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Although unlike Mourinho, Changsheng is happy to talk about the final, he still thinks it is stupid for reporters to ask.

"Four years ago, what’s the impact on now? I coached Valencia four years ago and he coached Porto. I think this game is worthless for the current confrontation. Don’t ask such stupid questions. "
This is the interview style of Changsheng, who will mercilessly ridicule reporters.
A reporter is not used to feeling insulted in succession, and he still lashes out at winning in the media.
But now they are used to winning. This man is so smelly, but it seems almost impossible for him to change this habit. When he meets things and people he doesn’t like, he will make sarcasm and criticism without mercy.
Now that the law has changed and journalists have to interview him and pay no attention to him, they will have to endure …
For journalists now, it’s no longer offensive to say that Chang Sheng is the mantra of Chang Sheng.
"But when we asked Mourinho this question, he looked angry …"
Chang Sheng was stunned first and then laughed. "Of course he will be angry because he lost to me. If I lost to him, I will be angry. You are really different."
It was because of him that he realized how much influence that final had brought to Mourinho.
He never thought about what would happen if the winner was replaced by a loser. He just thought he won and Mourinho lost, that’s all.
But now it seems that a changed victory or defeat can have a far-reaching impact on both sides
The victory in the Champions League final four years ago brought Chang Sheng poor confidence and strength, and made him fully realize that he could go further on this road and he should be a football coach.
And it was the same defeat that gave Mourinho such a deep impact that it was noticed four years later. Mourinho would be angry …
It seems that the failure of the game left him unforgettable.
So what will this bring him?
Changsheng thought of Mourinho as a madman, which originated from his inferiority complex in childhood.
When he was young, Rio Avi, led by his father, was humiliated by Rhys Athletic 71 in a game in China. At that time, he also experienced double humiliation, that is, the central defender of their team was injured before the game, and his father came to try to make his son start. As a result, just a few minutes before the game, President Rio Avi gave his father an ultimatum, "Either let your son come from the starting lineup or both of you get out."
In the end, Mourinho sat in the stands and watched his father’s team being humiliated by his opponent.
Perhaps it was his father’s unsuccessful coaching experience that inspired Mourinho’s mentality that he must take revenge on his fate
Therefore, when he succeeded, he was particularly arrogant.
Chang Sheng also thought about the fact that Mourinho went to Real Madrid later.
There he was entangled with Barcelona, winning and losing.
He thought it might be a good idea to completely anger Mourinho.
Although provoking Mourinho will have a certain chance to turn the other side into a fierce lion and bite himself.
But risks and opportunities do not
Inter Milan has been very calm in the new season.
If their head coach loses his cool, maybe this team can lose its cool, too.
So he added, "That game was the first time in my life to win the Champions League, which was very important and sweet for me. Of course, it was definitely a nightmare for Mourinho. It was only when he recalled it that he was so angry. Fortunately, he won the Champions League in Chelsea, otherwise I don’t think he would be in the Inter Milan coaching seat today …"
He secretly ridiculed Mourinho that if he didn’t have a Champions League title at Chelsea, he would be an ordinary manager and could not be compared with himself.
What kind of victory will this remark finally reach Mourinho’s ears?
But through the game, I believe he should find some clues
Journalists just want to see Chang Sheng behave like this, and they like to hear Chang Sheng say so.
Compared with Mourinho, they now feel that winning is cuter!
Because he will cooperate with the media!
Although not many times.
Journalists came here to provoke a war between two people with the Champions League final in 24 years.
Now they have achieved their goal.
That night, all the TV stations were playing the video of Chang Sheng’s press conference before the game.
His words were faithfully broadcast, and the directors didn’t make any embellishments or take them out of context.
So truthfully presented to the audience.
Everyone saw Chang Sheng’s face joking and smiling when he said that.
Obviously, he missed his brilliant achievements in the confrontation with Mourinho and mocked the loser Mourinho at the same time.