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The villagers were grateful again. Many parents with children also sent a lot of things to Fang Yao’s family. They didn’t leave until lunch.

Gong Jintian found Fang Yao cutting vegetables in the kitchen. She lowered her head and saw Gong Jintian come in without saying a word.
Gong Jintian, before she was worried about something just now, "Don’t worry about building a primary school in Fang Yao. I’ll pay for it."
"I should repay the villagers if I don’t want you to go out." Fang Yao sighed slightly. "I want to leave the money for my brother to see a doctor. It doesn’t matter if I don’t buy a house first."
She is selfish, but in this situation at home, she is not selfish.
"That’s no good. Your brother goes to see a doctor and his parents have to take care of him. There must always be a house to live in. I promised to build a primary school." Gong Jintian quickly said that Fang Yao was under enough pressure and he couldn’t let her increase her burden.
"This is my family’s business and you can’t be involved." She doesn’t want to owe anyone anything.
"… well, there are other ways. Chase has to do welfare undertakings every year. I’ll go back and ask Zhuo Shaoshen for it." See that Fang Yao is stubborn and Gong Jintian has come up with a solution
Fang Yao face a black "you this is favoritism"
"Why? Public welfare is to help people in need. Don’t these children in Xiaofang Village need help? " Gong Jintianyi’s righteous words Fang Yao was right.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-two Step by step into her heart
Gong Jintian is happy. "I promised the village chief that if you don’t let me go to the company, I can’t let you contribute. That’s settled."
Fang Yao thought, "I’ll go to Zhuo Shao myself. If he doesn’t agree, I’ll pay the money."
Gong Jintian nodded and promised, of course, that he would first make an agreement with Zhuo Xuanyu before Fang Yao went to find Zhuo Xuanyu.
Fang Yaosong breathed a sigh of relief. She had cut the food and then put it in the pot to stir it up. Naturally, Gong Jintian was there to help pass the oil and salt, which made Gong Jintian feel very satisfied.
In this way, the singer-songwriter feels very good, and Gong Jintian’s understanding of the other party has added another level. This woman is not only hardworking and hardworking, but also a good wife and mother. When she smells the smell of food in the air, Gong Jintian’s saliva will flow out. Why didn’t he find that Fang Yao’s cooking is so good before?
After cooking this dish, Fang Yao found pig’s trotters to clean. "What flavor do you want to eat?" She asked while cleaning.
"Spicy, I like to eat pig’s trotters best." It’s rare that Fang Yao is so gentle and considerate to him, and Gong Jintian’s heart will fly.
"I know," Fang Yao replied faintly. Find out that Laoganma in the cupboard is going to make a spicy trotter for Fang Yao.
Gong Jintian was so happy that he couldn’t find the north. "You know? How do you know? " There are only a handful of times they have eaten together. One year ago, they rehearsed. He and Fang Yao practiced tango together and had dinner with her several times, but they never ate pig’s feet. Because Gong Jintian thought it was not elegant to eat that, of course, he would not eat it in front of Fang Yao.
Section 133
"Lengbing told me" Fang Yao replied "And thank you just now … thank you for playing with my brother"
"I should have contacted your brother, but I don’t think his situation is so bad. Maybe after treatment and training, he can take care of his life so that you are not so worried."
"That’s what I think. I want to take them to S city this time, let my brother go to a big hospital for treatment, and then train him with some common sense and basic skills. My parents are also at ease."
This is also the reason why Fang Yao is reluctant to take out his money. Now that his brother is in his twenties, he can’t delay any more.
"I can ask Yu yat sen villa about the hospital. She knows that it is absolutely no problem to find the right hospital doctor." Gong Jintian clapped his hands and had to do everything after it was arranged.
Since he has decided to be with Fang Yao, it is natural that Fang Yao’s business is his business. What Fang Yao is most worried about now is that his parents and younger brother Gong Jintian are trying their best to help her.
Fang Yao stared at the pig’s trotters in the pot, and her heart was warm and sour. She brought Gong Jintian back this time to let Gong Jintian know her background thoroughly, which would scare Gong Jintian away, but the result was beyond her expectation.
Gong Jintian not only didn’t scare her away, but also sincerely helped her to let her unconsciously relax …
Over the years, she has carried so much, and she also wants to find someone to lean on-and she also wants to take a breath.
However, she keeps telling herself that she can’t relax and have no expectations. Her parents and younger brother are her life’s responsibilities. No one will help her, and who will help her?
Can she really believe Gong Jintian now? But once you relax, once you get used to relying on others, what if that person suddenly leaves her?
Before, I had no choice but to know that I could rely on my own hardships and tiredness, and she could bite her teeth and persist. But once she was exposed to the warmth of spring, if she lost it and faced the cruel winter, she would probably collapse, right?
"Don’t be nice to me again," she said suddenly, and it became cold again. "I will take good care of my family."
She can’t let herself sink into his warmth, and she can’t let herself lust after his warmth.
"What? Even if … even if you don’t want to marry me, we are friends and colleagues. What if I help you? " Gong Jintian fell from the clouds and hell didn’t Bai Fangyao suddenly change his face.
"I can’t need help! Aren’t you white? A climber who holds his breath can’t continue once he stops. Once I accept your help, I can’t stand it when you leave. "Excited Fang Yao spoke his mind.
"From? I won’t leave! " Gong Jintian couldn’t help hugging her. "Do you think I’m just having fun? You think I’m not serious? " He was disappointed and hurt. "Fang Yao, I’m not looking for a woman. I’m looking for a life partner. How could I leave you?"
"After that, no one can guarantee that" Fang Yao didn’t push Gong Jintian’s tone was still cold.
"Nothing can be guaranteed afterwards, but I can reassure you!" Gong Jintian held Fang Yao tighter. Isn’t it your family that worries you the most? I can assure you that I will arrange them no matter what happens. Are you at ease? "
He said it very seriously, word for word. This is Gong Jintian’s promise and his promise.
"…" Fang Yao sipped her lips and couldn’t resist this kind of warmth and care. Everyone was eager to make things worse. She was missing for so long.
In fact, as early as Gong Jintian, he had to go back to his hometown with her, and his care had already made Fang Yao move.
"I … I think about it. Let me go, or the trotters will burn." Fang Yao bit her lip and said in a low voice.
"Good" Gong Jintian let go and continued to look at Fang Yao’s braised trotters. Although he was injured, he was also very happy that Fang Yao was finally willing to tell him the truth. This is good. If he can walk into Fang Yaoxin, he is not afraid to beat her heart.
The Spring Festival passed by Gongjintian quickly, which not only won the hearts of her husband’s mother-in-law, but also captured the hearts of the villagers.
Children and teenagers in the village go to Fang Yao’s house to play with this well-informed Fang Yao man, and Fang Yao’s younger brother, Hui, likes Gong Jintian to pester him every day to teach him to play basketball and mobile games.
On that day, Fang Yao’s family sent Fang Yao and Gong Jintian to the town by themselves, and then they returned to S city by bus, train and plane.
As soon as I sent Fang Yao to her apartment, Gong Jintian couldn’t wait to run to find Zhuo Xuanyu.
Zhuo Shaoshao is singing children’s songs with Qianxue baby in his arms. He is impatient. He only works every day when he meets Gong Jin. Why did this guy come to see him today?
Chapter three hundred and twenty-three When it’s time to make moves, make moves
Gong Jintian looked at Zhuo Xuanyu with a baby in her arms and laughed at him. Since Zhuo Shao became a super daddy, he has his baby daughter in his eyes.
"This is a public welfare project meeting in Datong this year. I hope you can pass it." Gong Jintian also handed him a piece of information directly without any nonsense.
Zhuo Xuanyu gave him a suspicious look. Looking up the information, it was a case of building a primary school public welfare project in Xiaofang Village.
"What happened to you before?" There is a special project department in charge of public welfare projects. It is reasonable to say that this piece is not Gong Jin’s bounden duty, and he must have a reason to do it today while he is in a hurry before work.
"Xiaofang Village is Fang Yao’s hometown Zhuo Shao. I never ask you. You have to help me this time." Gong Jintian did not hide anything and confessed the matter directly.
Fang Yao?’ Zhuo Xuanyu frowned. Why is Gong Jintian and Fang Yao involved? Yu yat sen villa told him that Gong Jintian’s opponent Yao had an idea, but he still didn’t believe it … It seems that Yu yat sen villa’s divination ability is really good.
"Yes, her family is very difficult. I want to help her, but she won’t accept my personal support …" Gong Jintian touched her head. "I always want to help her."
"But I’ll give it to the public welfare project department, but …" Zhuo Xuanyu glanced at Gong Jintian unfathomably. "You two can’t have more than five days of wedding leave."
Gong Jintian and Fang Yao are both vice presidents of the company. If they both disappear for a month at the same time, wouldn’t he be busy to death?
Busy, but I don’t want to spend a lot of time with my baby daughter Zhuo Xuanyu. If Gong Jintian marries Fang Yao, they must not be too happy.
Gong Jintian hesitated. He planned to get married with Fang Yao in 2008. Of course, the young couple would have a sweet honeymoon … but he also knew that Zhuo Xuanyu had priorities. Gong Jintian decided to promise Zhuo Xuanyu first.
"On the day of the deal, Ban Fangyao will probably tell you about it, and you will promise her that of course she won’t want me."
The next day, Ban Fangyao went to Zhuo Xuanyu as expected.
As a result, Fang Yaogang handed the Xiaofang Village public welfare project to Zhuo Xuanyu, and Zhuo Xuanyu agreed that things went smoothly. Fang Yao couldn’t believe it.