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Yu Long corners of the mouth flush a smile in the sitting room "Ma Tongxue you are making honey trap … in fact, you are redundant.

No matter whether Ma Xiaomei can hear Yu Long’s eyes turn to the uninvited guest in the living room and say, "Where are you from, Xiang Xiang Younger?" A cat meows in the middle
Rowling quickly translated "Master Tianyi Tiger means Xiangxiang doesn’t intend to give up the cultivation of love heaven …"
As soon as he got up, Yu Long fell in the sand again, and the whole person seemed to be listless.
Tianyi tiger seems to comfort Yu Long, who threw himself into his arms and stuck out his tongue in his hand. Yu Long secretly smiled bitterly. "It seems that it can be resigned …"
It takes at least three years to practice love and heaven.
In the case of persuasion, Yukime personally prepared Tang Xiangxiang to close the matter
Lu and Wang Jian were anxious to talk with ants on hot bricks many times, and they were all dissuaded by Yukime. Lu and Wang Jian found the cat road flyover together.
Road flyover cat naturally know two people purpose "let’s go this thing I also ability …"
"grandmaster-!" Wang Jian seems unwilling.
"Wang Jian, go out first. I have something to say to Lu." Road flyover cat was revealed.
Wang Jian hesitated a little and finally retired.
Wait until Wang Jian leaves the cat and says, "Give it up, kid. Xiang Xiang can’t be your companion …"
"I know-!"
Lu said with a wry smile, "Younger’s favorite brother Yu Long, I will meet their grandmaster. In fact, after you come back from Yinshan, I will know that I have no hope, but I still don’t want Younger to practice heaven, even if he is a friend, my heart is happy …"
Road flyover cat smell speech immediately laughed a few "don’t lose is my grandson was enough mind enough tolerance … I’m glad you can think so, come on, you also go out, now we can be resigned …"
Lu Wenwen turned away from behind with a gloomy look, sighing at the peak of Yangfeng Mountain, staring at the mid-autumn moon, and I didn’t know what was going on.
Suddenly a figure appeared from the sky behind Tang Xiangxiang.
Is almost consciousness turned Tang Xiangxiang recognized bearer "YunYi … I’m sorry, I still chose to practice love heaven … love peak line I once again feel my strength is small, I need strong power, I don’t choose I can’t wait YunYi knows" Men in black LianBu gently moved near Tang Xiangxiang said "Xiangxiang, I didn’t come to you to advise you"
In Tang Xiangxiang’s view, she was a little surprised that Aunt Yunyi abandoned the words of uniting the heaven in the middle of the night.
"There is no doubt-!" Aunt Yun smiled and said, "Xiang Xiang, I really don’t want to advise you … I have something to give you." Aunt Yun stretched out her right hand and a colorful lotus rose from Ran Ran’s hand. Ten meters around her were shrouded in seven colors.
"What is this?" Tang Xiangxiang can clearly sense that it is a very peaceful force.
"Heart protection lotus-!"
Aunt Yun said, "Xiangxiang, this is for you. Even if you practice the heaven of love, you can ensure that you will not forget the previous feelings and memories."
"really?" Tang Xiangxiang felt very excited when she heard this, but she wouldn’t cut off worldly desires, which was a great temptation for her.
"It’s really-!"
Aunt Yun said, "This is a mysterious elder who gave it to me. He asked me to tell you that you have a deep relationship with each other. It is impossible to sever worldly desires if you insist on cultivating the heaven of love. This heart-protecting lotus will protect your heart, so that you can be protected."
"That’s great!" Tang Xiangxiang hurriedly asked, "Which senior Taoist is it?"
"No, it’s Taoist Bai Mei," said Aunt Yun. "According to Taoist Bai Mei, this heart-protecting lotus is a mysterious treasure, which has been respected and grown up in the past dynasties. It is very precious. It can prolong life and has the effect of keeping young. It’s not easy for Taoist Bai Mei to repair the total heart-protecting lotus. I told you not to say anything about it … even Xiaoyu is no exception."
"But I …" Tang Xiangxiang frowned and asked, "Why should there be such a restriction?"
"I don’t know the details, but I think the bridled elder must have his reason." Aunt Yun told me carefully, "Remember that you must pretend that there is no heart-protecting lotus."
Tang Xiangxiang’s heart was tight and asked, "Aunt Yun, do you mean I have to pretend to forget my entanglement with Xiaoyu … and my parents’ hatred?"
Aunt Yun nodded and said, "Xiang Xiang, I don’t think the bridled elder will harm you, so just promise it first. There will be a result in the future. He said that when the time is right, the truth will be revealed."
"Well, I promise-!" Tang Xiangxiang said seriously.
"Just promise. From now on, Xuanmenbao’s heart-protecting lotus will belong to you-!" Just as Tang Xiangxiang’s voice just fell, the bridled Taoist voice suddenly appeared in Tang Xiangxiang’s ear. "You should be surprised that the heart-protecting lotus is a place where my belongings are attached with my knowledge. I can talk to you in a thousand miles. Remember that you have agreed to my conditions. Now you need to be in the heart-protecting lotus and it will belong to you."