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"I don’t know which senior expert can’t visit!" Chen Shaobai terrier neck know perfectly well past ask ten counterparts posture.

An ordinary small flower that had been suspended in front of the light suddenly turned into light and came to Chen Shaobai to turn into a fairy.
Her face is elegant and plain, but her beauty is erratic, like a dragon palace dragon lady, and the dress of Chang ‘e in the middle of the month like liquid jasper adds a lot of charm to her, making her look like a ten-year-old girl and a thirty-year-old, which makes people unable to see how old she is.
But her self-centered and overbearing dual temperament can make people forget her appearance involuntarily.
It’s Lingwei!
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Chapter two hundred and twenty-three Tao fragments
Chapter two hundred and twenty-three Tao fragments
Chapter two hundred and twenty-three Tao fragments
Appearing in front of Chen Shaobai, Lingwei is a pure mana polymer, and even the legal power is not too much, but he always feels that he can kill himself if the other party wants an idea.
Chen Shaobai know this is by no means a psychological y and n shadow, but that’s the truth.
"Today, Ri, I can easily defeat ten swordsmen in the middle of the realm without making mana with the same physical quality. The gap between Ling Wei and me is so big."
Once again, I realized the strength of the other party. Chen Shaobai’s hatred became deeper and deeper. Looking at each other’s eyes seemed extremely indifferent, just like a talented and proud young Toshihiko.
Where do you know that Lingwei’s first sentence almost made him lose his heart?
"It’s just that a triple-tempered monk has an interesting little Taoist."
Say she one hand a hook Chen Shaobai felt chest tanzhong nabao hole inside a magic weapon and involuntarily want to fly out.
"Absolutely absolutely not!"
Y and n Yang chaos clock’s secret is too big, and even behind it, it is involved in the division of the five halls of ghosts and gods. Once it is seen by the other party, there will never be any good fruit to eat.
The so-called ordinary man’s crime is guilty of carrying a bag. Once chaos clock is alive, even if Lingwei can’t put her figure on her face to rob Ri, there will be several fairy lists. The strong are like sharks smelling blood.
Chen Shaobai immediately made a decision when his mind turned to the cause and effect. He held the magic weapon of Lingshi with one hand and cherished the phantom of the equipment. In his hand, he emerged with a noble spirit and quickly condensed many copper coins.
Fingers twist it all over in the chest Chen Shaobai eyes ShaQi all show toward the front flung out.
"Gankun throws!"
Whoa, whoa, whoa …
The money dart was torn and left a dark mark, and the whole party oscillated.
In a short time, the Ri autumn magic Qian Shan was repeatedly shattered and torn, and a chain superposition effect happened. The original blue was like washing the sky, like a glass treasure, and pieces were broken to form large black Se gaps.
"This is your money avatar? It’s interesting to tear the world power, but it’s not enough. "
Lingwei’s mouth reveals a trace of sarcasm, and she can’t see it. If she moves, she will raise thousands of copper coins with her hands and be resisted by a layer of physical strength. She will hold them together and play with them in her palm.
"Gankun throws!"
"Gankun throws!"
The so-called "second stage" and "third stage" of the money magic power broke out in Chen Shaobai
The change of quantity can sometimes bring about qualitative change. Maybe at this stage, a throw of Gankun can’t do harm to Lingwei Zun, but it’s not as difficult as you think to deal with a mana avatar.
In Chen Shaobai, J: ng God’s power and swordsmanship blessed thousands of copper coins, and kept the plane advancing and smashed into the defensive layer, which was the same.
Another one
Gankun’s throwing power is not only magic power and money, but also contains the power to make all beings willing to make Lingshi money. This great power is like a prison, and Lingwei is smashed and retreated two steps.
Being forced to retreat by a young player, the face of Ling Wei is safe, and the hundreds of millions of copper coins are all disintegrated and broken to turn the dust into the air.
Seeing Lingwei, I will fight back and teach myself that Chen Shaobai will not retreat, but suddenly step in the previous step and drink. "I am the sixth brother of Qing Xuanmen, Chen Shaobai, who is weak in strength, but also knows that poverty can’t move wealth, yin can’t be mighty and can’t bend the truth. If the predecessors want to humiliate them, just bring it on!"
This statement is awe-inspiring, and justice is in itself.
However, this is the truth. When Ling Weifu appeared, she just grabbed the magic weapon from others without asking others’ wishes. It depends on the big taboo. Even if Chen Shaobai and Hua Ye, two masters of the Qing Dynasty, were killed here today, they could not hide the truth. It would be humiliating to go out and throw it at grandma’s house.
"What a poor can’t move wealth can’t yin terrible can’t bend! If you have such wisdom, you will be the top student in high school if you study in the mortal country. "
Chen Shaobai’s supercilious attitude shows that both Xing Ge and literary talent are very interested in Lingwei, which makes her face despise Se a little.
Lingwei changed her tone when she spoke again. She looked at Chen Shaobai with some sympathy and pity in her eyes. "Buddhism, Taoism, magic, soul and body cultivation are simply self-destructive."
I don’t blame her for feeling so deeply. Ordinary genius monks dare to practice alone and dare not be distracted. Only when breakthroughs are made and Shou Yuan grows will they try to separate their minds and try other ways.
After all, people’s J and NG power is limited, and the secular clouds are interlaced, such as the three schools of Buddhism, Taoism and magic, which are even more contradictory and conflicting. At the same time, it will make people feel that J and NG God will collapse and be distracted when they enter the realm of quenching gas. Three can still achieve success and become a fairyland of god. Even reaching the top ten of quenching gas is before the ancients.
Suo Lingwei made this remark.
"You don’t have to worry about your predecessors if you know your own things." Chen Shaobai’s acting skills are wonderful. Knowing that he really can’t have a good impression on Lingwei, he really pretended to be angry because his secret was coveted and spied.
Although Star Island is also ranked among the top ten clans of Xiandao, there are too many factions without a core leader whose power is scattered. Except for financial resources, there is nothing like the Xuanmen, and the dark peak Lord Dawei Tianlong is famous all over the four continents. Although the matter of killing Star Island in previous years is still closed in the clans, everyone can see clearly the position of this one in Lin Yuanxi’s heart.
Chen Shaobai is like a sensitive hair. Although he is nothing, he will be shocked and angered once he breaks it. Although Tianmen is the leader of the right path, Weifu’s power has been too strong in recent years. If the Qing Xuanmen is reversed, it will lead to the reshuffle of Xiandao forces.
It’s not just Lingwei. Every senior master of Xiandao Magic Sect has such scruples when facing the younger generation with background.
"Hum ….. the shards of the Daoist gather sentient beings, and they are willing to walk the path of incense and faith without pure J and jīng essence. You are seasoned with magic." Lingwei snorted and let Chen Shaobai freeze.
It turns out that the avatar of the great avatar’s mana didn’t find Y and N Yang chaos clock in her finger-pointing device was …
Fragments of Zhuang Wang?
If it’s this thing, it’s not a big deal
Although Chen Shaobai was a little surprised, his mind was slightly relaxed and he was no longer treading on thin ice as before. Every minute was very sad. "The younger generation is not unreasonable. The predecessor’s arrogance is too natural. If the predecessor is interested, I will take it out."