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As the wind blows, a wave swings, making a "wave" sound.

At this time, the new thunder has not yet been generated, and the sound of killing has also weakened a lot. Therefore, the sound of killing the fairy array is particularly eye-catching. At that time, almost all the people, all slow down the action in their hands, and looked at the whole fairy array.
This time, the whole array did not disappoint them. With that sound, a bright red light suddenly shone on the dark array. Then, four chicken egg-sized sword pills flew out of the array, and in the void, there was also a flash of red light, and then, many, countless brilliant red shock wave blaster came out.
These firm but gentle, but zhang xu length, silk thread thickness, however, the speed is very fast, cutting vanity whistle is particularly loud, only for a moment, then boom in the cloud valley outside the monks, on the mask.
Just one blow, except for the remaining three large arrays, because the mask was so thick that it didn’t crack at that time, and the people inside were still in good condition, the rest of the monks were all penetrated by firm but gentle, and suddenly burst into a mass of blood fog.
Such a situation, even who mowgli didn’t think of, what’s more, those who don’t know the monk, then some stupid. The controllers of the three large arrays didn’t have the idea of evasion at that time, but only subconsciously output mana to support the shield.
At this time, Wei Wuji suddenly received the idea from the spirit of Zhu Xian Array again. "Master, please help and kill those two large arrays!"
After receiving such a message, Wei Wuji was naturally rude. When it was, he gave a command, "The first turn of the array-Dapeng Xiang!"
Brother Luzhou’s method of heaven and earth was in full swing at that time, and countless mana was gathered at the core of the array. Then, after a violent roar, a blazing mana glory rose into the sky and condensed into a golden-winged Dapeng sculpture with the size of dozens of feet in the void.
Who mowgli thought a traction, this huge Dapeng method with a clear sound, then pounced on one of the three large arrays.
Dapeng, the king of speed among birds, flew to a large array with only one shock of his wings, and two claws comparable to the top-ranking jewels were mercilessly grabbed at the shield.
This large array has been fighting for a day and a night, and it is already exhausted. Under the impact of the infinite shock wave released by Zhu Xian’s Four Sword Pills, it is already falling, and it will be hit by Dapeng again. At that time, it was unbearable and broken. Then, thousands of brilliant red firm but gentle wear empty, "poof, poof, poof …" After numerous sounds, the people in this large array were advanced and exploded into a cloud of blood fog, except that a huge multiplier spacecraft remained in vanity.
The rest of the two circle see so, nature is never stay, scrambling to escape. However, the speed of Dapeng is not given for nothing. Plus, at this time, Wei Wuji has once again condensed the second method with the method of heaven and earth-White Tiger Phase. At that time, all the two large arrays were left behind.
In just a moment, these two large arrays followed in the footsteps of the previous one. By this time, only a thousand people had disappeared into the mountains.
Who mowgli has set up a plan to catch them all, and naturally won’t let them escape. At that time, the Liujia Labyrinth began to expand out toward the outside. Although, the expanded Liujia Labyrinth is extremely powerful, but for those people who have been blind and have been fighting for a day and a night, their minds are not clear. Confuse their insensitivity and move their forward position, or
Soon, the remaining people were all gathered together. Under the impact of hundreds of brilliant red shock waves, none remained, and all died.
At this time, the new thunder has been lowered again. However, the figure of the whole fairy array is no longer silently bearing, but begins to fight back, with a series of brilliant red and firm but gentle surprises, cutting off the falling god Lei Guanghui layer by layer.
At the same time, on the map of the whole fairy array, a large red array of virtual shadows shone out, and a huge suction came out, sweeping all the surrounding bodies and blood fog, turning into a huge flesh and blood mud ball, risking the red blood flame. Then, suddenly toward the sky of YunFei bump up.
This bloody mass rushed into the hijack cloud, although it was quickly destroyed by the thunder and lightning that broke out in the hijack cloud, but it also dispersed the hijack cloud.
On the map of the whole fairy array, a large array of virtual shadows flashed again and again, and clouds of flesh and blood flew up in the air, rushed into the cloud, and dissipated the cloud. Seeing this, Wei mowgli quickly launched the removal force of the Liujia maze, and moved the bodies and remains of those who died in the nearby mountains and forests to the crowd, so as to supply the whole fairy array with plans.
At the same time, he also controlled the two laws of Dapeng and Baihu, and rushed into the cloud to carry out destruction. Obviously, after the transformation of the Zhu Xian array, those meat-learning mud groups have some special abilities to rob clouds, so the effect is remarkable. After the two methods of Dapeng and Baihu, which were manipulated by Wei Wuji, rushed into the cloud, they could only recklessly consume energy, and the effect was not great.
Dapeng method was condensed first, so it was consumed faster. Before long, it was nullified by the thunder and lightning. Seeing this, Wei Wuji’s mind moved at that time and spontaneously blew himself up with the White Tiger Method. The blow, wei neng is not small, suddenly in the cloud, blown out a big hole.
Who mowgli see such a good effect, now no longer hesitate, Qinglong, Suzaku, Xuanwu, Li Luan, Lei Di … Thirteen kinds of methods, serial use, have exploded in the cloud.
Who mowgli found that the Lei Di method had the best effect of self-explosion in the cloud robbery. At that time, he stopped other changes in the large array of the heaven and earth method, and only made Lei Di this kind, who blew himself up in the cloud robbery, until the mana of all the monks in Luzhou fell to the warning line, and then stopped, so that all the people took out the Lingshi and quickly added it.
After Wei mowgli’s self-explosion, and the elimination of the flesh and blood controlled by the whole fairy array, the sky’s robbery cloud has dissipated a lot, and it has also begun to change. The robbery cloud is like the waves of the sea, rolling constantly, and the thunder that comes down is no longer a single lightning, but a mixture of countless kinds of lightning.
This combination, the power between the gods and the thunder, is not a spark of conflict, but a perfect combination, and a more powerful power broke out. That powerful roar and violent momentum seemed like the destruction of the world and the collapse of the universe.
At this time, the figure of the whole fairy array seems to be afraid to use the ontology to absorb the power of Leijie directly, and it also emits countless brilliant red shock waves, flying in the void and cutting the power of the thunder.
Wei mowgli’s own mana is endless, so it’s natural that he doesn’t have to deliberately restore it. Therefore, after a bunch of Luzhou monks have recovered about the same, he began to operate the large array of heaven and earth methods again, condensing the Lei Di method, flying into the cloud, crashing and exploding, and dissipating the power of the cloud.
If so, it lasted for another three days. When the magic of Luzhou monks was exhausted again because of the operation of the array, Wei Wuji was about to tell them to rest again. Suddenly, the idea of killing the spirit of the fairy array was passed over again. "I want to fly into the robbery cloud and completely swallow them up. Please ask my master to help me run the array!"
Smell so, who mowgli without hesitation, the wind, foaming at the mouth, toward the whole fairy array figure. He is not worried that the spirit of Zhu Xian Array will harm himself, because, in addition to natural creation, a large part of the achievements of the spirit of Zhu Xian Array are derived from him, and it is no exaggeration to say that the spirit of Zhu Xian Array is his doppelganger or child.
It is precisely because of this that when the real person then asks others to refine the magic weapon, they only practice the jewels, and there are few cases where the magic weapon is directly refined. Because, the spirit of the magic weapon is given by people who refine it, and only what they give is the most relevant to themselves.
The magic weapon refined by others wants perfect control, unless the spirit of the magic weapon actively defected, otherwise, it must consume a lot of time, slowly erode, and turn it into its own member. Before again, only by forcibly subduing, we can show some strength.
It is precisely because of this that Wei Wuji has not been able to give full play to the real strength of the bleeding hairpin. Because, his mana now, it is impossible to subdue the spirit of the blood spirit hairpin, and with his sword practice tactic, it is also doomed to be difficult for the spirit of the blood spirit hairpin to take the initiative to defect. If it weren’t for Mu Ling, he would have been helped by the special secret method handed down by the original owner, and I’m afraid he couldn’t even exert the slightest power of the blood spirit hairpin.
The spirit of the whole fairy array is very precious to Wei Wuji, the master. In order to prevent him from being injured by Lei Guang, a red sword curtain was formed in the sky with firm but gentle shock.
Who mowgli after the whole fairy array figure, rapid mergence in the space of array figure. Then, the four sword pills that hung in the air didn’t come down, and the infinite firm but gentle, too, reversed down and disappeared into the array.
Then, the array rapidly narrowed, turned into the size of a ruler, rolled into a ball, and the whole body was full of red firm but gentle, like a light shuttle, which rose to the sky, broke the heavy Lei Guang and directly plunged into the cloud.
As soon as the map of Zhu Xian array entered the robbery cloud, the time was once again expanded and expanded rapidly. In the robbery cloud, there are almost endless kinds of lightning phosgene, which roar wildly on the array, and the struck array is also shaking endlessly.
At this time, who mowgli in the array space, regardless of the outside world, wholeheartedly in accordance with the "Feng Shen Bao Jian" records and the guidance of the spirit of the array figure, brandishing the Taoist tactic, decorated with this so-called Taigu first kill array array.
Although it is a powerful array, the change is not complicated, even simple. However, Wei Wuji, after all, is the first time to display, and he is not familiar with the law, so it is inevitable that there will be omissions. It took an hour for Wei Wuji to raise the four gates and four gates of the array base: Zhuxian Gate, Zhuxian Que, Zhaxian Gate, Zhaxian Que, Sinxian Gate, Sinxian Que, Juexian Gate and Juexian Que.
Four doors and four gaps are now available, and the next one is simple. The first rising sword spirit of the four sword pills, Zhu Xian, Slay Xian, Trap Xian and Jue Xian, is very obedient to Wei Wuji, and there is no need to use the formula at all. As long as he has a belief, he will fly to the four gates. Then, each of the four doors shot a ray of brilliance, hanging the sword pill in the void.
Who mowgli stood in the center of the dharma platform, his hands turned, and he conjured up a lot of light and shadow. In one breath, he typed out the 108-style dharma tactic of the platform wishful thunder mantra. At that time, a red Lei Guang was generated between his hands.
At this moment, who mowgli eyes longed for divine surge, then, a drink, will this red Lei Guang, bomb to the whole fairy sword pill hanging in the door.
On the red Lei Guang, a finger-thick red sword light broke out on the whole fairy sword pill. This is no longer a firm shock wave, but a real sword light. This sword light is absolutely sharp enough to break all obstacles, and it flies out. All of a sudden, it will break through the clouds that stretch for thousands of feet, break a big hole and break out.
In the cloud valley, a bunch of Luzhou monks were worried about Wei Wuji’s impulsive behavior. After all, the magic weapon is just a foreign object. If you don’t have it, you can practice it again. Where is it necessary to work so hard? Especially after Wei Wuji went deep into the cloud, nothing happened for such a long time, which made them worry.
At this point, I saw a brilliant red sword light, breaking through the clouds. At that time, all of them were excited, and they quickly changed to a main array of Buddhist monks. Then, they started to operate the array of heaven and earth again, condensing the Lei Di method, and began to fly into the cloud and blew themselves up.

Chapter DiYiBaLiu, slaughter, trap, absolutely
Chapter DiYiBaLiu, slaughter, trap, absolutely
"Boom, boom, boom …"
Reddy’s method has been continuously shattered. The surging light waves of power, like the tide, are endless, rising again and again, overlapping and continuous, sweeping out a large space in the cloud robbery.
In the cloud valley, a group of monks who arranged a large array of heaven and earth can vaguely see a magnificent palace. There is a palace in the cloud, and no one will believe it. However, the palace gives people a particularly real existence, and it doesn’t look like a streamer phantom.
This cloud robbery is a treasure robbery that should be a magic weapon. Treasure robbery is no better than the fate of people and demons, because the spirit of magic weapon is incomparably pure when it rises, and it is not contaminated with too many worldly distractions. Therefore, invisible attacks such as illusions, demons and desires have no effect on the spirit of magic weapon. That is to say. That palace, it can’t be a natural creation.
In that case, there is no doubt that the palace was made by their eldest son, Wei Wuji. At this moment, their awe and admiration for Wei Wuji can be described as reaching its zenith. This kind of police uniform has even overwhelmed the seal of soul control engraved in their fascination, and it is entirely voluntary, without the slightest reluctance.
At this moment, who mowgli if a call, will all this group of Luzhou monks called to JieYun, resistance JieYun, estimates that there will be no problem.
Who mowgli now, however, it is not distracted, though, ruyi thunder curse him to cast up and there is no hindrance, however, this every LeiGuang mana consumption, it is too big, equivalent to his twelve layers of refined gas dzogchen three times. You know, in terms of the extremely wide meridians in his body, the amount of mana that continues is not inferior to the ordinary high-order foundation.
Sure. The quality of mana in his body is naturally far less than spiritual power.