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Du Dao was very angry, but it was very serious. However, in front of Fu Diejun, Du Dao still left a little face for Mo Yifan. Although his face turned purple, he didn’t swear. Instead, he coldly said that if you can shoot this shot well today, you can go anywhere you want, but if you can’t shoot it well or leave without my permission, then I will consider changing people halfway. You won’t even have to be a stuntman then. I mean, do you understand?

This is a naked threat.
There is nothing to say about Du Dao and Fu Diejun in a camp. After all, people are the two major selling points of the play, but what is themselves? Maybe they are willing to give themselves this opportunity and consider it a charity to give themselves an opportunity.
He really wants to leave as soon as he leaves. If he wants to change people, he will let them change their old age and not wait on you
So I thought of a couple of directors, and said, "Of course I don’t understand. I’m willing to cooperate with you to make this movie well, but I really can’t despise a person’s life because of filming. Wait, don’t wait until you hear me out."
Mo Yifan was furious when he saw Du Dao’s first lieutenant. He pressed his hand to signal Du Dao to let him extinguish the fire. Then he went on to say, of course, today’s opportunity is likely to be once in a lifetime. I know how important this is to me, a stunt man who can never turn his back to the camera. Before I leave, I hope Du Dao can give me one last chance. I must go again, no matter what the effect is. I know this may be my last shot, so Du Dao will be me again. Well, maybe I can pass it this last time.
Du Dao Fu Diejun didn’t expect Mo Yifan to be really angry and say that Du Dao should be replaced. This is really incredible for a newcomer who loves performing arts. Fu Diejun bowed his head and wondered in his heart that Mo Yifan was not really going to save talents. If this sacrifice is really the case, is it too much for him?
Du Dao has the same heart, but he is a famous four famous directors in Hong Kong. It is absolutely impossible to splash water as soon as he talks, otherwise his prestige is there. Therefore, even if he wants to make it convenient for Mo Yifan now, he can nod his head, pick up his big horn with a cold face, turn around and say that all departments should pay attention to preparing for the last set of shots today immediately.
With Du Dao’s command, the two cameras started to work from two angles at the same time. Mo Yifan walked slowly towards Fu Diejun with a cold look. The fan behind him moved violently, blowing strong winds behind Mo Yifan, making Mo Yifan’s windbreaker sound fluttering and swaying, and then sprinkling two tattered newspapers into the wind, which made the atmosphere in the lens a little bleak.
Mo Yifan stopped more than one meter away in front of Fu Diejun. First, he hung his head and looked at the ground, then slowly raised his head, but he still didn’t look at Fu Diejun, but looked up at the thin clouds floating at night and sighed. At that moment, his eyes showed a heartbreaking melancholy, but it also made people see that perseverance in his heart.
Director Du clapped his thigh and cried excitedly. Yes, yes, that’s the feeling. Close up the camera quickly, but then he whispered inexplicably. It’s strange. I asked you to look at the heroine, but what are you doing looking at the sky? Is there a beauty in the sky? Well, this look is really perfect. Well, it’s not a big problem. Just cut it a little.
At this time, Mo Yifan finally talked about Zi Ying. Don’t have sex again. Dong Ma will come and pick you up. You stay here and wait for me. I’ll walk first.
wait a second
Fu Diejun hesitated and ran two steps forward. Two tender fingers caught Mo Yifan from behind, and a piece of skirt whispered, where are you going?
Mo Yifan didn’t turn his head to bite his lips and said where I should go.
Say gently break away from Fu Diejun’s fingers and continue to walk forward.
Fu Diejun chased for two more steps and stared at Mo Yifan’s back for a moment. Then two fingers brushed his hair and his mouth was blown by the wind, and now a smile seemed to be sad, saying thank you.
Mo Yifan stopped and seemed extremely excited. He paused for about three seconds before snapping around and suddenly took Fu Diejun into his arms, blushing and kissing Fu Diejun’s lips that were cocked up because of extreme surprise.
This kiss is like a dragonfly.
When the golden breeze and high curative value meet, it will win over the number of people. On the contrary, a short contact can make people unforgettable. In a moment, it seems that they have been injected with limited energy. Suddenly, they are crazy. wait for a while Fu Diejun turned around and took off his black windbreaker and threw it to the ground. He strode to the Tiantai entrance with a relaxed face.
It wasn’t until Mo Yifan’s figure disappeared for a long time that the members of the Tiantai film crew came to their senses. Du Dao waved his hand and shouted, "What did this guy do?" So he took away the first kiss on the screen after the pure film. That’s not how the ghost drama was written. Kang Dao, please call me quickly and call that smelly little boy back. How could he leave so irresponsibly? Du Dao said, "I secretly looked at Fu Diejun and saw Fu Diejun with wax, and at the same time, holding his small hands that had just been attacked, and his eyes were full of surprise and anger."
Well, it’s troublesome. Look at her reaction. She’s afraid that Xiao Mo will take away not only her first kiss on the screen, but also her first kiss in her life. Oh, it’s a mess
Chapter 40 Hippo
Mo Yifan turned off his mobile phone on the first floor. He admitted that since he had offended Fu Diejun, there was no hope of continuing to play this role, and he had to wait for someone to scold him with his mobile phone.
When he left, he got the nerve to kiss Fu Diejun. She must have hated him to the bone, but his busy afternoon was not wasted. At the very least, he got the first kiss on the screen after the pure film, which was enough to make several men jealous.
Mo Yifan is somewhat reluctant to say goodbye to the entertainment industry forever, but both of them feel good about being able to play Du Dao and Fu Diejun.
Yes, a few days ago, Mo Yifan saved money to treat his sister, and he was sure that even if he was wronged and had great difficulties, he would bear to say that nothing would lose his job, but now it is different. Although his medical skills are not perfect, I believe that it is no longer a problem to show ordinary people what to treat.
In fact, it is the most difficult and important step for both Chinese medicine and western medicine to diagnose the disease. It doesn’t matter if you can’t make a correct diagnosis for the patient, even if you can’t dispense the medicine. There are so many medicines in the pharmacy that you can find the symptomatic medicine, and you can cure the ordinary patient.
Of course, this is a very passive method, which means that at this stage, Nai has to do it. But Mo Yifan believes that since he can master the acupuncture and pulse-taking method in just one or two days, he should be able to improve his medical skills in a few days if he takes serious contact, that is, even if his mind stops here, he can make up the remaining courses. Therefore, he believes that he will become a famous doctor sooner or later. After all, he has been brain-optimized by aliens, so he can’t achieve great success. That is a complete failure experiment.
Anyway, as a doctor, he is no longer worried that he will have no money, and he has definitely felt that his sister’s illness can be cured even if she doesn’t transplant her heart. Although he hasn’t confirmed this method yet, he has confirmed that this method lies in his mind. Now the key depends on when he can send all these things, so it seems that he doesn’t have to work hard to make money. At present, it is the most important thing to improve his medical skills and send them to the body potential department as soon as possible.
So he thought it was nothing to lose his present job, so he whistled all the way upstairs, called a taxi and went straight to Lingling to say the address.
When he was about to arrive at the place, he saw that there was no door in a medicine and medicine equipment store on the roadside, so he got out of the car and went to the store to buy some acupuncture necessities. Like Xia Wei, he bought a small wooden box and put everything in it, which was convenient to hold.
Later, Mo Yifan found a resident doctor and asked him to help recommend some specific drugs for treating appendicitis, anemia and asthma. Although Mo Yifan felt that his current medical knowledge was seriously biased towards traditional Chinese medicine, others did not exclude western medicine. In his feeling, traditional Chinese medicine was a green treatment that addressed both the symptoms and the root causes, while western medicine was much faster than traditional Chinese medicine, although most of its toxic side effects were effective.
And now he has some experience in acupuncture and pulse diagnosis, and he is still blank in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. Now, if he wants to treat grandma Lingling, he has to use a western medicine first.
Very not easy to find Lingling said that the address Mo Yifan couldn’t help but feel a little sour when she saw this shabby little room in front of her.
This is probably the last old shed area in the city. It’s not good for Mo Yifan’s family not to move the front room, but if Lingling’s house is compared with it, it’s simply a palace. This fact can’t be regarded as a living room. The walls are rebuilt from a barn, and the roof is made of broken old bricks. If you can’t see inside, you will know that this broken house must be leaking in winter and summer. It’s hard for their grandparents and grandchildren to live in this terrible place.
Lingling is Lingling at home?
Mo Yifan sighed with emotion. He heard a faint cry in the room. He hurriedly walked over and knocked on the old wooden door. The two wooden doors sank badly. The gap in the door could be leaned in. Half a head went to the window glass, and the surface could not be broken long ago. Instead of the plastic sheet, a dirty plastic sheet was nailed to it, and many holes were pierced. The root of the eye could not stop any wind, and at most it could block the sight of passers-by.
There is a dim light in the room, and the flickering light is not like a common light.
God, what age is this? Are they still taking candles at home?
Who is it? The wooden door creaks and there is always a damp smell coming from it. There is a tall middle-aged woman with a big face and a hippo’s big mouth and a pajamas.