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Later, on Sunday, Yujie told their own experiences, although the experiences of both sides were different; But the same thing is that whether it’s Sunday or Yujie, their harvest is not as big as usual

Not on Sunday; Just say that when they went out to experience on Sunday, they didn’t idle to borrow those things left to them on Sunday. Sister Yu, however, they worked hard on a Dan medicine business to gain merit through this business. Whether it’s Yujie or Jay Chou, they have all improved a lot.
Although I did some research on the business of Dan medicine a few days ago; At the same time, he also made a corresponding evaluation, but Sunday didn’t know much about the world. Although Sunday’s evaluation was not wrong, he seriously underestimated the demand for Dan medicine in this world
The celestial world of this world; If you want to send something to the saints, it is quite easy for them to send it, whether it is a pill or a magic weapon. They can transport a large number to the world without wasting their blowing power.
But now the problem is; Even if those saints do have that ability but really want those saints to do such things; That’s difficult, but it’s absolutely enough to discourage ordinary people.
Saints are immortal, but they don’t want anything from the Lord; Even the strength rise is almost impossible because of the difficulty, so that those saints are not very enthusiastic about their strength rise. Actually, saints value it; Except for a face; But it is not in anything else.
Transporting goods and materials in two places is a profession that is called a peddler. Although it is not as classified as a scholar, farmer, industry and commerce in the ordinary world, merchants can enter the humble profession. However, in addition to the auxiliary occupations of monks such as Dan Shi, it is outside the repair world. Some other occupations belong to’ base jobs’ and this; Vendors are naturally the same and famous.
Think about it; According to the good character of those saints, it is difficult for them to send things to this world. At ordinary times, except for some monks who enter this world, they will bring some materials. Unless they are faced with strong enemies, saints can’t send materials to this world.
And the world is not the celestial world in terms of environment; That’s a big difference between the earth and the celestial world.
Even practice; If you don’t have the same conditions as the teaching station, it is very difficult for monks to replenish aura. You can imagine something like a panacea; In this world, few people can grow it.
So; Even an alchemist is the same in this world, but it is difficult to make an alchemist because there are no medicinal materials, and the result is in such an environment; Although the market scene has the same circulation of Dan medicine; At the same time, Dan Yao did set a price.
But on Sunday, I found that situation, but I didn’t find it. Dan medicine is in short supply in this world. If there is Dan medicine, no one will worry about buying it. Godsworn with merit; Often when you need Dan medicine, you may not be able to buy it if you want to.
In such a situation; Sunday left the royal elder sister a huge amount of pills; When the royal elder sister took out the Dan medicine department and sold it; It is conceivable that nature is immediately and it has caused a sensation.
At the beginning; Royal elder sister when they sell Dan medicine; That’s almost how much you take out and get bought, except for some monks who really need it; There are also many Dan medicines bought by Dan medicine merchants and stored there.
In such a situation; Just one; Royal elder sister, they have risen to one or two small realms by virtue of massive transactions. Because Yujie can always take out Dan medicine, the demand outside has dropped to a certain extent, but Yujie can harvest them every day; But still not small.
A rude remark; Now the royal elder sister and they have occupied the station and nearly become the Dan medicine business. They should keep this scale to the royal elder sister and collect merits. Almost already is not on Sunday to go out to experience the merit.
And when the royal elder sister said her harvest; But it didn’t tell Sunday about the danger it encountered.
Sunday is not unclear about the actual face of that matter; Roots don’t need the royal elder sister to say that you can know on Sunday; When Yujie did that business; The danger it needs to face, even the root, is less than the experience it has on Sunday.
It’s easy to figure out that there are so few pills in this world, which means; In this world, the sale of Dan medicine is a huge profit industry. Sunday is very certain; This business is even directly controlled by the prospective masters in this station.
Although when the royal elder sister sells a lot of Dan medicine; It is a good thing for the whole station but inevitable; Because Yujie sold a large number of pills, it naturally hit the resident pill market directly, which made many people who profited from this business lose their profits at that time and even hoarded pills. I’m afraid I still lost a lot of money.
Just such a situation; Want to know; I am afraid that I am in this station because of the loss of interests; There are a lot of dead people who want to be royal sisters, right?
But it depends on the eye; It seems that explaining the power in the station is to protect the royal sisters well. Just look at the fact that the royal sisters have risen in strength but have not been injured. Even the former royal elder sister, they have met some dangers, and someone has already helped them settle them.
For these things; Sunday is able to guess, but it is impossible to say this on Sunday. After all, Royal Sister doesn’t say those things on Sunday, which is because she doesn’t want them to be distracted. Now Sunday really wants that thing. Doubt is làng, the royal elder sister to his heart.
However; Although there is no indication on Sunday, it doesn’t mean that Sunday is really when nothing has happened. Don’t ask, don’t ask, don’t want làng’s royal elder sister’s mind, but they will think about Sunday in the future. It is time for him to do something.
Only by explaining the power of education; Although it can be guaranteed that the royal sisters will be safe for a while, it is not a long-term solution. After all, although Sunday is explaining the second generation of younger brothers, the royal sisters are just relatives of Sunday, even if they explain that they will protect them when they are in danger; But it’s definitely not true, Royal Sister. They fight against other forces.
Chapter three hundred An enemy attack
Chapter three hundred An enemy attack
Royal elder sister, their real backer is Sunday, not teaching, perhaps for Sunday’s sake; When the royal elder sister meets any danger, the interpreter will really give them general help.
But; On Sunday, it is clear that help like that is not always available. Let’s not talk about it. If there is a gap between the interpreter and the teacher on Sunday, will from ruin say that if you want to deal with the royal elder sister, they will be willing to pay huā, and even the interpreter is not unable to buy people?
Be willing to huā big price; Explain that even if one or two high-ranking people are bought by them, it will be enough for them to set up a trap to kill the royal sister.
It’s just a hypothesis, but if something like that really happens; Then the possibility of the other party’s success is not generally high
If something like that really happened, it is not easy to find out the truth on Sunday, even if Zhou Naizhen can find out the truth, it is the same after killing the other person who did such a thing. You can’t save the royal sister and them from killing those people for Sunday; What’s the point
Institute; What is the idea of revenge after the event? The idea of Sunday is simple. Take the first step to prevent that kind of thing before it happens, and do everything possible to dispel those people’s bad conscience, so that they can’t act rashly when they think about what consequences they will have to deal with the royal sister. Sunday, this can reduce the royal elder sister, and they may be in danger.
But want to achieve that effect; As far as eye condition is concerned; The best way is naturally to show his strength by Sunday. If you know that Sunday’s strength is stronger than their backer, then both the quasi-saints and those in their hands estimate that they will deal with the royal elder sister. You need to think about it, right?
Yes; On Sunday, I didn’t think that he had such an idea. Let its strength to give full play to the opportunity is immediately and then take the initiative to send the door …
"By the way; Why didn’t Alice come back? Aren’t they going out with you? Don’t … "Just because of going home on Sunday; Everyone is happy to talk with both sides; Calm down, royal elder sister suddenly remembered that on Sunday when she went out, but three people went hand in hand to get a good eye; Sunday is back, but Alice’s heart willow demon is gone, and her heart is in a hurry; Royal elder sister is immediately and at that time to Sunday asked about the situation.
It’s no ordinary danger outside; Even in accordance with the strength on Sunday, when the Royal Sister went out on Sunday, they were also extremely worried about Zhou Tianan and Alice’s words were much weaker than the strength and Sunday, but they didn’t know how much they were weaker, even if they were protected by Sunday, if they were really unlucky to meet a strong enemy; That’s the same. You could lose your life.
Institute; Although the royal elder sister asked Alice on Sunday that they had fallen, the tone was as if she had already decided that Alice and they had an accident. Let Sunday not know what to say about her.
"Rest assured; They have a good time, but because of some things, we split up, so we didn’t get together again, but I have already told them that my trip depends on them … "Speaking of which; On Sunday, I stopped talking and thought about other things.
Zhou Tian’s coming back so quickly depends on the ability to turn Xuangong magical power and fly back to the real face in such a short time according to the speed of somersault cloud; On Sunday, when they went all the way, they were a little far away from Pangu universe and really wanted to fly over. Still need some time
However; Even on Sunday at that time, they were far away from Pangu universe, but they had to leave a long time before Sunday. Plus Sunday is already back for such a long time, even if it is in accordance with the heart of the willow demon, they will grow some eyes when they hurry, and this time they should already be able to get back.
Royal elder sister didn’t get up; On Sunday, I didn’t consider these things, but after the royal elder sister remembered this matter; On Sunday, it was immediately, and at that time, it was found that there was something wrong with the situation, and the heart was also the willow demon, and they were worried.
Since I haven’t come back after so long, I won’t talk about it; Hu Xin Liu Shu Yao, they must be in some trouble; If they meet some soldiers who are overreached, they are afraid that they can still cope with it. They are unlucky to hit the quasi-saint. If they don’t have Sunday around them, they will be in some danger only by relying on the strength of Alice.
After the heart has such an idea; On Sunday, nature is immediately and there are some sit still.
If they are in danger, they really need to set out to save them on Sunday if their hands and feet are a little slow; On Sunday, I really can’t guarantee that when the time comes, the willow demon will encounter any danger there.
Although it is not clear where the eye-catching willow demon went on Sunday, the eye-catching willow demon wanted to know where the eye-catching willow demon was on Sunday. That’s really not such a difficult thing.
After the heart had that idea, it moved on Sunday; Instantly, the willow demon in the heart of Hu has made a connection in the body.
And Hu’s heart willow demon body is divided into two parts, which is to say, if you find Hu’s heart willow demon body on Sunday, you can cut it off. Immediately, at that time, I learned about the eye situation of Alice, a willow demon with a heart.
If you are dead, then not only will you be deprived of your natural magic weapon, the pure violet, so that you will lose the chance to cut the corpse. Just say that if you are really destroyed, it is estimated that the strength of you will have to be reduced to a great level.
And Hu’s heart willow demon is different; Alice is still alive. If Alice dies outside, there won’t even be a chance to start over. Neither Alice nor the evil willow demon wants them to have an affair on Sunday. Although things are not the worst, as far as the situation is concerned; In fact, the situation of the willow demon is already in danger.
As Sunday thought; Hu’s heart willow demon is powerful and Alice’s speed is extraordinary. According to their ability, they should have come back by this time. Just when they came back, they met some things halfway, which made them not only fail to come back on time, but caused themselves a lot of trouble.