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Listen to your own players; The little captain heart a surprised face is a quick way "how is that possible? What is the identity of the treasure-eating adult? It is naturally impossible for him to value something. Your innate magic weapon is Chinese cabbage. I can pick one up a while ago. If you can pick up another one today, if the innate magic weapon is really so good, then the treasure-eating adults will not value that kind of thing as much. "

"Hum, hum" after listening to the squad; There are several creatures who are hesitant when they face it, but one of them, who has a higher intelligence, replied unceremoniously at that time, "Captain, you won’t lie to us any more. Who are you? It’s not that we don’t know what we see at ordinary times, so we just put it in our pockets, but we’ve never explained it to us. When we pick it up, our eyes will say that to us specifically to dispel all our thoughts of robbing it." You do this, but instead, you will suddenly give your intention to Lu. "Finish that sentence; Paused for a moment and stared at the little captain closely. The creature hesitated after seeing their captain’s face, but it was immediately at that time that he answered again, "My words should be right. If my words are wrong; Captain, you really want to keep that thing. If you drink, how about this? You give it to me. How much wine do you drink tonight is on me; This head office? "
"You …" After listening to his companion’s sentence-by-sentence analysis, the little captain’s face Se could not help but become ugly, although he was the captain; But who is the weak creature who can see into this world? Don’t say that he is a leader, even if he really has the strength of a captain, but if other members of the team stare at him; Then even if he is stronger than other members, it is estimated that it is also impossible to end up in a good game.
If it is a general thing, the little captain will naturally hand over the things directly. After all, there is really nothing for him to change wine. Where to go is not a change of eye. His companion is willing to ask like that; Instead, he took a big advantage.
But now the problem is; In the eyes of the captain, picking up things is really an innate magic weapon. If he is naturally, he can’t really exchange the innate magic weapon for wine.
Although an experience made the squad leader get an eye position, but when he recalled it later, he also had some reactions. In the eyes of the squad leader, he got something from him. Then give him some merits at most, but in the end, he didn’t do it like that, but asked him directly what he wanted. That situation is different.
That treasure-eating quasi-holy meeting will say such things; Then it also means that the so-called innate magic weapon is definitely not the general goods Se, and he came forward to ask the treasure-devouring quasi-saint to help him do it, but if he is not such a requirement but a higher requirement, maybe the treasure-devouring quasi-saint will also help him.
When I thought of it before; The squad leader regretted that his previous requirements were too low. If he could be given another chance to choose, the squad leader felt that he should have such a battalion leader position when he asked for it.
Now; Very not easy and let the captain met a’ innate magic weapon’; Naturally, it is also hoped that the treasure-eating quasi-saint can help him with another position through the gift of that innate magic weapon.
Institute; It is naturally impossible for the captain to do the thing that Tianbao handed over first. For the captain, there is a choice at this time.
Killing one’s companion is not as powerful as his roots. Even if he can really do it, he can’t guarantee that he will kill his companion if he doesn’t know what the innate magic weapon represents. The squad leader naturally has no other choice but to make peace.
"Well, you’re right. That’s what I said before. Although I don’t know what the innate magic weapon is, just from the breath, it’s very similar to the innate magic weapon that he gave to the treasure eater before me. If there is nothing wrong; Should still be a congenital magic weapon "say that finish that sentence; After the little captain threw away those superfluous ideas, he looked at the matter as soon as he reached it and took a breath; At that time, it was connected, "Since you already know this; Then obviously you won’t stop until you get some benefits. I don’t mind giving you some benefits if the conditions are not too high? "
"It’s a natural magic weapon." After listening to their little captain, he admitted that what he got was really what they guessed. Except for their captain, several other members couldn’t help laughing at that time.
However; Those creatures obviously didn’t want to share some benefits as their captain thought, so they just let it go. Their captain cheated them and said that they were not willing to give up the opportunity to get the treasure-eating quasi-holy reward.
So; After listening to their captain’s words, several other creatures didn’t reply immediately, but instead looked at their captain Lu Yi Se, apparently playing other ideas.
After feeling the change of his companion’s expression; The captain was a little anxious, too. He didn’t want to die in vain in the hands of his companions. After their faces showed that kind of expression that scared them, they immediately rushed at that time. "We are a team member. If anything happens to me, don’t think about it. I found it; I will give you some benefits if you are not satisfied with what I have earned. That’s not very good. "
"Rory wordy; I’m too lazy to listen to your nonsense; You little guys can get it, too I want to see it; What you get is the so-called innate magic weapon. If it’s really the za baby, you don’t mind grabbing the treasure-eating thing. "There was a dispute among several creatures, but a strange sound suddenly came out at that time.
Be able to call the name of the treasure directly; Then it also represents that the dark creature is not afraid of the treasure-eating quasi-saint, so the status or strength of both sides should be quite so; It is very likely that the creature who just said that is just like eating treasure and being holy; And a quasi-saint.
Chapter three hundred and fifteen
Chapter three hundred and fifteen
Picked up the innate magic weapon on Sunday, and those creatures were not idiots. They were thinking that it might be another quasi-saint, and they immediately became scared and collapsed one by one. At that time, they were ready to beg for mercy.
However; Obviously, several fairyland creatures can’t be killed by the quasi-saint, and then they will be killed by the quasi-saint. After all, the quasi-saint is also a quasi-saint. If it is really a congenital magic weapon, this matter can’t let the quasi-saint know about it and avoid the news and go out to kill people. The quasi-saint really needs to do it.
In such a situation; Dark that quasi-San will also start work at that time.
See a huge body suddenly appeared beside the former and famous creatures, and then Zhang Qi’s big mouth begged for mercy in those creatures, and then he swallowed those creatures one by one.
Very obvious; The creature with a huge body should be a quasi-saint who spoke before. Immediately after swallowing those creatures, he was also excited at that time and stared at the innate magic weapon that Sunday had changed.
Zhou Tiandi has a strong ability to change seventy-two. When Sunday turned into an innate magic weapon, even the quasi-holy power did not see anything wrong when he saw Sunday. It is going to pick it up on Sunday.
Yes; When the quasi-saint saw that he would pick it up on Sunday, the accident happened at that time.
An attack suddenly appeared in the name of the quasi-saint, trying to pick up the first step before Sunday, and it also hit Sunday, flying the innate magic weapon that Sunday changed.
Failed to pick up Sunday; The quasi-saint’s mood is naturally not very good, and his eyes emit an angry light and look back at a certain direction, then he growled, "The wind wolf; What do you mean? "
"Pheretima eldest brother this is what to say; I’m just an insightful dragon brother. You suddenly left the station alone and were curious to come and see. I didn’t expect that since you saw Brother Lumbricus, you should know that the man named Zhou Tianren is the most adept at changing, and no one can guarantee whether that innate magic weapon was changed by him. You just picked it up directly and wanted to bring it into the station. It doesn’t seem right. "At some point; Dark talk another quasi-saint also came out with a general name; The name of the wind wolf is quasi-saint, and it looks like it; That’s true. The wolves in Pangu universe look very similar.
It is the wind wolf that looks strange again; Nor did what he said have an impact on Sunday. When he heard the wind and wolf’s words on Sunday; That’s straightforward, and it’s just his own identity. If it wasn’t for the other party, there would be no other words except the previous attack. Almost all of them were ready to go back to their original bodies when they said those words on Sunday.
Yes; Although the wind wolf said that Sunday was startled, it was for the earthworm; The wind wolf’s words didn’t do much. At least the earthworm didn’t believe what the wind wolf said.
"Roar wind Wolf; You think I’m stupid. Although Sunday has the ability to change, it can only become some small biological eyes. This is an innate magic weapon, so Sunday is even more interesting. Can he still change into an innate magic weapon? " Finish that sentence; Lumbricus body can’t help but move at that time, which means that it is necessary to directly engage the wind and wolf.
"Don’t get me wrong; Don’t get me wrong, Brother Lumbricus, you don’t have to be in such a hurry. I didn’t mean to ask you to fight. None of us know much about the number of changes on Sunday, and we can guarantee it. Then Sunday can’t become a congenital magic weapon like this; In order to avoid what really happened then, whether this innate magic weapon was changed on Sunday or not, I’ll help you check it out. "At some point; The wind Wolf is also toward Sunday’s position went over to see the situation; The wind wolf seems to be really going to pick it up directly on Sunday.
However; Obviously, the earthworm nature is impossible to let that happen.
Seeing that the wind wolf went to the’ innate magic weapon’ line, the earthworm didn’t want to think about it. At that time, he stepped in to block the wind wolf’s way and stared at the wind wolf angrily. The earthworm shouted directly at it. "The wind Wolf; You’re such a fool. It’s hard to say that you have to rob a treasure. It seems that today; I have to teach you a lesson. "
The wind wolf listened to the earthworm; However, it seems to be scared, and it is at that time that I stepped back a few steps until I stayed away from the earthworm; The wind Wolf that mouth answered at that time; "Lumbricus eldest brother don’t get me wrong; The younger brother is also kind-hearted, and there is really no other idea to help you check whether that innate magic weapon is true or not. You are not stupid; Is … More stupid "say that finish that sentence; The wind Wolf is suddenly word; At that time, he fled in the opposite direction of the earthworm.
And the earthworm after listening to the wind Wolf; Immediately, there was a bad feeling. After the eyes hurriedly scanned the location of the week, they immediately roared toward the distant wind wolf at that time. "The wind Wolf; You’re dying. Give me back my treasure quickly or I’ll eat you alive. "
"You chase me first to say again this innate magic weapon I will put away first if it is the truth; I will definitely return it to you then, but; I think this innate magic weapon should be all fake earthworm eldest brother; I will handle this fake for you; You don’t feel too j: and me. "
"The soul is pale; I will kill you; I absolutely want to kill you. "I found myself watching and I was about to get my baby. That’s how it was taken away by the wind and wolves. When earthworm was angry, he growled after a while; Lumbricus immediately also at that time toward the wind Wolf chased away.
The strength difference between the two quasi-holy eyes seems to be not much; Now no one wants to let the third quasi-saint know about this situation, and their pursuit seems to have no possibility of ending in a short time. At that time, it was because of this series of changes that I was distressed at that time.
Neither the earthworm nor the wind wolf appeared in Sunday’s plan. If Sunday develops according to Sunday’s plan, it will be sent to the treasure-eating quasi-holy hand by the former patrol creatures after it becomes an innate magic weapon, and then it will be alone. On Sunday, at that time, I shot and killed the man who eats the treasure. According to the strength of Sunday Eye, Sunday has 100% confidence in mental arithmetic with the destructive power of the law of destruction. Sunday’s sneak attack is impossible to escape if it eats treasure and is quasi-holy.
But now the situation is that it has repeatedly surprised Sunday because it doesn’t want to be found abnormal reasons. When it turned into a congenital magic weapon, it gathered up its own mana spirit department. Although Zhou Tianxing reduced its violent Lu, it also made Sunday’s perception ability play such a situation at that time. In the end, one accident after another was not expected on Sunday.
Now Sunday’s original luàn was hit by the two sudden quasi-saints; Things will eventually develop like this, which is no longer what Sunday can predict. Seeing that things have evolved into such a state, Sunday really doesn’t know whether to cry or laugh.
Two quasi-saints; If you give Sunday a corresponding condition, Sunday is absolutely sure that he can kill the other side before the two quasi-saints find him, but now; On Sunday, there was no chance to attack the two quasi-saints
Let the two quasi-saints walk together; Then Sunday can sneak attack the two quasi-saints in one fell swoop. I believe that after killing them on Sunday, the two quasi-saints are unlikely to be discovered by other quasi-saints. When the time comes, it will be natural for Sunday to continue its previous plan. The two quasi-saints will appear; In addition to sending some merits to Sunday, it will not have much impact on Sunday’s plan
But; Now, because the two quasi-saints are enemies, Sunday finally has no mobile phone meeting.
Chasing and fleeing; The distance between the two famous quasi-saints has never been narrowed. If the two famous quasi-saints are in similar positions, it is natural to kill them easily according to Sunday’s strength. But now the two famous quasi-saints are too far away. Although they are sure to kill one of them on Sunday in their own sneak attack, they are not sure that they can leave another one.
Institute; In the absence of a mobile phone, although it is quite uncomfortable for those two quasi-saints to appear in the week, but; On Sunday, when he was upset, he had to fly around with luàn by the two famous quasi-saints honestly.
That’s it; Zhou Destiny was led by the two quasi-saints after flying for a long time, and finally things changed at that time.
"I said earthworm eldest brother; Why are you chasing me like this? Is it not a fake innate magic weapon; Even if it’s for my younger brother, isn’t it okay? Luàn, we are flying outside, but at any time we may bump into that guy named Sunday to kill God. According to our strength, we can’t live for each other, and we may fly again, but it will be out of the sphere of influence of the station. You don’t want to lose your life by making a fake innate magic weapon. "Maybe the wind wolf feels that he can’t get rid of the earthworm. After flying for a while, the wind wolf is talking to the earthworm again at that time.
When listening to the wind and the wolf; Lumbricus really hesitated for a week, and he wouldn’t even think about how much deterrent he has to those quasi-saints now. He thought that he might bump into Sunday when he was away from the station, and he really had a mind to go back to the station.
However; Although the words of the wind wolf were accepted by earthworm, it was still no joke for earthworm to let go of the wind wolf’s mind. It’s not that the mind of the wind wolf, earthworm, can’t guess it. Although the danger is a little dangerous, no matter how dangerous it is, it can’t be turned into earthworm. The reason why the lookout wolf took the innate magic weapon away from them, although it can’t bring them quasi-holy power according to their different universe creatures practicing the innate magic weapon, but it is necessary to make the right way. They can still use that part of the rules contained in the innate magic weapon.
If you want to decide who is strong and who is weak in quasi-holy power; What we rely on is the level of their respective rules. If the hand has an innate magic weapon and an extra rule ability, even if the dharma is very good, it can help them win at the critical moment.
So; The innate magic weapon is not generally high in value for the quasi-saint, which is also for this reason; Even if it is risky to stay in the suburbs, the earthworm has never thought of giving up the "innate magic weapon" of the wind wolf hand
Although earthworm didn’t say anything, the wind wolf still saw his mind from his eyes. When he knew that earthworm wouldn’t give up his’ innate magic weapon’, the wind wolf couldn’t help but get upset at that time
To be honest; Although the wind and the wolf said it was earthworm; Let it go back to the station to say, but the wind wolf body is not so scruple; If you really meet Sunday outside the station, the wind wolf is sure; I will definitely have a life-and-death result. Although it is unlikely that I will hit Sunday in this world, the wind wolf still can’t afford to gamble. When I saw the earthworm and gave up, the wind wolf first softened at that time.
"earthworm eldest brother; Do you think this will do? If we move outside again, we may bump into that Sunday place sooner or later; In my opinion, we’d better go back as early as possible, and this innate magic weapon; I took it back to study, and I didn’t let Brother Lumbricus hurt you when I got back. I will definitely send you a merit; What do you think? "