made a profit, putting two true spirit dharma bodies in, thinking that the target could escape by urinating, but being clever was put in by the clever guy by mistake.
Tianxin breathed a sigh of relief at this point. Now he doesn’t have to go to war, and there will be no more accidents in this situation. The great thunderbolt fighters, the star method bases and the heavy yuan fighters will be harder. The power of the baby can be consumed to the fullest! Heavenly mind, closed the dragon ruler, released thousands of six-pointed star wheels, covered the seven sub-champions of the Zongmeng in the locked place, and killed them instantly. After the baby went to sleep, the knowledge of God as a heavenly heart split in two, and most of them issued a boundless sea soul to attack and chase the escaped star mowgli’s mental nucleus, while the rest had two deputy champions who confronted ninety-nine ghost killers in Tianluo Zhou, asking them to give orders to surrender to the trillions of people who were fighting red eyes outside.
However, the two guys who understand that the tide is gone have been carrying out the idea of grasping two temporarily from beginning to end, ignoring heavenly heart at all, but rushing towards ninety-nine ghost killers, and fighting in a moment.
Tianxin is helpless. This Zongmeng group, headed by a big man with a long face in Phnom Penh, is rigorous in everything. Even when issuing orders, it uses a very strange beam. Now, during the war, there is no time to decode it. Moreover, the god knowledge of Tianxin has to follow closely the escaped spiritual nucleus, so that it can’t have a chance to breathe. Otherwise, that guy command information once, if you don’t have time to stop, what swing yu legion killed, your side will be up shit creek.
"It seems that this is a war that will not be seen until the end."
Heavenly heart sighs, ignores the battle outside the original interstellar city, launches the interstellar shift, and shoots at the nuclear power of the star Wuji spirit element in the tracking of gods. At present, it seems that the most important thing is to catch this shiny thing and lock it in the sky.
The star mowgli in the escape is no longer the spirit and anger of the master of bulk. The monstrous murder of heaven and mind makes him fearful. After fleeing for so long, he actually gave the other party a tight bite. Not only that, the murder seems to be qualitative, and there are waves of shocks from behind that seem to be disintegrating his own spiritual nuclear energy. Fortunately, he can always get on the line quickly and is not covered by murder.
"Oh my god, what is this freak? Ephedra, I can’t spare you! "

Chapter three hundred and thirty Star Wounds Cry
No wonder star mowgli is so surprised and scary. This long-faced man has never been so embarrassed for the first time. With the cultivation level near the last pole in the later period of the true spirit, there was no resistance, and the flesh was shattered and the spiritual energy was continuously lost. If this situation is allowed to continue, the mental nucleus without physical protection and nourishment will inevitably collapse into emptiness, which will eventually lead to the loss of a little life brand. When that happens, it means that he died and disappeared from this world forever.
"Finished, finished …"
Silent screams bubble vomit, star mowgli spirit yuan nuclear flow with something called blood. Now, Ren Ren’s meta-nucleus has reached a qualitative and solidified state, but the movement that is bigger than the interstellar shift is collapsing his only spiritual energy that cannot be supplemented.
With the arrival of Tianxin himself, the gods’ knowledge of murder has become even more fierce. This guy knew that there was no escape, and he was cruel in despair. The mental yuan nuclear suddenly split in two, most of which burst open, and the other part was compressed into a bright spot the size of a grain of rice, which flashed in the direction of the nuclear sub-capital star domain.
This kind of practice is not much better than death. If there is a complete mental nucleus, Xing Wuji will soon reshape the body and restore his skill in thousands of interstellar days. Now there is only a little core of the mental nucleus to escape, and it is impossible to reshape the flesh. It can only be cloned by Kewu technology. Without strong spiritual strength, the integration with cloning may be no problem, and knowledge is no problem, but a magical power will have to start all over again.
Catch up with Tianxin didn’t know that he had killed a young gentleman. Now he is busy receiving the spiritual energy fragments containing information from the nuclear explosion of Star Wuji Spiritual Yuan, first washing and analyzing the maliciousness, resentment and cruelty with the "Infinite Sea Soul Strike", and then receiving the purified information fragments.
For a long time, the heavenly heart passed away. |:>.
Star mowgli fled back in a hurry, and the yuan nucleus was not guaranteed. Only a little spiritual energy protected his life brand, so as not to let this guy completely die out or become a amnesia person. But this situation is almost similar to reincarnation, except that I didn’t drink the bowl of Meng Po soup that I forgot about the past. None of this matters. The most important thing is that the star mowgli is finished, and Huang He’s star field is out of control.
All too many cooks, scrambling to care for the star mowgli, introduced his pitiful spiritual energy into a small cloned flesh.
The young gentleman in Huanyu Star City is mad. Star mowgli wants to completely integrate with this body and achieve complete control of this body, and it will be chaotic for one or two planet years like a newborn baby. And if he wants to learn from the star mowgli mouth completely what happened to Huang He star domain, he will have to wait at least one or two interstellar days.
"Young Jun, do you want to send someone to the Huanghe Star Field to explore the situation immediately?" The Chief Elder fought back his anger, but the element of thunder and anger in his tone was no less than Shaojun’s.
"Of course." Jun nodded, his eyes suddenly and violently shot off. "No matter who you are, you hurt your brother. This temple will make him pay the price. The emperor sent the elders and our ten disciples to take charge of the starry sky, which lasted for thousands of years and was defeated by the two major alliances and the federal government for countless times, which finally created today’s situation. This Hall will never allow any forces to break this pattern. Chief brain, now ten strands are broken, and the plan will be released? "
"Jun, this matter is a bit restless. I’m afraid I have to wait for seven royal highness to wake up and tell everything in detail before everything can be considered. Please wait a moment, Shaojun. During this time, we can make some preparations to enter the Huanghe Star Domain. At the same time, this matter should be spread to the emperor as soon as possible and let his old man know. " The chief elder’s face changed again and again. Finally restore calm, euphemistic tunnel.
"Let it be!" Shaojun nodded. "Somebody, send Brother Xing to the city boundary, and choose a planet full of aura so that he can recover soon."
In the misty sky, there is still fierce fighting.
The two thunderbolt high-level legions of true spirits are still galloping, and the defenders are invincible, but. There are indeed too many religious groups. Although the front has been stretched for a long time, there are still various true spiritual practices intercepted everywhere. A 2,001 King Kong battle star method base was also surrounded by various true spiritual practices in dense layers, so it stopped dancing, rotated in situ and was attacked at the same time. A true spiritual practice that roars, knocks back or gasifies from the launch hole of five million true aura bombs.
This is a war that can’t stop for a while, and it is also a war that both sides are crazy, and it is even more a war that cannot be surrendered. Until a certain time, both sides can’t wake up.
"Absolute test! Let’s just do it first. "
Tianxin quietly turned around. I stood for a moment, shook my head and disappeared.
The Valley of Star Wounds, 30 million light years away from the original Star City, is more sinister than the valley of evil spirits in the Huanghe Star Domain. From its name, we can know that this terrible celestial body similar to a black hole, which is only three light years in size, failed to make a name for itself because it was collected by Star Wuji a long time ago.
One of the fragments of the Star-mowgli spirit element captured by Tianxin records that this kind of black hole-like celestial body, like a black hole, has incomparable attraction and gravity. As long as the planet, meteorite and meteor are close, they will be dragged in, then decomposed and then wiped out.
Star wounds are not equal to human wounds. Since the discovery and collection of this juvenile black hole-like celestial body, Star Wuji has transformed this black hole-like celestial body into a base by using powerful spiritual power and true spiritual power. This guy is not a good molecule, in the base.
After success, 10,000 top spiritual practitioners who will participate in the transformation will be killed while they are weak. As a result, the name of the Star Wounds Valley has not been spread abroad, and the star mowgli kept secret and got home. His nine disciples in charge of other star fields did not know that there was such a special celestial body in Huanghe Star Field.
In the fragment information of Star Wuji, there is more than one base in Star Ruin Valley. There are cocky messages in other fragments of the Star Wuji Spiritual Nucleus, and this self-confidence comes from the Star Valley. What’s more, the Star Valley Base, which is three light years away, is still a huge treasure house, and all the natural materials and treasures that Star Mowgli doesn’t need for the time being are hidden in Star Valley.
Although the information is incomplete, Tianxin can figure out the weight of the Star Valley in an instant. Star mowgli escaped with a little light, which he knew. So he must get control of this base before the star mowgli goes back. Star mowgli’s identity is too horrified. If this guy hadn’t been made by the baby’s extraordinary strength, who knows what kind of mean he would have used. When the power of the mental nucleus turns into a needle alone, it is beyond the reach of practitioners after the late and middle period of the true spirit, and the valley of Star Wounds is a movable base. This guy suffered a fiasco this time. Who can guarantee that he will not use dirty tricks in the future? Summon this base to the star city, or bring it to the battlefield, and move the fortress three light years away with the ability to swallow and absorb it. It’s terrible to think about it!
Tianxin decided that if he could not control the base, he would destroy it anyway.
After several interstellar moves, the space was slightly distorted, and it was immediately bridged. As a result, the heavenly heart has reached the valley outside the star ruin. Far away. God knows that this thing exists alone in deep space, and there is no starry dust around it. If it is an island, it looks like an imperial city. Idle people, etc., it is best to stay away, and the near will be absolutely.
Suction, Tianxin feels great suction at a place more than a thousand light years away from the valley of Star Wounds. The closer it is, the more the suction will be doubled, and the body that is no longer driven by exercise will be sucked and shot at the valley of Star Wounds.
"I don’t know how that guy controls this black air mass with three light-years in Fiona Fang. How strange! "
The divine knowledge of Tianxin obviously sensed the strong vortex in the thin black air mass, and the suction was generated by this vortex. He runs the supreme dharma body of the powerless god, and under the action of the nihilistic force that destroys everything, the suction disappears. No, it didn’t disappear, it was killed by powerlessness. After the heavenly heart circled around the valley of the stars, it was determined that powerlessness was not affected by the suction generated by the eddy current, and it transformed the chaotic true spirit body and let the suction suck itself into the valley.
The magic of creation can never be imagined by anyone.
Endure the tearing of the violent vortex of the cracked star and the broken golden land with a thickness of nearly three light years, when the chaotic true spirit body will be scattered and the whole person will be dizzy. Tianxin finally came to the center of Star Valley.
Everything is quiet here, and it’s so quiet that it doesn’t suit me. Through the swirling flow with a thickness of three light years, he almost consumed half of the chaotic power. The terrible vortex is not only powerful, but also has the function of disturbing and stopping the gods. The divine knowledge of Tianxin can stretch up to one million kilometers in the swirling flow. Being able to reach the center of Xingyu Valley so quickly is not only the strength. I have to say, good luck
"A natural prison is also the safest treasure house."
After pranayama recovered his skill, his knowledge was swept away and his heavenly heart praised him. The center of the Star Valley is not small, and it is an irregular polygonal sphere with a large diameter. It’s about a billion kilometers. Absolute infinite small world. However, it seems very empty, with only a few floating islands of 100,000 kilometers in Fiona Fang and some growing small planets. Floating islands are stationary, while small planets are rotating. The whole space was dark and lifeless.
In the fragments of the Star Wuji Spirit Nucleus, the information captured by Tianxin also has a super plan. This guy wants to drive the Star Valley to suck in the largest star in the Huanghe Star Domain after several interstellar years, in order to provide heat and light energy for the huge space in the valley …
"It’s fantastic!"
Tianxin praised this guy’s grand idea, but unfortunately a lot of information was blown up with the explosion of the mental nucleus. Otherwise, move this thing and let that guy sulk when he comes back.
As at this time, I don’t know that the star mowgli has lost all his magical powers. Can you think that the valley of this star ruin is uncertain? Even if he does, I don’t know how many interstellar years later, and whether he can get back the magical powers now. If there is no present or deeper magical power, I’m afraid he will refuse to think of Star Wounds Valley, because Star Wounds Valley is absolutely an irreparable disaster for those whose skills are not up to the end of the true spirit and whose spirit is at the top.
Tianxin is also puzzled, and such a place is by no means destroyed. The turbulent vortex full of destructive power shows that the star valley has unimaginable vitality.
"Try it first …"
Running the chaotic gods to the extreme, the powerless gods’ celestial body also appeared in the maximum state, and the heavenly heart began to break out. If you enter a rapids, such as crossing a dangerous beach, Tianxin can grasp a little outward direction, and all the rest of its strength is used in the confrontation with the black vortex that is crazy enough to destroy everything.
This is a kind of power that transcends the Seven Mysteries. Even if Tianxin gave up the game of playing against the current and was left at the mercy of the whirlwind, it would not rotate the powerless planet dharma body. However, the heavy explosion still made the ontology as uncomfortable as an ant in a heat disaster. If Tianxin had not experienced the bloody battle of the baby, every time he cast the baby and made an enemy in the baby, it would be a test of his brain’s pain tolerance, which made Tianxin have great resistance to the pain, and the operation of God’s tactic might be chaotic.
Influence. The pain can be tolerated, but there is one problem that can’t be tolerated. I was surprised to find that in this swirling flow, the chaotic god tactic, which absorbs the fastest vitality, can hardly absorb a trace of vitality. Without the supplement of heaven and earth, powerlessness will sometimes run out.
"It is worthy of being a black hole-like object!"
Tianxin suddenly closed the dharma body and turned itself into a drop in the ocean in this vortex, drifting with the tide. Although chain explosions have occurred in the area where Tianxin passes, due to the loss of dharma body and the reduction of cross section, the pressure and the geometric series of powerless consumption have been reduced.
However, it is easier to get in than to get out. The reason why Star Wounded Valley is Star Wounded Valley is that he sucks everything in and pulls everything in. Now that Tianxin is coming out, it is completely the opposite. The power consumed is definitely a bonus.