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Chapter two hundred Magic induction

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Grudges three hundred years ago are difficult to settle after three hundred years; Changle Zhongshi took up the knife and fell for nine days; Before the Han family was young, the heroes of the Han family rushed from heaven to yy.
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The sky is red because of the fire.
The earth is also red because of blood everywhere.
Gas is even more bloody, which is caused by the infiltration of smoke and blood fog
The worst of the 360 blood clan masters is also the earl level. At the same time, it is really difficult to show the spectacular scenes and powerful destructive power of destroying "sex"
Nearly 45,000 elite soldiers from four divisions of the United States and Britain are so weak at this moment that they can’t find the target to attack with guns and tanks.
Dark inflammation magic with the devil’s curse "swings" like the waves of the Yangtze River. In this churning, a brotherhood of the Wolf keeps popping, grenades, rockets … The sky is full of "disorderly" dancing blood, and more than 10,000 new bodies are lying around in a flash.
Several figures in the allied soldiers rose into the sky, and the black and red priests’ robes and dresses fluttered, hiding in the American-British allied forces, and the Vatican masters finally couldn’t help it.
A figure flashed at Fiya, a blond bishop with red eyes and brandishing a cross sword, and suddenly split at Fiya’s mouth full of white teeth, showing that he was waiting for anger at the moment.
The blonde bishop was swept away and his figure just appeared in Fiya’s eyes. The sharp silvery white light Gangfeng was possessed and cold.
Yun Yigong waved a dark energy charming body without weakness, but instead of retreating, she moved three steps to the left in the same moment.
"Boom" but the energy is overflowing in the ring. Fiya’s body is floating back outside the zhangs, and the blonde bishop is swaying back more than ten meters away, just retreating to Lina’s attack circle.
A cold grin Lena hands issued two senior dark inflammation magic.
"Ah …" The blond bishop, whose figure was not yet stable, roared and was enveloped by a mass of black fire. Only when people blinked, the blond bishop was burned into a charred skeleton.
On the left, three priests dressed in black pounced and three cross swords flashed with silver and white light, and three roads were cut to Lena.
A cold hum Lena figure Lingyue like a nine-day blood phoenix swimming in Xiang is more beautiful than flying to three black priests and three dark lightsabers on their left hand.
So the three priests in black gushed out three streams of blood from their heads, wailing miserably, such as broken lines, and kites always fell to the ground.
At this time, the ground is full of horrible bodies, red blood, white bones, "milk" and "color", brains, colorful stomachs and intestines are thrown everywhere, or there is a lonely head staring at pairs of gods’ eyes, and he will never see a beautiful world again.
People are born to live a good life in this world, but they often give up the chance of life because of some situation struggles. This kind of struggle is necessary but can take refuge, but it lies in whether people can distinguish between these two situations. Is human being the smartest animal but not the stupidest? The red fire reflects this summer slaughter field, which is even more frightening and eye-catching
Surround the front position of our 9 th regiment on the periphery of the Koshima area
The soldier Ma Jiang, who is responsible for observing the enemy’s situation, reported to the military department the chaos in the enemy-occupied area opposite.
Ma, the commander of the ninth regiment, reported the information to the corps headquarters. Chang Xing quickly went to consult Zong Ming after receiving the news. As a result, he searched every corner of the headquarters and found no figure of Zong Ming
Chang Xing immediately understood that Zong Ming must have gone to India to take revenge. Chang Xing immediately made a judgment on the intelligence of the ninth regiment, and ordered all troops in the Koshima area to launch a general attack on the US-British Coalition forces
The blood clan bomber has just finished sending out, and a large formation of fighter planes roared in the sky. A minute later, the bomber group and the fighter plane group roared from north to south like locusts all over the sky.
Lena and Fiya saw our army’s fighters and horses, which led to the evacuation of the blood clan warrior department and turned to another strategic goal.
There was no blow to the United States and Britain. Now it’s like a carpet bombing with snow and frost, but our own artillery fire covers the ninth regiment and the 76th special division. After fighting without tenacious resistance, the four divisions, the United States and Britain’s elite army were wrapped in dumplings. Almost all the heavy weapons of the United States and Britain were destroyed. After cleaning the battlefield and counting the results, except for thousands of American and British soldiers, a small amount of guns and individual combat equipment, the rest became dead bodies and metal garbage.
After taking control of the Koshima area, the Ninth Regiment did not take advantage of the victory to expand the results, but received orders from Changxing to repair and stand by.
Chang Xing needs to know more about Zong Ming.
At this time, Zong Ming was taking Chen Bing, the third division of Tyrannosaurus rex, in a jungle outside the Indian capital New Delhi.
The second Tyrannosaurus Division, led by Qing Sheng, faithfully carried out Zong Ming’s instructions to destroy all temples and their religious facilities in India.
Three river-crossing dragons constantly create all kinds of great terror and disasters all over India, and different information keeps coming to Zong Ming’s mind.
Because Zong Ming intends to keep the information of the headquarters blocked, Chang Xing and others are anxious like ants in hot bricks, but they have to wait anxiously for another way.
Hua Ziyi really hated Zong Ming’s sudden disappearance, especially after learning that Lena and Faya Zong Ming had disappeared at the same time, his heart was sour than knocking over ten altars of Zhenjiang vinegar.
Her "sex" is definitely to go to India to find Zong Ming, but it makes Chang Xing watch her die. There is a reinforced platoon guard soldier at any time, which makes Hua Ziyi have a headache, but there is nothing she can do because she really doesn’t want to hurt those soldiers who follow the orders.
In the dark, the jungle looks even darker, but this darkness is like day in the eyes of Tyrannosaurus rex soldiers, and it does not hinder their vision.
Zong Ming’s strategy of "besieging the city to help others" is now quite successful. If you see a Borobudo yogi dressing up outside the city, they will take the policy of encircling and killing them all.
Yoga practitioners are being killed everywhere in India. It is not clear what is going on at the Boluo Sect in New Delhi at the moment. It is constantly sending believers to various places to support them, but to their surprise, all the people sent out are meat bags and dogs, and they have not returned.
Zong Ming’s idea is to break off his minions first, then eliminate the Polo yogis, and then enter New Delhi to deal with the ordinary defenders of the Indian army. For the Tyrannosaurus Army, it is like a tiger in the head and a sheep can do whatever they want.