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I have been immersed in my own practice for men and women.

Tang Yu is very tempting to capture Mu Haixin instantly and let him extricate himself.
But it’s really hard to do something now that we are outside and surrounded by people bathing in the sea.
"Xiaohai is not full of people."
Sensing the change of Muhai is dishonest. Stop it with your hands.
"Rain is falling all don’t come to my room" MuHai gently vomit a breath in Tang Yu ear gentle continuous.
Hearing this, Tang Yu blushes and gently nods "grace"
I’m afraid only she can hear this sound.
Muhai took Tang Yu and followed him quickly.
Muhai has been burned by the bath fire. We must vent today.
All the way through, I didn’t meet Zhou Qian, the unlucky guy.
Soon came to his dormitory door locked.
Dry wood fire is rapidly ignited at this moment.
A big war is about to start.
Tang Yu looked at Muhai with a complicated red face and stared at Muhai intensely.
"Hum Xiaohai, I’ve been waiting for this battle for a long time, but today you can finally win!" Tang Yu said
"Hum, rain is falling all over. Am I still afraid of you?"
Muhai roars and rises in one breath.
Before Tang Yu’s reaction, he went out to catch the dragon and went straight for Tang Yu.
When Tang Yu saw it, he shouted, pulled out two meteor hammers, blocked it, tackled the dragon and grabbed it.
"Hum, just this trick and watch me crack it."
After that, Mu Hai tackled the dragon and grasped the meteor hammer and Tang Yu’s strength instantly, and also pulled out.
The meteor hammer was caught by Muhai and moved by hand.
"You …"
Tang Yuxiang has been sweating and panting for several rounds.
"Don’t blame me if you don’t show mercy at all," said Tang Yu.
"Come on, I’m afraid you won’t make it!" Mu Hai said
"Take it!"
With a wave of his right hand, Tang Yu summoned a dragon.
The terrible power scared Mu Hai back again and again.
"Oh …"
The dragon made a loud noise, and his mouth was full of horror, so he sweated at the bottom of his heart.
"Call the dragon? It’s nice to see my amazing sword. "
Say that finish MuHaiLi a stab a sword light rapidly to aim at the blood basin mouth instantly into it.
"Blare …"
The dragon wailed and then roared.
Yelling at Muhai crazily and spitting out dragon’s breath as if to burn Muhai into nothingness.
However, Muhai sword light kept piercing.
Cut until the dragon kept screaming and finally moaned a few times and found a long howl to stop struggling.
"Stop … stop … I lost"
See MuHai continue to attack Tang Yu surrender completely angry.
This war has been fought for dozens of times.
True to the next day, two people walked out of the dormitory together.
At the moment, Tang Yu’s face is full of happiness, and now she has completely turned into a woman.
Outside Yang Wen, Zhou Qian, Zhong Jing and Xuan Zhou have been waiting at the door.
See two people out without envy.
"Sister Xiaoyu, congratulations!" Zhou Qian said.
"Congratulations?" Tang Yu became speechless for a while. "Congratulations?"
"Xiao Yu elder sister also deliberately installed in front of me? Last night, you two fought from day to night and then from night to the next morning, "Zhou Qian said in a low voice."
Hearing this, Tang Yu’s face was pink and ashamed to look at her eyes behind Muhai.
"Rain is falling all not afraid"
Muhai took Tang Yu’s hand and said gently
Tang Yu clever nod in front of the MuHai.
"Come with me to the conference room. I have something to plan," Muhai said.
Then he led the way to the conference room.
Soon more than a dozen principals of the Devil’s team have been sitting on both sides.
"Boss, where are you going this time?" Wu chong asked
"To sell rings."
Speaking of which, Muhai’s eyes swept away with a face of majesty. "I can’t guarantee when I will return this time, ranging from seven days to two months."
Yang Wen will take care of it while I’m away, and whoever I am will follow her orders, okay? "
"It’s …"
People with neat voices object.
"I have a few things to arrange before I leave. Listen carefully."
Come to Muhai and arrange everything well, leaving no room.