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However, the bear with the strongest strength in the whale shark group was actually shaken and shouted at the place, and no one could believe what he saw.

Actually, it’s not that Lin Cheng’s strength is stronger than that of Lin Cheng, who can move four or five hundred catties of safes. It’s waist strength, so to speak. It’s the strength that drives the integration of physical strength. However, it’s also the strength of Lin Cheng’s department. But the big bear can pick up five or six hundred kilograms of heavy objects. The difference between Jin and kg means that the big bear’s strength is twice that of Lin Cheng. Lin Cheng knows that the big bear is fighting against Lin Cheng’s hand in strength, which place is the most sensitive in body listening? Where is the big bear’s big hand Bear’s strength is small, but I avoid it, and I also choose your strength to deal with this place. Lin Chengjin is naturally looking for Lin Chengjin’s big place to compete, while the big bear’s strength is small and Lin Cheng, in turn, is strong. For the big bear where the big bear’s strength is small, it feels that Lin Cheng is a slippery loach.
After holding the bear for a long time, I feel that I don’t want to hold on to Lin Cheng’s ability. Since I can’t grasp it, I don’t want to grasp it. When I loosen my strength, my muscles will temporarily become stiff and my bones will be scattered when I am in Jinsong. Grasping the bear’s bones, the gap will be instantaneous and dark, and the strength will be fierce. Holding the bear’s hand and stabbing the bone marrow nerve deep in the bear’s bones at the same time will be just like blowing in a summer, which will make people feel very comfortable and suddenly poured into the body by hot oil. That instantaneous great contrast is the reason
Bear pain a shout Lin Cheng also conveniently put the bear hand bear another hand holding his wrist fierce jilt seems to get rid of the pain.
Of course, Wang Tiejun knows the strength of this whale shark unit, and it is even more clear that this whale shark team is very powerful. Wang Tiejun, a 30-member whale shark team, doesn’t say that everyone can be called by name, and everyone’s specialties are well known. Wang Tiejun, the bear with the greatest strength in the whale shark team, knows his strength. In Wang Tiejun’s expectation, Lin Cheng may be able to defeat the bear, but he will never defeat the bear by shaking hands.
Wang Tiejun asked Lin Chenglai not to beat the elite whale shark team, but to tell him one thing about this elite team through Lin Cheng that you can achieve through training. You can still reach Wang Tiejun without training. He never wanted Lin Cheng to beat the whale shark team, because the whale shark team is the top special force in China-he meant to warn the whale shark team that it must never be enterprising and strive for perfection. Of course, he hoped to find a lot of instructors who were better than the whale shark team to train it better, but it was difficult to find such people.
Lin Cheng’s grip made Wang Tiejun look forward to Lin Cheng’s performance even more, because what he heard from her niece Wang Jiao was not Lin Cheng’s amazing strength but his amazing fists. At this time, Deputy Commander Wang was very eager to see Lin Cheng’s other collars.
But Wang Jiao’s idea is much simpler. In her mind, these special forces are fierce, but how can they be Lin Cheng’s opponents? Lin Cheng has gradually approached the myth in Wang Jiao’s heart.
Everyone in the whale shark group looked at Lin Cheng with incredible eyes. The bear was shot and couldn’t even hum, but he didn’t expect to be held by a thin-looking person. The whale shark group immediately jumped out after a short stare blankly.
"Come on, let me see your kung fu."
This man’s name is Hua Bao, who has both land and water skills and is as fast as a leopard and fierce as a seal in the water. It can be said that this man’s most striking feature is his speed. In addition, Hua Bao got his name because he was scalded by boiling water when he was a child, and his body was covered with big pimples, just like taking off his clothes and looking at his back like a flower leopard.
Before Lin Cheng came to greet the leopard, he jumped forward as quickly as a leopard.
The leopard is pouncing on Lin Chengzhong, and the palm of his hand and five fingers are like iron hooks. The special forces are not gorgeous. What they pursue is to kill people with one blow, and never leave anyone breathing. To be lenient to the enemy is to be cruel to themselves. The fatal parts of people’s bodies are all the attack directions they pursue.
Lin Cheng’s kung fu is high and his whole body listens well. It can’t be said that Lin Cheng’s body is the most difficult part to fight. When practicing hard qigong, there is a cover door. This cover door is a dead hole. It is absolutely impossible to tell anyone. Although family boxing pays attention to breathing all over the body, it can’t walk all over the body, but all the main parts of the body are full of true qi. That is already a master.
The leopard attacked the adult forest with one claw. Lin Chengke didn’t dare to let the leopard catch himself. His parents didn’t even have children. Even his grandson didn’t hold Lin Cheng’s body. On one side, Lin Cheng grabbed the leopard’s forearm and dragged it forward. In China and France, Lin Cheng dragged it and fell red-handed.
That’s why Lin Cheng didn’t do it hard. If Lin Cheng did it hard before the leopard landed, the leopard would have to become four leopards.
Because Lin Cheng is also a major practitioner of the deadly boxing, Lin Cheng is famous for his playing style. In boxing, the playing style requires a fatal blow and never gives the enemy a breathing space, which coincides with the principle of pursuing fighting in special forces.
The leopard was caught by Lin Cheng and rolled and turned over. It was obviously not angry to stare at Lin Cheng maliciously.
"The leopard tore him," someone in the whale shark group shouted.
Wang Jiao was furious when he saw someone shouting to tear up his lover. "Lin Cheng unloaded the four legs of this leopard" Wang Jiao shouted.
There are many supporters of leopard, and the leopard just jumped as an experimental test and didn’t use its strength, and he didn’t know that Lin Cheng had several opportunities to kill him.
Leopard is still not angry. While staring at Lin Cheng, he slowly accumulates strength to launch an earth-shattering blow to Lin Cheng.
But Lin Cheng looked at the leopard quietly as if he didn’t know, and seemed to be waiting for a powerful blow from the leopard. Lin Cheng also wanted to see how powerful the leopard was ready to blow.
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255 Wushu Taiji
? The leopard didn’t pounce on Lin Cheng this time, but adopted a more secure attack method. The simple and solid army fighting technique was adapted from the Chinese Kung Fu foundation with reference to the techniques of extreme boxing, xingyi boxing and other boxing techniques, such as locking the throat and grasping, which highlighted the characteristics of real fighting and fatal blow.
With a whip, the leopard directly pulls Lin into the neck. The leopard’s attack position is the key. There is no hesitation. The sharp ratio of legs and feet is a fatal blow. No tricks are real.
The leopard’s explosive power is also amazing. With the speed of one punch and one foot and his strength, there is a feeling that the gas is exploding, and the gas is exploding.
The martial arts in the world are only fast and unbreakable. Kung Fu pays attention to speed and strength. With speed and strength, Kung Fu can naturally enter the room. Mr. Bruce Lee, the world’s young man, pursues speed and strength. He exercises his reaction and speed, hits the iron plate and delivers it quickly. People can limit their approach and surpass it.
Lin Chengsuo didn’t defeat the leopard in order to let the leopard do its best. Many flower stands were abandoned, and the simplest and most powerful moves were combined to achieve quick success. This is actually a problem that Lin Chengsuo thought of among his disciples. Some people are impatient, others are calm and impatient, and they hope that there will be more simple and practical moves in boxing, while others with gentle personality are suitable for practicing and laying a solid foundation.
Master who sticks to the rules can’t teach good disciples in accordance with their aptitude, so that disciples can choose the boxing method that suits them best. Now Lin Cheng is not only passively teaching disciples, but trying to teach them according to the characteristics of each apprentice, which requires a good eye.
Now Lin Cheng is eager to learn the advantages and disadvantages of various boxing methods, find out the boxing skills suitable for him from other boxing methods, and absorb and digest them.
The leopard’s speed and strength are well-known in the whale shark group, and its killing skills are unique. His simple and direct attack is fatal. However, the leopard is most proud of its speed. In Lin Cheng’s eyes, Lin Cheng’s leg technique is not enough. It is exercised in Kunyu Mountain every day. The leg technique is not a skill theory, but a hill theory. How many hills did he run from one hill to another today?
You can imagine how fast you can exercise your leg skills in this situation.
Although leopard’s fists and fists are explosive, Lin Chengdu is much better than leopard in both speed and strength.
Perhaps the whale shark team also saw that Lin Cheng was too relaxed and didn’t fight back. The leopard himself felt that Lin Cheng had never attacked himself. He also knew that he knew his own strength too well. He didn’t kill people by calculation, but it was a fatal blow. In the hands of the leopard, it was a fatal one, and Lin Cheng was able to escape from so many tricks. It can be seen that this Lin Cheng must have real kung fu and won himself easily. There may be other reasons why he didn’t beat himself.
The leopard jumped out of the circle after attacking Lin Chengyi. "Don’t fight, don’t fight Lao Wu, you come and I give up." The leopard is also very single, but it is nothing to beat but make a determined effort.
Lao Wu is one of these people. The highest attention to kung fu is the highest kung fu, not the high skill. Lao Wu’s name is Wu Yifu, which is a bit rustic, but Lao Wu’s name is earthy, but his collar is real. Wu Yifu was born in a famous martial arts family. Taiji Wu Jia is a famous martial arts family in Tai Ji Chuan.
Tai Ji Chuan, a famous Tai Chi master, was founded by Wu Yuxiang and Wu Yuxiang based on Chen Tai Ji Chuan and Zhao Bao Tai Ji Chuan. Tai Ji Chuan Wu Yuxiang, a man with a strong sense of martial arts, heard that Yang Luchan, a fellow countryman, returned from wen county, Henan Province to study martial arts. Wu Yuxiang followed Yang Luchan to learn the old Chen style boxing. Later, he learned to go to Wenxian County to learn Zhao Bao Taijiquan from Chen Qingping, Zhaobao Town, Wenxian County. After Chen Qingping read Wang Zongyue’s Taijiquan score to Wu Yuxiang, Wu Yuxiang realized that he had created a family of Tai Chi-Wu Family.
Wu Yifu Tai Ji Chuan Gong is an authentic martial arts style. Tai Ji Chuan Cheng Lincheng can see Wu Yifu’s basic skills by posing as a white crane with bright wings.
Lin Cheng, a native of Tai Ji Chuan, is naturally very excited to meet him here. Lin Cheng also casually poses a crane with bright wings, which is very similar to that of Wu Yifu’s crane, but there are still some differences. Wu Yifu’s crane with bright wings appears upright and upright, while Lin Cheng’s crane with bright wings and waist is slightly arched, which also reflects the characteristics of Wu Shi Tai Ji Chuan. Lin Cheng’s waist is slightly arched, which seems unsightly, but it is more conducive to the connection of dynamic strength.
Tai Ji Chuan certainly wants to be in a comfortable posture, but the moves are dead or alive, and the boxing should still be there. How can people play powerful boxing should be how to fight, not limited to dogma.
A hunchback boxing is a hunchback. You are asking him to stand up straight in boxing, so don’t say that he is not straight. Even if he can stand up straight, he will think about standing up straight in boxing and forget that boxing is the best for him.
Wu Yi Fu Wu Shi Tai Ji Chuan has a certain skill, so it’s good to soften. It’s much better than Lin Chengdu, but one thing about kung fu is not skill, but to see who can get the final result better than Lin Cheng. Lin Chengdu can win. Kung fu is about kung fu, but it’s about fighting. Kung fu is about fighting. There are ways to practice. Playing and practicing are completely different. Boxing is about being fast, but Tai Ji Chuan’s practice is very slow. This slowness is not about stopping for ten minutes, but it’s a constant speed throughout the boxing process. Tai Ji Chuan is slow and slow.
Lin Cheng deals with Wu Yifu’s fist to feel the softness in his fist. Although Wu Yifu’s softness is higher than Lin Cheng’s, softness is not a victory. Lin Chenggang wants to defeat Wu Yifu’s softness. It is not difficult for Lin Cheng to play. It is a master who has gained experience in the battlefield of life and death.
A dozen catties is soft and firm, but softness is not a dozen catties, and it is not perfect to be soft and restrained. You have a thousand pounds of strength to deal with a man with 500 pounds of strength, so that a child can have ten pounds of strength. No matter how skillful he is, he will not be an adult with 100 pounds of strength. The huge gap in opponent strength is made up by the skillful method.
Many people have seen that the master of Tai Ji Chuan easily defeated a powerful, poor and strong Tai Chi master, and he may be able to beat a strong man to one side without a single stroke. This is something we can see, but we can’t see that it is this master of Tai Ji Chuan. Although he is over 50 or 60 years old, he may be physically strong. Even this powerful, poor and strong man has a thousand pounds of strength to make twelve skillful efforts. If you just think about twelve skillful efforts to overcome one thousand pounds of strength, it’s not wishful thinking, but it’s not much difference to make him physically strong.
Everyone sees that the master platform is easy to win, and few people see that the master has been practicing boxing for years. Understanding is important, but perseverance is the most fundamental.
Although Wu Yifu is the first master of whale shark forces, in Lin Cheng’s eyes, his Tai Ji Chuan is no longer pure, and there are obvious traces of the fusion of the two. They all say that the non-fusion is mixed together. Tai Ji Chuan’s cooperation with the foreign boxing forces’ fighting skills should be both external and unfavorable, but Lin Cheng can clearly feel that Wu Yifu’s Tai Ji Chuan’s integration with the forces’ fighting skills is very rough, and the forces’ fighting skills are not about work, but personal speed and strength are about one blow and killing, while Tai Ji Chuan pays attention to step by step.
Wu Yifu didn’t make a small success in his external achievements, but he studied martial arts. Although in the eyes of ordinary people, Wu Yifu’s physical skill is superior, this skill of learning a blow to kill is becoming more and more severe, but in fact, the martial arts in Wu Yifu’s Tai Ji Chuan did not integrate everyone, and Wu Yifu could not dissolve the martial arts in the slow and soft Tai Ji Chuan.
Just now, the leopard lost and shouted at Wu Yifu, the top player in the whale shark group. The master of Tai Ji Chuan in this whale shark group is far superior to everyone. It is quite certain that Wu Yifu is rich in martial arts. Wu Yifu, the top player in the whale shark group, is full of flaws in Lin Cheng’s eyes at the moment.
Although there are flaws in boxing, there are still many good things in boxing. Lin Cheng’s idea is that he can improve his boxing by absorbing some. Now Lin Cheng is not that he can easily satisfy people by winning a contest, but he is crazy about absorbing rich nutrition from various boxing to improve his boxing.