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"Not necessarily, after all, that kind of thunder has never appeared."

"There is absolutely no problem. Apprentices can survive the three-person robbery safely. It is naturally more severe to be a master, otherwise how can they be a master?"
"If he is not good, how can he attract such a strange robbery?"
"I don’t know how that mine robbery came into being, so don’t meet me when I’m in Du Jie."
"Do you still want to meet that kind of robbery without looking at yourself?"
"How do you always wrangle with me? Want to fight? "
"I said what are you two arguing about?"
For a moment, there was chaos, and they glared at each other angrily. The two men grabbed the interjector behind them and it was a beating. This scene fell around the gods’ notes. Hu Yingxue could not help but twitch in her eyes.
Don’t say those people are surprised. Hu Yingxue is also very surprised that Qingyang robbed the thunder. I didn’t hear anything from the surrounding discussion. I turned to look at Mu Tianxuan. If there is any time, I will give him a sound. "Do you know what it is to rob the thunder?"
Mu Tian Xuanyin replied, "I have heard people say that when someone advances from the God King to the God statue, it will attract four elephants to rob the thunder. It is said that your father is easy to wind the God statue, that is to say, one of them will attract the dragon-shaped thunder, but that’s from the God King to the God statue, not a cross-fairy robbery."
Hu Yingxue continued with a slight tilt of her head. "Is it possible that my master was reincarnated by a god or a distracted god?"
Mu Tianxuan pulled the corner of his mouth and answered, "Are you going to guess if your master is a distracted reincarnation of your father?"
Mu Tian Xuanyin said this sentence and Hu Yingxue looked at each other for a long time, blinked together and turned to Qingyang, then said together, "It’s not impossible."
Hu Yingxue has to admit one thing. She was a daughter of others before, which was really a failure of her father. She knew almost nothing except what the attendants around her said, but she could still get a general idea of her father’s temperament from Mu Tianxuan’s description.
Just like a bud planted in the soil, nothing can stop its stem and leaf from coming out of the soil. I didn’t think much before, but now I think about it, and the more I think about it, the more I feel that their temperament is not only similar.
I don’t know how to express my heart, and it’s no different from caring about liking to joke with people around me and doing what I want, whether right or not … and so on.
Eyes rested on Qingyang body Hu Yingxue unconsciously bit his lip. At this time, the first line of thunder crashed and the colorful Lei Guang condensed into a huge dragon shadow, which came at Qingyang with its mouth open as if to swallow him directly into the stomach.
Qingyang smiled and raised the sword in his hand. The sword was just like his appearance. It was ordinary and black, with no veins and no huaguang overflow. Someone looked at it carefully and commented that it looked like a junior brother who had just entered the gate with a sword.
Hu Yingxue heard this evaluation and really wanted to tell the man that’ you’re right’. Qingyang’s sword in hand at this time is really the low-level brother’s sword, and the quality is not as good as that because he can’t compete with the door’s low-level brother for those low-level swords with better quality.
It is such a sword in Qingyang’s hand, but it can give something extraordinary. It seems that it is easy to draw a light sword shadow in the middle and throw it out. Actually, the magnificent dragon was split from the mouth and no Lei Guang fell on him.
The second thunder is so.
So is the third thunder.
Until the third time, the third thunder released a sword shadow with a length of three or five feet, and the sword in Qingyang’s hand was smashed. At the moment, Qingyang’s hand appeared a sword, which just exploded.
See Qingyang sword, sword will be condensed into dragon-shaped robbery, thunder will be broken and scattered, see numbness come and see Qingyang take out that kind of ordinary sword one after another, see numbness, someone rubs it, and it hurts because the mouth is too long to close, and after a while, the word "Uber" pops up.
Before the fifth day of the apocalypse, Qingyang took out several swords in a row, all of which exploded automatically when he held them in his hand. When his hand appeared, the sword had been changed to silvery white, but the power of raising my hand and wielding the sword was twice that of the previous one.
Qingyang movement will make people feel that this robbery is too easy, but if you carefully appreciate every robbery, you will know that Qingyang is so terrible that he can break up the robbery so easily, which means that his physical strength can definitely crush them.
Before the crowd recovered from the shock, it was at this time that the seventh and third robbery thundered and fell with a deafening roar. After a pause, the dragon was sealed and sealed, and then it continued to punch toward the bottom of Qingyang.
Because no ray fell on the body, Qingyang body couldn’t see a trace of embarrassment, but this time it seemed that some of it was inevitable and scattered until it couldn’t condense. The dragon-shaped robbery ray continued to fall, and some of it fell on Qingyang body and threw up an arc that made people look numb.
"Oh, no," someone shouted.
Hu Yingxue doesn’t think it’s too bad, because it’s that the dazzling arc of Qingyang dissipates, and Qingyang becomes clear from the arc, and you can see that Qingyang’s tunic is still not in a mess, even though I’m thinking about it in Razzla.
Before everyone could breathe a sigh of relief for Qingyang, it was another robbery. This time, some of the robberies were scattered or stubbornly landed in Qingyang. This time, Qingyang’s blue cassock emitted some black smoke, which looked like a horse was about to burn.
Don’t look at the simple style of that robe, but it is not lower than many robes that look exquisite and gorgeous. On the contrary, it can definitely remove most of the vestments, because that robe is made by Mu Tianxuan, but it is a lot of good things.
Although the black smoke is quite fierce, the robes are still the same as before, just like the roots of black smoke, which makes people can’t help but look at the robes. Most refiners have figured out how to refine this vestment.
At this time, there is no spare time for them to study the robbery clouds in the sky. After a tumble, seven spherical thunder bodies arranged in the shape of the Big Dipper appear. Those condensed dragons look very happy when they swim near the sphere.
After reading the changes, Hu Yingxue quickly looked at Qingyang Qingyang’s right-hand sword, which had been replaced by an epee with a blade width close to half a meter.
This sword has a pattern, and the whole body is coiled with a four-claw golden dragon. The whole tail is coiled on the hilt, and the faucet is attached to the tip of the sword, as if you want to loosen the hilt, you can see it rush out of the body.
Hu Yingxue picked an eyebrow. "Speaking of which, this is the first time I have seen the master flash this sword."
Mu Tianxuan raised his hand and touched the bar. "It was very unexpected."
The first two people suspected that Qingyang was the deity of Yi Feng, and now they are a little unsure. The deity of Yi Feng is not a sword, but the weapon is a long sword, which is often worn by him, but few people have seen him. He is still a little bit famous for his Dan Dao. This person actually likes to fight the enemy directly with his fists.
Just when everyone was surprised by Qingyang’s sudden use of epee, a group of people sneaked up, which can’t be said to be a group of people. One of them was deliberately dressed up and refined.
Now, in the mixed world, it’s no good to refine the corpse, but it’s equal to the skeleton temple. The skeleton temple people leaned in. Hu Yingxue didn’t wait to lead the resin refining person to do something for Qingyang. When he found his trace, he dumped a sword and smashed it.
The resin-refining person is not very high, but it is already a distraction period. Unfortunately, when he meets Hu Yingxue, it is already a Mahayana period. When he finds that danger is approaching, he will get the resin-refining around him to stop the sword.
The sword gang split in the refined corpse unexpectedly separated a little. This time, the refined corpse man didn’t come to catch the refined corpse next to him, blocking the small sword gang split in the chest. The man directly flew upside down and fell to a tree folded by three people ten feet away.
There are people who wonder why Hu Yingxue suddenly shot at a group of people over there and saw that the repairman’s hat fell and his face was pale and bloody, and his lips and nails were blue and black. Before looking at it, he pulled over and blocked the sword. The chest was more than a foot long, so no one would blame Hu Yingxue for making random shots.
The cut is that the flesh inside the clothes is not hurt to expose a large area of skin with abnormal blue-gold color. This means that this is not only a refined corpse but also a green-gold corpse. Although it is not as powerful as Zijin corpse, it is not much weaker. Even during Mahayana period, it cannot guarantee a blow.
Like being angered and deliberately provoking the resin refiner to get up from the ground, he brought himself those resin refiners and let them pounce on Du Jie Zhongyangyang.
At this time, a group of people suddenly came over there. The resin refining was surrounded without running a few steps. Facing a group of people who were very familiar with the weakness of resin refining, the resin refining was cleaned up, but after several rounds, a group of resin refining was left
A mass of black gas quickly passed by those who were refining corpses without any pause, and rushed directly to those who were still robbing the thunder and fighting with Qingyang. Just then, a figure appeared in front of him and saw him raise his hand and draw a sword in front of him. Several slaps and big swords suddenly appeared, and the tribe was in that black fog.
A scream sounded and then I saw a man fall to the ground, bleeding, but a few breaths turned him into a bloody man. Unfortunately, although those wounds looked very scary, there was no fatal wound, and the man immediately jumped up.
Just now, it was Wei Chihan’s former Ji Wei who arranged some things for him, that is, to send letters to some people to visit the last family. When the other party said that he would come to see Du Jie, he didn’t know who Du Jie was, and he immediately stopped someone who was about to rush into the field of mine robbery.
Obviously, Wei Chihanyu, who stopped himself and made him a bloody man, came to sneak attack on the man who must have hated gnashing his teeth. He forgot what it was before and jumped up and attacked Wei Chihanyu with a weapon.
Wei Chi Han Yu didn’t dodge, raised his sword and made a stir. The practitioner who quickly rushed to his front flew out again because Wei Chi Han Yu had more real yuan this time. This time, the inverted distance was so long that he fell 200 meters away.
There, a bunch of disciples in the cloud nine got together and were wondering whether to come closer. Someone noticed that Wei Chihan Yu was moving and immediately recognized that the person who had rolled around on the ground was chopped off by Wei Chihan Yu’s sword, so he grabbed the weapon and hit it without saying anything.
On the other side, some people tried to rush to Qingyang, but they were stopped when they got up again and said, "Don’t mind your own business."
It was Ji Wei who stopped the man. When he heard him speak, he immediately smiled. "Are you trying to sneak up on someone who is my apprentice? Is this meddling?"
It’s easy to make this kind of joke if you don’t find out before you start work. Besides, even if Ji Wei and Qingyang are not apprentices, they take care of each other. It’s also thick that the man actually came without thinking, so without saying anything about others, his classmates can’t help covering their faces. Some people are already laughing.
When someone attacked Mu Tianxuan, he changed his position, so that Hu Yingxue sat in the bridal chamber, Mu Tianxuan sat in the west, Wei Chi Han Yu sat in the south, and Ji Wei sat in the north. Four people formed a solid defense line, and no matter how many people there were, they didn’t want to cross their defense line.