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"Yeah, eat wonton."

She doesn’t know what to eat when she arrives at dinner. Song Anqiao likes to eat what others eat.
She is too lazy to think about eating.
ChuFei far leng for a few seconds, feet can’t help to go to ZhuoWen panic two steps before running "chu always when we should go already …"
"ZhuoWen let’s try …" ChuFei far interrupt ZhuoWen "huh? Wonton! "
Zhuo Wen’s words are always out of line with Chu’s ignorance.
But … Wait? They always want to eat wonton!
Yi Jia Ming qi Li Xiang wonton store
Zhuo Wen squeezed his hand hard, and the back of his hand hurt. He really didn’t dream again. They were so noble and extraordinary that General Chu condescended to eat wonton in a small shop!
Incredible …
At this moment, Zhuo Wen feels more unrealistic and unreliable than winning the lottery by himself.
Song anqiao in the store chose to sit in the last position, and Chu Fei followed the trend and sat in the position diagonally opposite to her.
Song Anqiao jabbed his fingers and mumbled, "Big wonton and small wonton, green vegetables and leeks …"
A tangled little expression on his face
"I want three fresh wonton," said the round-faced girl decisively.
Song Anqiao mumbled "I want three fresh little wonton"
Big wonton is as big as dumplings. She doesn’t like it.
"Chu, what are we going to eat?" Zhuowen looked at the menu and asked difficultly.
The line of sight withdrew from Song Anqiao’s body, and Chu Fei said, "Three Fresh Little Wonton"
Wonton will be served quickly.
Far from eating black as ink, Chufei’s eyes finally fell on Song Anqiao’s.
She scooped out a small wonton with a white spoon in her hand, and blew it with one mouthful and one bite …
Chufei’s thin lips sip slightly. He looks at her, and her pink, tender and soft mouth eyes become more and more deep and obsessed …
Diners in the wonton shop are whispering, and sometimes they look at Chu Fei from time to time. Some female students are a little excited.
"Good handsome good handsome …"
"Look at how to eat wonton in clothes that are not ordinary people …"
"Mom, it’s like the male god in my dream!"
ZhuoWen frowned "chu always we …"
Chu Feiyuan’s face turned cold and his eyes narrowed slightly. He was tired of the noisy discussion around him. He coldly said to Zhuo Wen, "Pack!"
In a second, he got up alone and walked out of the wonton restaurant first.
Eating wonton, Song Anqiao froze for a second. She looked up blankly and saw the back of a long and cold man.
Zhuowen rushed the boss to pack Chufeiyuan’s untouched little wonton and then acted quickly and went out.
Section 337
Around those girls who took out their mobile phones and prepared to take pictures, they took back their mobile phones at the moment when Chufei was far away from the store.