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Soon the golden lion came to the forefront of the crowd and looked down at the real fairy in front of him.

It can bite the true fairy in two with a micro probe!
But it didn’t do that, but looked down and said "roll" in a condescending tone
It is really angry with the situation of the demon family in Tianlan demon world, and feels that the dignity of the whole demon family has been greatly insulted. Sometimes it is very ashamed of those monsters who fled and jumped up.
In its mind, the real demon race should be noble, just like before the war.
They are the real masters of this world, and all other life spirits are inferior beings or slaves.
At this time, it doesn’t think that their demon race era has passed, and it doesn’t recognize that human beings should rise.
Everything that happens in the Tianlan demon world is accepted by other methods.
Today, it finally rushed out alone to those big cities regardless of the situation. It didn’t have the courage to know that it would be destroyed as soon as it appeared, but in a small mountain city like Huayan, it can still regain the dignity of the demon race without a master to protect it.
It believes that this world must not be done by itself, but also those monsters who are not angry with it will prove to the zhengxian society and those demon slaves that the world still belongs to them in their own way!
In fact, it is not only to vent its anger, but also to prove that it is still the master of this world, the world’s higher race
As a higher race, it is no different from the nobility in human society. You must be aristocratic, otherwise what is the difference from those untouchables?
So it is elegant and calm, which fully shows its noble style.
These are things you deserve to be demon slaves can’t learn!
It’s not going to start work on two human immortals. It’s enough for fall in price. Will it start work on those true immortals and ordinary people again? What’s the difference between those bullies and local ruffians? It’s a nobleman!
It’s the look in the eyes or the imposing manner that can frighten those untouchables to hide!
Then he can swagger into the duke’s mansion and destroy everything that the zhengxian society has worked hard to build!
If Tianlan demon world is full of flowers and immortals, they will eventually get tired of dealing with it and end up in a gloomy mood.
However, the golden lion suddenly found that this first step had an accident because the true fairy who stood in front of him didn’t leave when it looked down.
That true fairy has been timid, even shaking slightly, but she just didn’t make way.
"Do you want to die?" The golden lion asked calmly, as if he had finished putting the true fairy’s life and death in his eyes.
That true fairy is a young man in his early twenties, with a handsome face. Smell speech and summon up courage, saying, "Huayan Town was originally under the jurisdiction of Liangshan Yaomeng, and I, the Immortal Society, have negotiated with Liangshan Yaomeng and got the control of all human settlements under the jurisdiction of Liangshan Yaomeng! This is already the territory of Zhengxian Club. Please go out! "
"Get out!"
"Get out!"
"This is our territory!"
"roar! ! !”
In the face of those booing people, the golden lion suddenly gave a loud roar and drowned out all the voices, scaring those people into silence one by one.
The golden lion feels that his dignity has been seriously challenged. He has bared his teeth and bent down slightly, posing as a fighting posture. It seems that he will jump out at any time!
"What’s your name?" Golden lion asked.
"Zhao Xuan" replied the young true fairy.
"I’ll kill you if you don’t let me when I give you three breaths," said the Golden Lion calmly.
"No way!" Zhao Xuan nasty and angry tunnel
"Three …" Golden lion is no longer Zhao Xuan simply counted up.
Zhao Xuanlai trembled with fear. At this time, his face changed greatly to resist the pressure from the golden lion. Of course, he didn’t want to die. He was only twenty-one and he was promoted. The future of the fairy is not only that he still loves his family!
However, young people are the most enthusiastic. Although they just joined the Zhengxian Society, he completely loved this organization and the concept of equality. Zhengxian Society also appreciated him very much. He temporarily took the post of a surname in the city government, but the position of Zhengxian Society was personally ordered by a Xianhao! From then on, he decided to do something equally.
"second …"
It’s not worthwhile for young people to die with a good face, but what happens in front of them depends not only on face but also on faith! To be a captain of the Lord’s mansion, he should have more faith! Even if all the additional identities are stripped out, a person should have faith than a simple person.
Do people really deserve to be demon slaves? Then I would rather not be born in this world! I think if the world is truly equal, there will be no more monster face se; I think if everyone is self-reliant and self-respecting, they would rather die than enslave the world … Zhengxian will lead us, but we must also take the initiative to move forward. I am fortunate to be one of the first people to step forward. How can I retreat?
"One …"
At the last breath, everyone stared at the golden lion and Zhao Xuan.
At this time, Zhao Xuan still thinks that if I retreat now, I will lose my head for the rest of my life and my faith will collapse. People will die sooner or later. Although I don’t know that the predecessors of the Zhengxian Society initially dared the demon race to fight head-on, I think I should have such courage even if I didn’t have that little strength. I’m Zhao Xuan, but I’m not alone. I can vaguely feel what I represent here. I can’t return it.
At the last moment, Zhao Xuan was shaking like chaff, but his body stopped shaking and looked up at the golden lion’s eyes.
At that moment, the golden lion got the answer, an answer that made it instantly furious!
It wants to be elegant and noble. It wants to be a master and not sell to these low-level people, but they don’t buy it.
In the growl, the lion’s head jerked forward to find out. Before everyone could react, it had put Zhao Xuan’s half in his mouth and bit angrily!
"Click Cha …"
The lion’s head has been broken into two pieces, and Zhao Xuan was thrown out and died before landing!
"Zhao Xuan! !”
"Zhao a surname! !”