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But today he is like a lion trapped in a cage, and no matter how hard he has, he can’t make it out.

This made him very upset.
In the 13th minute, ledesma chased the touchline and broke Messi’s ball, then tried to protect the football, trying to delay for a while and force the other side to kick the football out, because it was his last touch. If the other side can knock the football out, Lazio can also get a foul ball, which really kills two birds with one stone.
Messi tried to get the football back in the back.
At this time, his weakness of short legs is reflected …
Ledesma put the football in front of him and then his ass popped out. Messi couldn’t reach the football no matter how he kicked it-because his legs were not long enough.
Finally, he became angry from embarrassment and was able to kick ledesma in the calf.
Ledesma screamed at the calf and fell to the ground.
The referee rang in the hiss of Lazio players. He gave Messi a yellow card!
"Messi kicked down ledesma from embarrassment … The Argentine mentality may be a microcosm of Barcelona … They should know very well how difficult it will be to take the second round after losing a 13 away game … The World Footballer of the Year can’t do anything about it … This game is a complete defeat anyway! Their only gain is an away goal-I don’t know if there is a chance in the second leg … "
Seeing Messi kicking, cruyff shook his head and then he got up and left.
He can’t watch the game like this.
What a loser!
And Messi fouled, which was the last part of the game that attracted more attention.
After that, Barcelona was exhausted and unable to threaten Lazio’s goal. However, Lazi almost scored an attack.
Guardiola felt as if he had walked through a ghost gate when modric slid out of the door from a long distance.
Almost collapsed
If Barcelona loses 14 away to Lazio, the second leg is meaningless …
The referee then blew the whistle at the end of the game.
Great cheers broke out at the Olympic Stadium in Rome.
"The game is over! Lazio won the focus battle! Lazio beat Barcelona 31 at home in a high-profile dialogue! The score can’t show the face of this game. Anyone who watched this game will admit that Lazio won it for granted! "
"Suspense is half over! For those who argue about who is the strongest team in today’s football between Barcelona and Lazio, it is estimated that there will be no debate if you come to see this game! Who is the most powerful? I think it is Lazio! "
"It turned out that Guardiola, a student with superior skills, was still a little too tender when facing the teacher’s constant victory … Barcelona was completely dragged down by Lazio’s fast play … In the end, it could be seen that Barcelona players could not run. When the referee blew the whistle at the end of the game, it was a relief for them …"
"There will be a second round, but if both sides are still in this state, the teacher said that I don’t think Barcelona can win …"
Lazio fans in the stands cheered one after another.
Barcelona fans, on the other hand, stared at the big screen score in disbelief in the stands.
The six-time champion swept the European rival Barcelona and lost a 13! Almost no fighting back!
This cruel reality is somewhat unacceptable to them …
Chapter two hundred and twenty ridicule
After the game, Guardiola was very tough at the press conference. "The game is two rounds, and we still have a chance at home. Just as Lazio did well at home, we are not afraid of our opponents at home."
"But two goals are behind …" A reporter expressed doubts.
Guardiola rudely interrupted him and replied firmly, "We will also chase two goals at home. Anything is possible."
Guardiola, who is always low-key and gentle, rarely shows his strong side at the press conference, and few people are surprised by his concessions.
Guardiola seems to be particularly concerned about the outcome of this game …
Is it really because the Champions League final was held in the Bernabeu? Barcelona will make it to the finals?
But at the same time, Guardiola’s performance seems to show that Lazio really forced him to be a little embarrassed …
A reporter visited Guardiola and Chang Sheng. "Are you friends or enemies? Why didn’t you come to hug before the game? "
Guardiola said, "I don’t think this is the time to discuss me and him."
Changsheng has actually proved how he will treat his enemy Guardiola. If he doesn’t know what to do, he is an idiot.
Now the game between the two sides is not over yet, and there are still 90 minutes, even 120 minutes.
Of course, Guardiola can’t say that he and Changsheng are good friends and lost the game like that. What will Barcelona fans think of him? It is also a blow to the morale of Barcelona players.
So Guardiola chose to avoid talking about it.
Chang Sheng appeared at the press conference later.
Beating Barcelona made him feel good, and when he came out, he smiled at the reporters.
"I’m not surprised at the victory of this game. We are fully prepared and … I ask the Catalan journalists haven’t left yet, have they? Oh, oh, I see you. It’s good not to leave … "Changsheng nodded and said," Come and explain to me why Barcelona, which is stronger than Lazio, lost 13? Ah? "
Those Catalan journalists who heard the phrase "Constant Victory" bowed their heads and looked pale.
Now they wish they had left with Guardiola …
"Ten reasons why Barcelona can definitely beat Lazio? Huh? Which ten articles? Tell me, tell me, what are the ten? Let me see your level of making up lies and see how you make up … The six-time champion is definitely better than the five-time champion. Oh, your math is so good. You can work out such a difficult math problem as six versus five! It’s really not great! Oh, and Messi, the world footballer. How amazing! Did Messi play this game? How come I didn’t see it? Who will tell me if he is real? How could Lazio have won Barcelona after such a great World Footballer of the Year? Barcelona will surely beat Lazio easily away from home! I’m so scared! Fortunately, is he not in this game? "
How could Changsheng not know that Messi didn’t play? Of course he did.
He is deliberately disgusting, and the Catalonia media are taunting them.
Who taught them to be too wild before the game?
Try very hard to raise Barcelona while stomping on Lazio … Make a face!
On that day, they planted seeds, and now they should always win to give them fruit.
Chang Sheng swung his arm and slapped these people to "force their faces"
Listening to the ever-victorious sharp language mocking them, Catalan journalists felt as if something was going to explode.
Many people secretly swear in their hearts that when they return to Barcelona, they must publish a campaign in the media! Call on everyone to go to the scene to support Barcelona. They must give this arrogant bastard a big reversal!
Then come and see the ugly face of this bastard and see if he can still say such a thing!
Changsheng ridiculed and ridiculed the journalists from Catalonia at the press conference.
He came to do this at the press conference.