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The attack on the holy land in Zi Xia came suddenly but was also miserably defeated.

Xia Qi and a group of people were ill because of the sudden outbreak of Gu Yue, but in view of the sudden attack on the holy land in Zi Xia, Xia Qi and a group of people were also wary.
After returning to the ancient home, Du Qi, several people are more alert to the movement of the immortal world. If there is a fairy world, try to find it for the first time.
While Xia Qi closed again.
This closure is not a breakthrough repair, but to recover the injury as soon as possible.
With the re-refined town platform, Xia Qizu can compete with the immortals, and it can be said that Xia Qi needs to restore his strength as soon as possible and then take the initiative to attack.
Before the downfall of many immortals, the strength of a group of people in Xia Qi has aroused the vigilance of many immortals, hiding in the mysterious world and waiting for it is to watch many immortals unite against the Sect of Heaven.
Xia Qi should take the initiative to attack while many clans have not formed an alliance to kill them one by one.
Calm has been restored in the ancient metaphysics.
It is not only Xia Qi who is healing, but all the elites of Danzong are also practicing penance.
After the first tens of thousands of monks joined forces, the immortals could be killed. These monks who could have watched many immortals fight in vain also came here. Together, they can decide their own destiny.
At the moment, all these monks have breathed a sigh of relief like chicken blood, and they are going to have the opportunity to continue strangulation in the future.
Xia Qi’s injury recovered quickly. After all, the water of life is almost invisible in the celestial world, but it is only a day and a night. Xia Qi’s seriously injured body has almost recovered.
As soon as the injury recovered, Xia Qi found Du Qi several people.
When Xia Qi doesn’t want to unite with the immortals, he should attack at the first time.
"Is Xia Qi thinking again?"
Du Qi and Zhu Xuan are hesitant to dissuade Xia Qi.
Although Xia Qi refined the strength of the town’s military platform, after all, even the peak state of the virtual fairy was not enough to take the initiative to attack and strangle the fairy, which made Du Qi a few people worry.
"Yesterday, several clans sent immortals in one day. Now I’m afraid it’s too risky to attack and attract other clans’ immortals." Zhu Xuan also strongly discouraged way
They know very well that the second world immortal department is an elite force, and it is too risky for Xia Qi to take the initiative under such circumstances.
"Just a few immortals in the district can still turn over the sky in the cultivation of immortals?" Xia Qi light mouth full of confidence.
Hear Xia Qi Du Qi several people looked at each other wry smile in my heart.
Fairy realm, even in the fairy realm, it is a middle-level force, but now it is ignored by a virtual fairy. Is this arrogance?
Is Du Qi several people heart white Xia Qi now really qualified arrogance.
I have taken control of all kinds of visions of refining the town’s military platform and Xia Qi. Even Du Qi can’t say that it is Xia Qi’s opponent in the cultivation of immortals, plus Gu Yue and the ordinary fairy Xia Qi in the Hall of Evil Immortals. I really don’t see it in my eyes.
"Well, since you insist, we are ready to take the initiative."
Du Qi did not continue to oppose it, because now, with the growth of Xia Qi’s strength, he has taken control of the situation, and Xia Qi has become a group of people in charge.
Since Du Qi made a decision, several people did not hesitate to count the whereabouts of the immortals in these two days and decide on the target.
A group of people gathered in the hall, and Gu Yue and Yulingling and two women were among them.
"It’s too tempting to raise the world. There have been several clan circles in two days, and even if some non-top immortal forces send a lot of immortals, it’s dangerous for us to take the initiative this time."
In a map, Du Qi marks the hiding place of the immortals in the control field of Li Xuan in the past two days, clearly showing how many people are which fairy gate.
Although there will be a deviation in the number of people, it is not much different
"I suggest that we send a hand to this Ling Yue when we attack for the first time. This Ling Yue Sect is just a second-rate clan with less than ten immortals and three strong immortals. A group of us can attack quickly."
Du Qi said, pointing to a red dot on the map.
"Well, I agree, too." Zhu Xuan nodded in agreement.
Instead, Xia Qi eyebrows a wrinkly slightly.
"Is there a problem with Xia Qi?" See Xia Qi frowned Du Qi consciousness asked.
"Well, your plan is too timid. You greatly underestimated the strength of Moon and me. There are all kinds of evil immortals and town soldiers in the cultivation of immortals. If it weren’t for the top immortals such as the five elements of Sanzong and the shogunate, we would all be swept away. In my opinion, we will kill all the way directly. The first goal is the evil spirits Sect!"
Xia Qi reached to the front of the map and drew a row to draw several clan doors in an area, including the top clan doors of the evil spirits Sect, directly into it and said with awe.
"This is reckless!"
"It’s almost impossible for so many immortals to catch them all!"
Du Qi and Zhu Xuan shook their heads repeatedly.
According to Xia Qi’s plan, it’s so bold that it’s simply going to sweep the world. The fairy’s movement is so loud that it makes people dumbfounded
"Don’t object, so it’s decided! In the world of cultivating immortals, your strength is suppressed, and neither I nor Moon means that unless Liu Jun is as strong, we have swept our hands and feet! "
Xia Qi is confident and overbearing.
Gu Yue took Xia Qi with a smile and had no opinion on Xia Qi’s words. Instead, he heard Xia Qi’s bold plan and flashed light in his eyes.
For practicing killing kendo, killing is practicing for her.
Du Qi resisted Xia Qi’s decision with a wry smile.
A secret valley in Nanzhou
The stream is flowing, the vegetation is abundant, and the valley is full of spiritual strength, which is a rare place to cultivate.
This is the former ancestral temple in Nanzhou, but it was later that the ancestral temple was destroyed in the chaos of cultivating immortals, and this holy temple was occupied by five people.
But at this time, there are twelve figures in this valley, and the black robes cover themselves and look very mysterious.
This group of people are the immortals of the evil spirits faction.