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However, Su Qinglian didn’t make any significant progress in practicing double cultivation alone, and she hasn’t heard from Lin Cheng for a while, so she picked up the words and called Lin Cheng to find a very good excuse to discuss the secret of double cultivation together.

153 is a mess
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In the evening, Lin Cheng and his disciples just sat down to watch the news broadcast when Su Qinglian came to the net. "Have you eaten dinner?" Su Qinglian has a soft tone, which is rare for others to see.
"Hehe just ate"
"Then I’ll treat you to a midnight snack?" The popular snack in southern nightlife is to add a dinner.
"Stay up late?" Obviously, Lin Cheng is not used to this term.
"Well, how did you eat midnight snack?"
"No, no" Actually, Lin Chenglai wanted to say that he didn’t have the habit of eating midnight snack, but he didn’t say it on his lips. "Isn’t it early to eat midnight snack now?"
"Hee hee is a little early, so come out and let’s find a place to sit for a while. I still have some things to ask."
Su Qinglian chose a cafe. When Lin Cheng came, Su Qing Liandu came for a while. "What would you like to drink?"
"cold beer"
"Poof" Su Qinglian just took a sip of coffee and almost spit it out. "Where did you come to the cafe to drink beer?"
"Why? Don’t you sell beer here? " Lin Chengyi waved and called for a bottle of beer.
"Sir, this is not a bar."
"Pa" Lin Cheng took a hundred-dollar bill and put it on the table "Beer wants Tsingtao beer"
Life is a little hesitant. "Sir, I"
"Pa" Lin Cheng shot another hundred-dollar bill.
Life also has personality, but when faced with a hundred-dollar bill, what is personality? It’s just a fart to buy beer.
At this time, Lin Cheng gradually showed a little domineering with the growth of social experience. In fact, Lin Chenggang remembered the scene when he first met Wang Jiao.
At that time, Lin Chenggang came to Wang Jiao, Haida, and she was also a rich girl who acted arrogantly. She saw that Lin Cheng didn’t take care of herself and didn’t even look at herself. She patted twenty dollars on Lin Cheng’s desk and said that she would buy me a bottle of yogurt and leave it for you. Xiao Lin’s achievements were not short of money, and there was no need to please beautiful women. At that time, Lin Cheng’s practice was to take out one hundred and pat it on the table "buy me two bottles"
Wang Jiao is from that time to Lin Cheng slowly heart, but Wang Jiaoshi walked into Lin Cheng heart, even Lin Cheng himself didn’t know whether Lin Cheng knew there was no Wang Jiao around, and he would suddenly think of her. Is this love?
It’s not right. I will not only think of Wang Jiao, but also think of Liu Lin sometimes. Can love be divided into two parts? Are you a lover?
Just now, I just remembered Wang Jiao’s words and deeds, so there would be a money racket.
When love is around, I don’t know how to cherish it. I don’t think of that person until love is lost. Hao Lin is a little regretful. He knows that he and Wang Jiao have completely ended and Liu Lin are also impossible. Before he was stupid, he often regretted it.
"Grasp the present" Lin Cheng silently told himself in his mind.
"What are you thinking?" Su Qinglian knew that Lin Cheng was a modest man and had never seen Lin Cheng so domineering. However, after the domineering, Lin Cheng fell silent. Although Su Qinglian and Lin Cheng practiced double cultivation techniques, it was just now. She could not get into Lin Cheng’s heart and would not know what Lin Cheng was thinking.
"I wonder if I just gave this student an extra hundred dollars?" Lin Cheng said seriously that she made Su Qinglian laugh.
Lin Cheng was born with a certain sense of humor. He inherited his grandfather’s sense of humor.
"Sir, your wine" hands over two bottles of beer. It is rare to meet such a generous customer respectfully in a cafe. A bottle of Tsingtao beer costs five or six yuan, and two bottles are only about ten yuan. Lin Cheng gave two hundred, which is equivalent to his earning two hundred dollars in three minutes.
Lin Cheng took a beer and remembered that Wang Jiao Iraqis had gone away and disappeared. Fang Lincheng looked at Su Qinglian with a smiling face. "Can you fight now or fight now?"
This is Lin Chengtai drifting with the waves before Lin Chengtai’s personality change, but now Lin Chengtai has a little more determined idea in his heart.
"Kung fu practice recently? I always can’t get into the double practice of Taoism and Xuanzhen. "Su Qinglian seems to be very annoyed that her kung fu has not improved and sincerely asks Lin Cheng for advice."
"Ah, I almost forgot the double cultivation method. I almost forgot if you didn’t say it."
Lin Cheng really almost forgot that he was not modest. There were too many things when he came back this time. Master Shi Shu agreed to play a tournament, and then he came up with a son. Wang Jiao and Liu Lin were sad to escape. Lin Cheng was a little confused for more than a month, except that a truck strike was successfully organized a few days ago. Everything else was a mess.
Su Qinglian was not too disappointed to see Lin Cheng’s double cultivation achievement method, but then she was full of interest because Lin Cheng didn’t want to know, but there were too many things to study at this time.
When two people meet and have nothing to do, they should practice their double cultivation skills together.
After the honeymoon, Huo Zhenzhuang and Wang Yueying still returned to live in Yanwei, because Wang Yueying has an industry in Yanwei, and Huo Zhenzhuang is more used to learning and exchanging martial arts with Lin Cheng.
Huo Zhenzhuang is not good at doing business by nature, and the Moon Shadow Hotel has to be managed by Wang Yueying. However, Huo Zhenzhuang is now playing here in Lin Cheng during the day and has to go home at night to get Lin Cheng. He often laments that Big Brother also has a family.
Huo Zhenzhuang and Lin Cheng tried several times, although both of them wanted Lin Cheng to show no trace, but Huo Zhenzhuang still keenly felt that he was no match for Lin Cheng.
During this period, Lin Cheng first reached the level of master of Hua Jin with the help of Tiger and Leopard Lei Yin, and later Bashu challenged the two masters of Natural Gate and Qingcheng School, which not only changed his skill, but also made his moves more natural.
Huo Zhenzhuang is older, and when he finds the right person and gets married, he is much less competitive. Now Huo Zhenzhuang is just an interest in practicing martial arts.
Wang Ba heard that my sister and brother-in-law came back from vacation just now, and nothing happened this season. I also rushed to Yanwei to play. Wang Ba’s worship of his brother-in-law is simply increasing. The most important hero, especially the kung fu hero, is not only that he knows this hero, but also that he has become a bully brother-in-law.
Now Wang Ba has become a follower of Huo Zhenzhuang. Huo Zhenzhuang went back to the Moon Shadow Hotel, and Wang Ba followed him back to Huo Zhenzhuang to play in Lin Cheng, and Wang Ba followed.
Brother Ba is also a big brother. Although he is said to be the king in villages and towns, it is still a big brother. Now everyone is surprised to transfer behind his brother-in-law all day.
Brother Ba loves to watch his brother-in-law learn from Lin’s dealer.
Yang Xiaoyan led a large group of people into Kunpeng Freight Company.
"And you are?" Lin Cheng has never seen Yang Xiaoyan feel that this woman has a strong aura and a feeling of covering all sides.
"Hehe, I may not have heard of Yang Xiaoyan."
"Ha-ha, General Manager Yang is modest and vain. It is a pity that he has never seen Yang Zong."
"Ha ha s polite but I have long known s name since Lin Cheng that more than two hundred dump trucks blocked the port, and I have known s strength sister is very Palin’s total drive"
"Haha, sister, I’m flattered."
Yang Xiaoyan looked at Huo Zhenzhuang. "This must be my brother’s sworn brother Huo Daxia, right?"
Huo Zhenzhuang is not good at words, and he doesn’t know what Yang Xiaoyan and Lin Cheng really are, and he didn’t say a word.
"Go to Yang Zong’s house, please" Lin Cheng gave way to Yang Xiaoyan. Those freight company bosses who followed Yang Xiaoyan were selectively ignored by Lin Cheng. Today, Yang Xiaoyan certainly didn’t come to compliment herself. She brought so many people with her. She must have sent a message to herself. These people behind her are Yang Xiaoyan accomplices.
If Lin Cheng knew that these people were here to spite himself, Lin Chenggen didn’t talk to this group of people behind Yang Xiaoyan’s ass and let Yang Xiaoyan himself in directly.
Lin Cheng should lead the way, followed by Yang Xiaoyan, Huo Zhenzhuang, Wang Ba and several disciples of Lin Cheng.
I had the vision to see my disciples pour water for Lin Cheng and Yang Xiaoyan. Yang Xiaoyan saw Lin Cheng greeting herself and didn’t greet her. She followed these people. Yang Xiaoyan thought that this would not work. She was isolated by Lin Cheng. She greeted these people. "Sit down, everyone, let’s all try this extremely Tieguanyin." Yang Xiaoyan came out and mixed up for so many years. Naturally, he was familiar with it. "We are going to drink all your tea today."
"Ha ha good say"
Yang Xiaoyan looked around for a week. "It’s really respectable that Mr. Lin is so powerful and the office space is so simple."
Lin Cheng’s office is really poorly decorated. Many places have not been scraped to expose gypsum boards. The whole office belongs to the latest sofa. Although the desk is new, it is quite small and not atmospheric.
"It’s still Yang Zong who observes carefully, but alas, business is not good and there is no money to buy a new home."
"S you are too modest, so I’ll order a set for S and send it back."
"Haha, I’m so sorry, so please. Yang Zong is broken."
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