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Qing Ji and Lan Xuan have forced the purple Yan to hurry-scurry. At this moment when Xiao asked, the purple Yan still didn’t hold her ground. Qing Ji and Lan Xuan are determined to take this opportunity to hit the purple Yan hard!

Exquisite fire sword has just been hewn out of the wilderness, and the ancient sea breath has been released by Xiao Wen. Haizhu has already melted into one of them. The blue Se crystal giant sword is almost followed by the exquisite fire sword, forming a 20-mile-long red with blue sector!
Both swords are cut to Lan Xuan!
Lan Xuan offered a magic shield and hovered directly on the trajectory of two swords splitting, while the magic moon machete and knife wheel still cut to purple Yan!
At this moment, Xiao asked Dan that four Guanghua roads rushed out of the field, but they were Falun, Qibao Xuanhuo Tower and Wing Shield. Before they became solid, Xiao asked Zi Yan to share part of the attack! But look at its speed, it seems that there is a golden wheel flying in the front!
Purple Yan fists have already appeared two gorgeous black gold knuckles. The right fist hit the blue Xuan and the magic moon machete. The left fist hit the knife wheel that is closer to her. There is a knife wheel that is a little farther away. However, Purple Yan judged that Xiao Wen Fa Jin Wheel should be able to help her block.
"When! ! !”
"Choke! ! !”
The five impacts sounded almost at the same time, but all four people present were well-connected and still distinguished the order.
Violet Yan’s right fist hit Lan Xuan’s magic moon machete first, which deflected the magic moon machete and her right fist was also shaken back; Then Xiao Wenling’s fierce sword fell on the side of Lan Xuan’s magic shield, and the flying magic shield suddenly sank. Then ZiYan left fist hit the knife wheel near her and hit the knife wheel flying; Then, the blue Se crystal sword struck the blue Xuan magic shield and sank the blue Xuan again. Finally, Xiao Wenfa’s golden wheel finally arrived at the purple Yan and crashed into the knife wheel behind …
The sound cohesion is tight, but the place of production is actually not close at all. Two rings around Lan Xuan and three rings around Zi Yan, which are separated by twenty miles! This level of fighting moves is grand and fast, which is beyond the understanding of ordinary monks.
However, after all, there is something wrong with the five impacts, because these five were created by three people, but there is a fourth person on the battlefield.
After five years, Qing Ji’s black and blue veil was just right and hit the purple Yan’s heart!
"bang! ! ! !”
Seemingly light blue curtain hit the purple Yan body was issued a very heavy rumbling purple Yan immediately face a se mouth spray blood!
Qing Ji’s face was full of joy, but then she noticed the mo crisis! However, the sense of crisis is not because of herself, but because of her telepathy.
Purple Yan blood just gushed out and still fluttered forward. Xiao Wen’s body turned out to be another red light!
This red light doesn’t smell like a normal fairy, but it makes people intuitive. Blue Xuan is partial and cold, and a cold feeling runs through his mind from the tail cone!
Shrink the yuan and explode the mirror!
The shrinking yuan blasting mirror just appeared and trembled at a high speed. It seems that it may explode at any time. At the same time, there is a light thin mountain coming out of the lens and reaching the blue Xuan head 20 miles away! Although the zoom lens is vibrating, it can be seen that it vibrates regularly. No matter which direction it vibrates, it never tilts and is perpendicular to a certain plane, and Lan Xuan is in that plane!
When Xiao Wenmeng focused on the forehead of Lan Xuan, the fine line made in front of the shrinkage blasting mirror, the cracked shrinkage blasting mirror finally lit up with a jerk.
At that moment, it seemed to slow down, and an oval red Se light mass appeared in front of the zoom lens, which was about six inches long and the thickest part was like a child’s arm, and then it passed away in a world that had slowed down and its roots could not be teleported!
When I flashed again, I was already in front of Lan Xuan!
At this time, Lan Xuan is twenty miles tall and his head is so big that he should not be afraid of the small light, but he still stared hard and smiled grimly.
His magic shield has just been protected by the exquisite fire sword and the blue Se crystal sword, but he was actually guarding against this move!
"Hum! !”
A huge red knife he had never used suddenly appeared in front of his head and the handle was firmly held in his left hand!
A light, fast, and very refreshing impact on the blade sounded, and the elliptical light mass disappeared
At that moment, Lan Xuanjue almost couldn’t hold the giant knife with great strength.
When I looked at the blade again, I saw an even more frightening scene. The huge knife with thick back was facing him, and there was a huge conical protrusion at its widest point, nearly a mile in diameter! The top of the protrusion has completely turned red, Se, as if it had just been taken out of the charcoal fire …
I knew this move was powerful, but I didn’t expect to underestimate its power! No one knows the hardness of his thick-backed giant knife better than Lan Xuan!
Fortunately, it’s over …
Die, purple Yan, and from the fairy world!
Heart so roar, and then LanXuan saw an incredible scene …
Four exactly the same red Se objects appeared in the sky, and in those deep and remote blue seas, the thin alignment of a left, a left, a right and a right tip hit him in the head!
One of these four red Se objects is trembling, while the other three are quite stable! Moreover, they are quite scattered, and at this time they are still divided and no longer follow any laws.
What if the attack comes from four directions?
When the root doesn’t give him a thought, four new-type shrinking-element blasting mirrors light up at the same time, and four elliptical light clusters disappear and then flash, and she has already turned to Lan Xuan’s head from four directions!
"When! ! !”
"Choke! ! !”
Lan Xuan raised his hands in a hurry, and the magic moon machete and the thick-backed giant knife were raised at the same time to block a light group respectively.
In front of Lan Xuan, an oval fire red ball obliquely rushed into his forehead, as if he couldn’t feel the hardness of his forged body and then went out of the back of Lan Xuan’s head.
Blue Xuan square a light group is vertical, but before a light group rushes out of the back of his head, it rushes into his crown. At this time, everyone seems to hear the sound of dense bones being smashed … Then the red light flashes again, but it appears from blue Xuan’s legs and goes to SH as if the former root has done nothing …
It was not until then that I heard Lan Xuan roar with a face of upheaval, but it seemed that he was no longer under his control.
Then a huge figure with a hideous face condensed by black gas rushed out, turned around and fled! to be continued
Chapter five hundred and forty-six Soul War
The sword and the magic body gushed out black gas in human form, turned and fled, while its flesh was propped up to fall to the dead.
Xiao asked for a moment, and then there was a purple voice in his head, "Change opponents!" "
At this time, Xiao asked which to ask for the wise men and directly stopped Qing Ji.
Moment surprised Xiao asked a scene happened purple Yan in chasing to the humanoid black gas at the same time, the shape rapidly blurred, and finally even the flesh disappeared into a purple black atmosphere! What’s even more amazing is that the purple and black smell is not human, but a horse’s head with a unicorn. This shows that there is a kind of strange shape in the underworld when it runs in the middle, but it has a violent and evil smell!
In a blink of an eye, the purple-black se unicorn chased Lan Xuan, who fled wildly in front, but did not bite but directly hit him!
Xiao asked that the green light flashed in front of him. He had to play J and NG to cope with the attack of Qing Ji. He had a golden wheel, a seven treasures tower and a wing shield to protect him. His defense was quite strong.
In this kung fu, I heard Lan Xuan send out a surprised angry roar, and when Xiao asked to turn my attention away, I couldn’t see the unicorn, but I couldn’t see Lan Xuan either. At this moment, the two groups of breath melted into one group!
The new mixed breath is light purple-black Se, but there is no light in it, but there are thick strange energy that regularly emerges from it. Those energy points are shaped shock waves, and each wave is the most direct soul impact. Every time I get a question, I feel that the world in my eyes beats like a heart …
"Stop her!" Xiao asked if he couldn’t see the purple Yan, but he still heard the purple Yan roar in the soul imprint.
When Xiao asked to react, the Qing Ji had already thrown Xiao asked and rushed towards the purple and black atmosphere!
Xiao Wen quickly rushed away and there were twenty miles of blue Se crystal giant swords and exquisite fire fierce swords, and at the same time, they cut at Qing Ji!
At this time, Xiao Wen finally remembered that the purple Yan made her unique in the whole underworld!
In the underworld, there are many ways to separate the soul. Although it is difficult to repair, it is equivalent to giving people a second life. Just like Lan Xuan, his body has been destroyed, but his soul escaped with a considerable amount of magic breath. Let him escape and give him some fashionable Xu Bule. In one thousand, he can regain his strength today.