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Xia Yu drank another glass of juice and stuffed a few pieces of Sanji in his mouth. The whole stomach felt a little flatulence because of overeating, so as to prevent it from being entangled by those ladies again. Xia Yu decided to take a walk in the villa garden area, and it would be better to find someone to sit alone and blow the sea breeze.

I just remembered the footsteps, and I caught a glimpse of Yuan Hong swaying and twisting her plump hips. Today, Yuan Hong wore a red ribbon-dropping ceremony, and there were two thin ribbons crossed on her chest for decoration. The whole gift cloth was like satin cloth, and the chest was very low. There was an arc groove in the middle, and the two round breasts were wrapped up in the ceremony, but half of the balls were exposed and two balls were swinging with the twisting.
It’s really a red social butterfly. I want to pretend that I didn’t see it. I pretend to walk away naturally. She can’t come. Yuan Hong has quickly reached her side.
"Madam President, aren’t you satisfied that I helped you prepare the ceremony?" Yuan Hong was all smiles, but his eyes were hidden with a bright light.
"Ha ha where just accidentally wet the changed one?" Xia Yu a face of embarrassed smile a little guilty with Yuan Hong dozen ha ha, but on second thought, why do you look guilty and didn’t do anything shameful? Instead, this Yuan Hong seems to be trying something, although there is no definite evidence, but this ceremony is accomplished and she can’t get rid of Xia Yu in her heart.
"Oh, so that’s it." Yuan Hong had a very different face expression with relief, but he felt sorry for the failure of his plan in his heart, and his teeth itch with anger.
Xia Yu suddenly stood up and cut your chest. You have me and Lu Xia. Why do you feel so timid and inferior? Lu Xia secretly scolded himself for acting like a bear, and his expression became rigid with it. "But that gift is beautiful, but it is a little narrow, especially at the waist, and the tie at the back seems to break if you pull it gently."
In the tone of Xia language, the innuendo means that she can’t do it any more. She doesn’t know where she got the courage. Her eyes slowly swept all the way from Yuan Hong’s face, from her chest to her waist, and her eyes were full of provocation.
After listening to Yuan Hong’s micro-expression, it didn’t take a long time to return to the normal color. "Oh, really? I don’t know if the president’s wife is so pregnant and so fast." Yuan Hong said something abrupt and looked after herself with a smile.
Looking at Yuan Hong’s face, Xia Yu thought bitterly that this woman was so funny. At the bottom of my heart, she secretly turned over a supercilious look and said slowly, "Director Yuan, if there is nothing, I will not get along."
Say Xia Yu went straight to the place where there were few people. Yuan Hong watched her leave, and her back suddenly folded up and her eyes became cold. She secretly scolded her for being proud. What’s the strength? Isn’t it that the mother was so expensive that she bit her teeth unconsciously? She was secretly annoyed at the failure of this plan. Not only did it fail, but it also made her feel something. It was really not worth the candle.
Xia Yu walked to a quiet place in the corner of the garden. It was quiet here, and no one should disturb her from the noise of the dance. Her tense nerves slowly stretched to find a stone step and sat down at will. The weather was not bad tonight, and a few stars could be seen hanging in the sky, so Xia Yu’s mood brightened up.
After listening to the rockery behind the stone steps, it seems that there is a noise from a man and a woman. Although the noise is very low, it is still heard by Xia language in this quiet environment. It seems that this holy place has not been occupied for a long time and it is necessary to change places.
I just want to raise my steps, but how are these two sounds so familiar? Men are like Bai Yifan, while women are like their friends Peng Xiaoyou. At this moment, Xia Yu was shocked by his own ideas. How could these two wrong people get together and think of their two people’s getting along mode? Xia Yu couldn’t help rubbing his eyebrows, but what are these two doing here?
Xia Yu approached the source slowly with doubts. She decided to sit tight and say that it would not be good if she didn’t want to appear on her own.
There are still three hours before the dinner, and Peng Xiaoyou can’t be in Ji Rucheng. She returned to the suburban villa one hour after she finished speaking. She may not be here today, but Rucheng still miraculously came back. Xiaoyou couldn’t bear to be happy and served tea and poured water.
However, when I learned about the whole plan of Rucheng, Xiao You’s heart sank. It turned out that he came back not because of himself, but because he had something to finish, and it was not ordinary. Xiao You’s heart was depressed and almost out of breath. She wanted to say no to me, but when Ji Rucheng’s face sank bit by bit, she couldn’t help but feel a thrill.
Xiaoyou advised "Rucheng, don’t do this. What if you hurt Gu?"
"Peng Xiaoyou, you know that I don’t like the second time when I speak. Since I have decided to do something, no one can stop you, including you." The last few words are particularly heavy, as if laughing at her.
Although these hurtful words are not the first time you have heard them, Xiaoyou still can’t help but feel a thrill in her heart. Every god is hurt. She has been biting her mouth for a long time and can’t make a sound.
Sharp eyes faint staring at Xiaoyou evokes a bit of wanton corners of the mouth casually, "Peng Xiaoyou, you don’t have to do it, but your horse leaves my world, which doesn’t require you to think twice":
Chapter 76 There is a bomb in the villa
As soon as Xiaoyou heard that her whole heart was sinking away from the city world, she tried not to escape from this humble love, but every time she didn’t see him for one day, lovesickness washed her heart like a scourge, and she had a strong desire to take a sip, even if it was a sip.
Xiaoyou twitched her mouth, which is not an ordinary thing. The bold and crazy idea of asking her to install a bomb in Jiyu villa makes Xiaoyou feel that Yucheng is so paranoid now. Now he has become so strange that he can do anything by giving Jiyu a hard blow, and he will not hesitate to think about it. Xiaoyou’s heart is as chilly as if he had been poured into the cold winter wind.
"Xiaoyou, since you are not a boat, I don’t need to force you. I need willing people." Say it like the city is about to get up.
Xiaoyou quickly grabbed his wrist and wouldn’t let him leave his mouth. It’s hard to spill the word "do"
Such as the city evokes that charming mind, smiles, and evil spirits wantonly sweep through Xiaoyou.
"But how can I get in? Now the domain city is going to accuse me of pretending to transfer shares and I don’t have an invitation. How can I please go?" In fact, these are all excuses that Xiaoyou doesn’t want to go. This kind of thing can be big or small, and if it is really done, it may hurt Koo. This is the last thing she wants to see.
Such as the city calmly pulled out the blue invitation from the trench coat pocket. The paper-cut depicts the blue sky, the villas with different styles and the sea water. It looks so beautiful, but for Xiaoyou, this invitation is like a hot potato, which makes her afraid.
"I told you that everything was ready long ago, and when we stepped on it there, everything went according to plan." Rucheng put his hands in his pockets and lifted it.
Xiaoyou trembled a little, picked up the invitation and said slowly, "Oh," she has already experienced life and death, but she is not afraid of these things at all, but if she hurts those who don’t need help, she still feels sorry, and her conscience will never pass that hurdle.
Everything went smoothly as planned. Xiaoyou had a smooth party. Many people were very easy to fish in troubled waters. In fact, she was also entangled in her heart. There was a voice in her heart secretly shouting that it would be nice if someone stopped her, but everything went well. She and Rucheng people quickly took over. Things went well. Xiaoyou couldn’t help but secretly breathe a sigh of relief in her heart. She had been living in this contradiction and entanglement, hoping that someone would find out and not wanting to find out.
It was not until I met Bai Yifan Xiaoyou at the corner outside the villa door that she secretly called it bad, but she soon recovered her composure. She desperately told herself that she had every reason to attend the party because she had not produced any evidence in the city. She was the second largest company in the company.
Took a deep breath. Xiaoyou pretended to be calm and passed Bai Yifan as a stranger. Although they were so close again, she slowly let go of the thought of solving adult physiological problems and getting what she needed.
However, the heartbeat betrayed her, and every step she took felt as if her heart was about to jump out. I didn’t expect to feel embarrassed when I actually met her.
And Bai Yifan didn’t look at her again, staring straight at the front, just as they were about to run counter to each other in an instant. Bai Yifan suddenly grabbed Xiao You’s hand and dragged it to people’s place.
For the sudden move, I was prepared to take Xiao You by surprise. No, she tried her best to jilt Bai Yifan’s hand, but it seemed that he had a lot of energy, and he couldn’t finally get to the place where people were. Bai Yifan tried to jilt Xiao You’s hand and face, which was gloomy.
I didn’t see Bai Yifan show such a cold expression again. Xiaoyou was still surprised. In her impression, Bai Yifan is that kind of new look.
"Why?" Xiao You growled. His face was angry but his heart was beating badly.
Bai Yifan’s angry stare at Xiao You’s body bit by bit deceives Xiao You’s form, which brings her great oppression.
"What do you think I want to do? What do you and Ji Rucheng want to do?"
Although Bai Yifan is new, it doesn’t mean that he is vulgar. He rarely swears. This time, he was so angry that he blurted out that this woman would have been killed on the spot if someone else had done such a thing, but he let her go again and again. Sometimes he felt that he was inexplicable.
"I don’t know what you’re talking about. If there’s nothing else, I’ll go first." Although Bai Yifan’s rage is very scary, Xiaoyou is not a vegetarian and grew up with a faint glance at him.
"Really? Is your plan so perfect? He didn’t want to transfer the shares to you first, and then he changed his identity and then transferred them back from you, did he? He wanted to play this golden cicada trick and didn’t look at you." Bai Yifan’s rage continued to ferment, and his breathing became particularly heavy, which was totally different from his elegant temperament.
Hearing Bai Yifan’s words, Xiaoyou’s heart will gradually sink even if she is strong, because Bai Yifan is telling the truth and verbatim, she can’t help but panic and her face will condense.
"Don’t tell me what you did when you came to the party today." Then Bai Yifan grabbed her wrist again and lifted it a little harder as if to crush her.
"I don’t know what you’re talking about" Xiao You had to shake his head and look pale.
"Don’t you know your plan today? I can’t believe that you can do anything. Have you ever thought that there are so many irrelevant people here?" Bai Yifan was so angry that every word was clenched and shouted out. Although he had tried his best to lower his voice, his anger remained unabated.
At this time, Xia Yu was hiding behind the rockery. She heard what day the plan was similar to what they said in front of her. She almost knew everything. She was still wondering what would make Bai Yifan so angry. She decided to continue eavesdropping on their conversation behind them. Although she knew it was immoral, she still thought it would be better to wait and see.
"Are you done? Can I go?"
Xiaoyou’s arm pulled back his hand, and where Bai Yifan would give her this opportunity, she still firmly bound her wrist and did not escape her. The two men showed their arm strength and fought according to the war.
"If you want to meet your people, these people are all fugitives. Being caught and overflowing directly is really a death squad. What is the means to make these people work so hard?"
After a meal, Bai Yifan added, "Do you think this bomb is for you to dismantle or let me help you tie it together with the bomb and sink to the bottom of the sea?" Bai Yifan said, revealing a malicious expression and directly pulling out a belt from the body to tie Xiao You’s hand.
What bomb?
Xia Yu obviously hasn’t digested this news, and the news is too exciting. It’s hard to jump out.
Xia Yu went straight to Xiao You and Bai Yifan, two people, and they couldn’t help being one leng. They didn’t even notice someone behind the rockery.
"Bai Yifan, you put Xiao You first and then say what the bomb is." Xia Yu’s face is anxious and his tone is quite urgent.
"Xia Yu, you go first. There’s really a bomb installed here." Xiao You looked at Xia Yu with a little concern.
"Peng Xiaoyou, now you know that you are in a hurry. Why did you go there? Do you know how many strangers are here? And your best friend Xia Yu is here. Have you ever thought about the consequences of your brain being kicked off by a donkey?" Bai Yifan’s belt was tied to Xiaoyou’s hand and he didn’t let go of one sentence and another, and he rebuked it like a bead of artillery shells, which hit Xiaoyou’s heart.
There is really a bomb, and Xiao You is pretending to be frightened. At the same time, Xia Yu’s first thought is a banquet. There are still many people in Xia Yu who stare big eyes and shout in a low voice, "Bai Yifan, let Xiao You go first. Now the most important thing is to evacuate the crowd, not who to blame now."
It’s really a wake-up call to meet the wrong person, Bai Yifan, with a startled face, but soon she came to her senses. I really want to be angry with Peng Xiaoyou, or my brain always thinks about how to intimidate her and forgets that there are still many people at the party.
"Lead the way by yourself, do good things by yourself, and solve it by yourself." Bai Yifan said it was very impolite. She pushed Xiaoyou and motioned for her to lead the way first. Then she took out her cell phone in her pocket and made a message to Ji Yu to explain the situation.
And Xiao You was pushed by Bai Yifan. Fortunately, Xia Yu helped her.
"Thank you" Xiao You lightly said that her eyes had made a lot of apologies, and she was bound to bomb things. She didn’t consider Zhou, but Rucheng is stubborn now, and even if she doesn’t come, someone will take her place. But she never thought that Xia Yu would attend the party, and Rucheng probably knew that Xia Yu was here, but he chose not to pay attention to the fact that interests in Rucheng are more important than women, whether for her or for Xia Yu.