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When several people fell to the ground, a black shadow finally appeared in the yard, but a middle-aged man was hidden in black.

Ghost laugh? !
If Lin Sheng were here, he would definitely recognize this person, so it is Lin Sheng who is a ghost laugh.
Ghost Laughter was originally a killer of a big family, and then the character failed to be chased by that family. Naraku bandits were later recruited by Lin Sheng, and then together with Lin Sheng, they got a shadow blood dagger when they intercepted the refining clan, which once again made him return to the killer ranks. Shadow blood dagger was a killer’s weapon and was recognized by ghost laughter as an act of God.
So he finally became a killer and a killer king, which made many people feel cold when they heard this name!
Over the years, he secretly didn’t know how many secret enemies the Lins had solved, but all this was done in secret. He didn’t tell anyone that he was the killer king.
Hiding in the dark, king killer king!
Will that a few pieces of broken blade from the four body again’ smoke’ out’ plug’ didn’t wipe and continue to put it in his pocket.
"It seems that these bloodthirsty short blades still need to be strengthened and refined with other materials!" Take away a few short blade ghost laugh low murmured.
Usually, when he has nothing to do, he likes to practice with some heinous characters. This time, it is an exception, because this time these thieves want to rob the object and hire mercenaries, which is the knight mercenary group where Ghost Smile is.
In order to reduce the trouble, we set off before Ghost Laughter and cleaned up the trouble along the way, the most serious of which is this bandit gang.
And these four short blades were also made by himself according to the last killer Wang Liu Shadow Blood Bi, but it has been tested many times. Now it is still difficult to meet the requirements of his heart. The gap between the shadow blood Bi is also quite large, and I don’t know what material the shadow blood Bi is made of, but it is as thin as cicada’s wings, but it is extremely tough and sharp. I have tried many materials and still failed to reach the similar level of this shadow blood Bi.
"I heard that Liu’s family has now found a large-scale black iron mine. I don’t know if there can be black iron’ essence’ in it. If there is this thing, I believe it should be able to reach this level. It seems that when it is necessary to run a drip …" Ghost smiled and shook his head, then the figure flashed into the darkness.
In fact, the ghost laugh is the peak of King Wu, but it can kill the strong in the early stage of King Wu in the dark. However, once it comes to the strong in the middle stage of King Wu, it will not be so easy. This is because the defense of the strong in the middle stage of King Wu has reached a horrible level, far from being comparable to him, but once his weapon can break the defense, even the strong in the middle stage of King Wu will not be his opponent.
The devil laughs so strongly that he wants to improve his weapons. Only having a good weapon can bring his killer power into play. If you give him a whole set of killer king suits, the devil laughs really, maybe he can surpass the previous killer king.
Of course, it is unrealistic to raise a complete set of killer king suits. After all, he is a thousand-year-old figure. His weapons have long been lost. It is rare to get one of them. How dare you expect to raise a set of everything? You still have to rely on yourself to find suitable materials to refine one weapon that suits you.
"Where have you been? I just went out and you disappeared as soon as I came back? " It is very important for Liu Pojun to make friends this time. The mercenary group can benefit a lot, and both of their heads are personally involved.
"It’s okay. I’m going out for a walk in Mashan and I’m going through the valley of buried soldiers. I’m going to see the terrain!" Ghost laugh at this time have already changed clothes, laughing a face of human and animal harm.
Liu Pojun naturally doesn’t know that her old partner, who gets along with her almost day and night, is the killer king who has made a lot of noise recently. If she knows, she won’t know how she will feel.
"Ok, let’s get ready to go. I just got a letter from my wife. It seems that we have broken through to the realm of Wu Zong. We have to finish this business quickly and go back to congratulate." Liu Pojun didn’t think deeply, but took out a letter and said.
"Male has broken through the state since? It is no wonder that it is easy to kill five guanyu strong men … "Ghost smile is also a joy to hear the news. They are now loyal to Lin Sheng and naturally happy to hear that Lin Sheng broke through Wu Zong.
When Lin Sheng came back, they happened to be busy in other places and didn’t see Lin Sheng. Naturally, they don’t want to miss it again.
"Let’s go!" With a wave of his hand, the two men rested in the same place, and a caravan was set up. In the past two years, the knight mercenary group has developed rapidly, and it has become the largest mercenary group in the immortal mainland. There are already more than two thousand people, including the strong Wu Ling, and there are already more than a hundred strong Wu Wangqiang. If Liu Pojun can advance to the martial arts, then the knight mercenary group will be in full swing. The whole fairy mainland mercenary group can compete with the knight mercenary group again.
A large group of people set off so quickly, but when they met two or three small’ Mao’ thieves, they didn’t encounter any serious thieves, which made those who were worried about the vendors feel a sigh of relief, but then they regretted inviting so many people to escort them. You know, the commission of the knight mercenary group is not cheap
Now they have not encountered any decent obstacles, and they feel very sorry.
They didn’t encounter any danger until they got out of the most dangerous section of the buried soldier valley, and they felt it was not worth it.
Ghost smile and Liu Pojun naturally saw the change of attitude of these people, but they didn’t say anything until one of the vendors came to Ghost smile and Liu Pojun with several vendors.
"Two heads, this time, our mercenary group has paid a sky-high price, but now it is smooth sailing and your group has not made much effort. Do you think this commission should be reduced?" When he said this, several other vendors behind him nodded secretly.
"Are you guys thinking the same thing?" Ghost laugh anger extremely the smile pointed to several other people.
"Yes, that’s our opinion, too?"
"Bullshit! Why didn’t you say that when we signed the contract, we would escort you to an area now, and then we would eat vegetarian food instead of monks! I tell you that the commission can’t be less! " Liu Pojun is also a "mixed" person who has become a "fine" person. Where can he give up his own interests so easily? It should be worth the price if the two big heads personally go out without saying anything else.
"Liu colonel, don’t get angry. It’s not that we want to break the contract. It’s really your group root. There is no force. You see that the original five bandits didn’t appear this …" The man was not an amateur and continued.
"That’s because he was afraid that our mercenary group name didn’t come. If it weren’t for us, try it!" I can’t believe that these vendors are so ashamed that they don’t’ rape’. This statement is true!
"If you continue to pester us like this, then we will take our due part and leave directly. You can ask for your own happiness for the rest of the journey!" Liu Pojun also went on to say that this time must not be soft and tough.
"You! ….. "The man was also angered by Liu Pojun’s words, pointing directly at Aunt Liu Pojun.
"If you really want to do this, we will go to the trade union to complain about you!"
"Whatever you this contract is clearly written … after the job is done, my knight mercenary group can get one tenth of the goods. What should I do? It’s up to you! Also, after this incident, you vendors entered the blacklist of our knight mercenary group, and we will not accept your business at all! " Liu Pojun was confident when he spoke these words. Now the knight mercenary group doesn’t need to be as low as before.
"Very good!" Several vendors finally argued and went their separate ways.
"Keep going!" Ghost laugh at them without looking at them, directing the team to start again.
Even if you leave a message of * _ *, it will be a success. Please work hard!
[1] Increase strength
? After arriving at the destination, in the case that several vendors were extremely unwilling, the knight mercenary group finally got the original payment, and Liu Pojun and Ghost Smile also said that they would directly add these people to the blacklist of the knight mercenary group, and whatever they had would not be picked up again.
These vendors are noncommittal about this, or they don’t care at all. In their minds, there is no such thing as a mercenary group, but what they don’t know is that they will regret this decision soon.
After returning to Huiyang, Liu Pojun and Ghost Smile are also like opinions to Lin Sheng. Now they dare not go forward as a joke with Lin Sheng.
On the surface, the first three people have always been servants, but in essence, they also Bai Linsheng never regarded them as people, but they were actually good friends.
But now it’s different. Lin Sheng, who was a little more advanced than them, has cultivated a martial arts realm that makes them feel hard to look up!
Throughout this fairy continent, this is the first time they have heard of the strong Wu Zong. Although they don’t understand it, it doesn’t mean that there are no other strong Wu Zong in the fairy continent.
But Lin Sheng’s position in their minds is no longer what they can touch now. They are completely a person in front of Lin Sheng now.
Although Lin Sheng has not changed, they are still treated as good friends as in the past, but they have changed themselves and warned themselves that they can no longer be wishful thinking.
There is no way for Lin Sheng to meet this. Lin Sheng just felt that these two people were stiff and three people changed. They didn’t even dare to make a joke in front of Lin Sheng. They were just one person who was reporting to Lin Sheng for work.
But Lin Sheng is still very satisfied with their ability to handle affairs. In just two years, the knight mercenary group has really developed into the strongest mercenary group in the whole fairy continent. If it develops at this speed, it will not be long before it can realize the original idea of making the knight mercenary group the largest in the whole fairy continent!
After exploring the recent period, the wooden Pass family and the magic emperor’s’ door’ moved, Lin Sheng decided not to wait any longer. When he had to hurry, the first one was Duan Xin!
First, I helped Duan Xin because Duan Xin now has a unique advantage. Because Duan Xin got the life magic, Lin Shengmo checked that it can play a great role. With the help of Zilan, a strong person in the realm of sanctuary, it would be easier to improve her strength.
I found a place where Duan Xin and Zilan were both called by Lin Sheng. Because Lin Sheng is not very’ good’ at magic, it is necessary to rely on Zilan to promote Duan Xin’s repair.
Lin Sheng just acts as a protector to protect them from being disturbed while practicing.
For those around me, Lin Sheng will never be stingy with a wave of his hand. Lin Sheng received all the magic nuclei and was thrown out by him for ten magic nuclei!
Among them, there are six fifth-order magic nuclei and the rest are fourth-order magic nuclei.
There are so many magic nuclei on the ground that even Zilan feels a little extravagant. If these things are auctioned in the west, I am afraid that I can buy a small city. Even in the west, the fifth-order magic nucleus is a luxury. Even some big families can’t hide how many of these things have always been valuable. Who can have such a big hand and take out so many?
Afraid of a western royal family
Zilan’s performance was not too surprising because she knew it before, but Duan Xin was directly startled by Lin Sheng’s skill. It was all five-order and four-order magic nuclei. Although she had heard Lin Sheng say that he had many high-order magic nuclei before, Duan Xin thought it was only a few four-order magic nuclei at most, but now I know that I was wrong with six five-order magic nuclei and twelve four-order magic nuclei!
"Well, don’t be too busy watching. Hurry up. I’ll be by your side, bring up the rear! Absolutely no one will disturb you "Lin Sheng see Duan Xin staring at the magic nuclear while laughing and pressing a way.
"Well" know Lin Sheng a painstaking Duan Xin also no longer say what is obedience nodded his head.
Then I sat cross-legged and slowly ran the magic of life, while Zilan sat cross-legged opposite Duan Xin at the same time, ready to help Duan Xin refine these magic nuclei so that Duan Xin could be promoted.
Lin Sheng seems to have something to do. I can watch these two people practice here.
A series of "milky" white "color" halos constantly spread out from Duan Xin’s head, like a calm lake. As soon as a stone is thrown into it, the energy ripple is that Duan Xin’s center spreads in all directions.
Violet Lan and Lin Sheng feel a strong breath of life, which makes people feel indescribable. It’s like suddenly coming to the’ spring’ day after a severe winter to see the grass sprout when everything recovers. It’s a source breath different from all other energy bodies.
"Life magic is really mysterious, not the kui is the most mysterious bearing in the west soil …" Purple Lan’s understanding on the magic side is much stronger than Lin Sheng’s half-hanging. This thick energy ripple is also aware of a life source breath for Lin Sheng, but it is not for Purple Lan. It is from a magical point of view that the more you understand these things, the more you feel the mystery of them.
"ok!" See Duan Xin ready purple haze no longer hesitate to wave a fourth-order magic nuclear is in the hands of purple haze.
Because it’s just a matter of time, after all, Duan Xin’s income is just the initial stage of guanyu. Try refining a fourth-order magic nuclear first.