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The black cloak suddenly burst into laughter.

What are you laughing at? Kvachet, the counselor, is actually not such a trickster.
Maybe a lie has been told a thousand times and everyone is true, but a liar must not. That’s true, too, said the black cloak sarcastically
Kwachet was silent.
If gold and Rapier really wake up, do you think you can win? Even if you are already a mainland double warrior, you should know that your opponent’s weapon is 17 Hallows. Don’t let others say that Dragon kopis chose you, and so did Dragon kopis. The black cloak attacked you with emotion.
What are you going to do now, you little man? Kwachet asked
The black cloak got up and looked outside, saying that if you can beat gold and Rapier, you must prove yourself. I will continue to inject magic into Dragon and kopis, but if you can’t win, you should return to Ponte early with victory. If Dragon and kopis are exposed, it will be more difficult to recover than losing the battle.
Want me to run away? Kwachet asked
This is a strategic shift. We have gained an advantage in this battle. Now Ponte’s strength is not enough without the sacred encouragement. Garland has been fighting for a long time. Since the opponent has also won the gold, Rapier seems to wake up. If you can’t prove that you can defeat your opponent, you’d better retreat, said the black cloak
Then in your opinion, has gold and Rapier awakened? Kwachet asked.
Even when the sacristy is not awakened, it still has a great power. It is also a magic weapon to be guided a little. I think the gold and Rapier have been guided. The black cloak glanced at Kwachet and said, as if I had done it to you.
Kwachet sipped his mouth and seemed unwilling to be suspicious. He was a warrior of two worlds. Even if he was armed with ordinary weapons, he could definitely achieve the same battle as now. He knew exactly how he killed Taygel Diagabriel Dragon. kopis was sharp, firm and powerful, but it didn’t bring Kwachet more strength. Kwachet knew best that the same gold and Rapier might just give Yusis these things.
On the battlefield, their sacred objects attack each other, which is constantly consuming the mana that the day after tomorrow will guide the sacred objects. It is not the true power of the sacred objects. This kind of guidance looks amazing, because no one present has witnessed the awakening of the sacred objects with their own eyes and dedicated them as totems.
Kwachet’s thought of this floor seems to be white. He said, I said that you continue to inject mana into Long kopis, and you lost a lot of mana in the afternoon battle. I think the same is true of the gold and Rapier. I will go to Yusis for another battle this afternoon.
You asked with a white black cloak
Since none of them are true hallows, I am definitely a match in heaven compared with martial arts, and I will surely defeat him, Kwachet said.
The black cloak seemed to smile and bent slowly, and his hands shone.
Chapter XV Interruption of War
At the end of this war, many Garlands believed that their emperor had defeated Kwachet, otherwise Kwachet would not have suddenly retreated back, while Ponte always retorted that Kwachet would not have suddenly withdrawn his troops if Patrockas III, king of Ponte Principality, had not died suddenly.
What is the truth?
Patrockas did die, and Kwachet did not defeat Yusis. It was somewhat anticlimactic to interrupt this, but it was the fact that it was interrupted
Many later critics said that if Yusis had entered the battlefield earlier, it would have been possible for Garland to sacrifice his generals in this battle, and Yusis’s decision to postpone entering the battlefield was really criticized. They did not expect that the sacred gold, Rapier, actually did not wake up.
The person who can perceive this reality seems to be Sarwadiga of Suzaku Corps, but he is not stupid enough to ask Yusis how to guide the Hallows, because the more he knows, the closer he may be to death.
Salwadiga is regarded as the first dark care teacher in the empire. The emperor wants to find a person who can guide the sacristy, and he should be the only one. Of course, he must not let the emperor know that since the behind-the-scenes guide of the sacristy has not captured the table, he did not feel the need to bring that person in.
Waiting for a day is just to fully guide the sacristy, so the mind has already been deeply rooted in Variega’s heart.
Of course, to the outside world, dragon, kopis, gold and Rapier have awakened, and neither side can expose the other’s lies, because once the other’s lies are exposed, it is equivalent to exposing their own lies.
I haven’t awakened the sacristy, so the sentence that your sacristy can’t defeat me is enough to equal the morale of 10 thousand troops
However, little Ponte’s withdrawal brought Garland back to peace. Yusis also commanded the army to symbolically catch up with the border, and then stopped chasing after the periphery of Karsland fortress.
On the one hand, the Karlslon fortress has always been known as a castle that is difficult to attack and not to fall, on the other hand, Yusis the Great must also be reorganized into a sacred dragon army. After the symbolic pursuit, the White Tiger Army released it. We have completely driven the aggression out of the country, so the declaration returned to the capital of Wang.
Randall, who was in Linkfontein, almost learned about the Battle Report for the first time. Although the emperor didn’t let him go back to Daikenling to recruit soldiers, he was still eager to move.
I said Randall, you said that what Yusis the Great said might give you something special. Leon asked.
Randall shook his head and replied that it seems that I can’t guess the emperor’s mind either.
Elena, the deskmate, looked at her three friends thoughtfully.
It will be very special to give it to Mr. Randall, said Fafa suddenly behind Elena
Does Miss Fafa know that the sensitive cells of Lance are awakened again?
Fafa smiled and looked at Elena, and then said, Miss, how can a maid know about it?
Leon also looked at Fafa suspiciously and said, "Little Beauty Fafa! If you know about Brother Leon, you can date him."
Who wants you to date? The law protested strongly.
Randall laughed and said, whatever it is, I’d rather not know it for a generation if Garland failed to know the answer.
Elena raised her glass and said that it was indeed something to celebrate the triumph of the general soldiers.