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People who can be unaffected by such cold eyes are not without, but certainly not if.

His smile quickly changed from laughing to dry, then quickly changed into a wry smile. Finally, he punched the table with his hands clenched, and then he suddenly opened his mouth and blew several breaths at the red fist before he said such a good joke in a flustered manner. Would you please laugh twice and die?
He raised his eyebrows morally and politely refused to comment on the joke.
Fortunately, if you are used to his cold temper and single-minded, you will soon be balanced, smiling and coming close. Good sex, how can you repay me for telling you such a good joke?
Sex virtue says coldly and quickly that you want to run away, and I won’t let my boss hit you, but I won’t help you steal or rob money.
If you just got to the front of Sex, your head almost fell directly into the dish in front of you. He barely pulled a smile at the corner of his mouth and said in a weak voice, God, you are not so clever, are you?
Don’t you have no money?
Although the tone of sexual virtue is flat, it is ironic to always doubt it.
It’s nothing. You see, in the story, the great man, the great emperor, the grand duke, all of them don’t have money to pay the bill in the hotel. When they come, chivalrous men, beautiful women and the like will come to help pay the bill, which will attract people.
Nod kindly, then you can wait for the chivalrous or beautiful woman to come and pay the bill.
Don’t be so rigid, will you help me a little? You have nothing to lose. You are taking the initiative to get some money. You are not afraid of upsetting the balance if you are beyond the ability of the world.
I can’t blame him if I almost looked at him with sad eyes. I want to take care of my purse, but Gao Gonggong insisted that he take care of it just in case I specially brought two tribute balls. I didn’t expect that I couldn’t deliver them at the gate of Wangfu just now. I don’t know if I lost them at that time, but I can’t find them now. I’m broke. You can’t from ruin.
Sex Germany didn’t even move her eyebrows. When she tried to refuse again, there was a sudden noise outside.
If the first one jumps up and looks out, the hero is most likely to encounter drama when there is a strange story on the street outside.
Class one lai is flirting with a beautiful woman
The emperor changed his sex after he was rescued from the water, didn’t he?
It’s the sovereign who refused to kill even the eunuch guards who guarded him at that time, and never hit or curse again. Instead, he smiled at everyone and bent down to help the eunuch kneeling on the ground.
Xiao Yi nodded his head and his eyes were deep and far away. The emperor had already understood how to attract people’s hearts, so he wouldn’t be so intellectual as to throw the eunuchs at will. Perhaps the Queen Mother had another plan.
The Queen Mother Wang Tian sent Qin Fu to follow Huang Beizhi, and the Queen Mother also instructed them to get rid of the guards. But even these two high-skilled prison leaders returned to the Queen Mother with great countenance. The Yongle Palace has become a mess, and the Queen Mother has made several imperial decrees to try to find the emperor. It’s not like acting.
In this case, we have also mobilized all our efforts to find the position Xiao Yi, and at the same time, we quickly walked out of such an important event. I should also take a turn in the palace. On the one hand, we should also save the guards who followed the emperor from the Queen Mother’s knife.
Zhao Yunwen got up and told Wang Ye to change clothes.
It’s urgent. You don’t need to change clothes. Xiao Yi finally turned around. You have to follow yourself. Zhao Yunwen Yunwen, you are injured. Don’t go anywhere. Go to rest first. Don’t worry about my safety.
I am the imperial concubine of Dong Dynasty, and you dare to salute her. Her voice is very pleasant and pleasant, and even when she is angry, it is also a touching charm.
Don’t you dare to call me miss Guan. If you are miss Guan, I will be the sovereign. Leader Lai laughs wildly.
A few punks around laughed together, each reaching out to pull the woman in clothes, pulling the dress and touching the woman’s hair.
It’s true that you miss the door and don’t take the sedan chair.
I didn’t even dare to pretend to be a girl.
Look at your semi-new, not-old clothes. Which official and young lady would be so shabby? Why don’t you have a few friends with us?
Lai’s words are getting more and more fragile and presumptuous.
The woman was so overwhelmed that her face showed a look of panic and help, but even at this embarrassing moment, her face was clear and beautiful, and beautiful and elegant Fairy really made people shine.
If you look at this woman’s peerless beauty, you will be dazed and dazed. It is not that he has never seen a beauty. There are countless beautiful stars in modern video.
After coming to the dreamland, the empress dowager’s charm and charm, the beautiful and moving queen, the virtuous and noble lady, and her delicate feelings are all different from this woman
This beauty is so beautiful that it is intuitive that a knife goes straight into my heart and makes a shock in my chest.
Dong Zhongfang’s assistant minister always dares to say that he is loyal, but he has repeatedly expressed his opposition to the large-scale construction of the palace. The people do not care about offending the Empress Dowager, the Regent, and his loyalty to honest and frank. He also thinks that he can’t bear to surrender his crime and he is detained everywhere in the Ministry.
This person is incorruptible. In Geng Jie, don’t get together except for the official salary. There is no assets at home, and life is extremely poor. Although the court ordered the official, even one person couldn’t afford it. The only woman who started to play tricks.
Sex Deqing cold voice sounded in the ear to wake up if the shock.
If you look outside and look back at sex, a special idea comes to mind, but now that sourdrang queen Dourgen is here, it can also make the emperor not love Jiangshan’s beauty lover Dong E Fei.
I said that the background of the game may be similar to historical facts or novels, but it is possible to break the fantasy without hesitation.
If you want to say that Dong Yan ran has been frightened outside, these people are tearing her clothes, but everyone in the street dares to point and point, but no one is keen.