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Le Xuewei nodded. "Well, mom, when she took medicine at noon, she had to sleep for a long time."

"Then let’s go!" Han Chengyi put Le Xuewei’s hand into his coat pocket and took her forward.
"Where to?" Le Xuewei wondered that it was inappropriate to do anything at this time.
"I don’t want to go anywhere, I just want to be with you, so I just wander around." Han Chengyi looked down at her with ethereal and clear eyes, which was fascinating.
"Well" a slight response like raindrops drilled into the dry ground instantly filled Han Chengyi’s heart.
Section 243
In winter, the sun is not so strong in the afternoon in the imperial city, and the wind is still a little windy. It is rare for Han Chengyi to take Le Xuewei leisurely, but no one feels lonely. On the contrary, they are very satisfied and happy.
When they were not many, Han Chengyi secretly turned his route to jstars, but deliberately slowed down the pace, aware of his intention. Le Xuewei didn’t speak, and he felt more distressed. He put his hand in his pocket and held him silently.
No matter how long the road is, it will come to an end, and the Qiao family gate will be in front.
"Shit" Han Chengyi stopped and chuckled.
"What’s the matter?" Le Xuewei don’t understand
"I suddenly want to have a cup of coffee. I remember there is one at the gate of this community." Han Chengyi couldn’t bear to let her go home like this. I don’t know when the next meeting will be.
Le Xuewei chuckled. "Yes, I want a glass of milk, too. Why don’t I treat you?"
"Well, thank you, Mrs. Han."
When they turned around, they didn’t know that Hangan had pushed Qiao’s door. He had come to see Leci and brought the latest news from Hangzehao.
Leci just woke up. Le Xuewei is not at home. Ruan Danning is combing her hair.
"Mother Ann came to see you. Are you all right?" Hang An leaned over and greeted Leci.
Leci has no spirit to smile.
Hang An looked up. Ruan Danning lowered his eyes in silence and didn’t talk. It’s very gentle to comb Leci’s hair. It’s rare to see Ruan Danning so quiet. He couldn’t help but quip, "Hey, look not to come out! Smelly little you will do this kind of girl? "
Ruan Danning glared at him and snorted, "You are nothing!"
"Gee!" Hangan hook lip zha mouth shook his head "you still don’t talk a good mouth will be betrayed! I just praised you in vain … How can you be with Professor Joe, Xue Wei and the children? "
Ruan Danning white his one eye love a ignore "professor Joe and children in school snow eu went to the hospital to see early with me this haven’t found industrial vagrants? What’s your opinion? "
"No, of course not!" Hang An raised his eyebrows and joked, "Didn’t Xue Wei say that you were already looking for a job? Why haven’t you found it yet? Poor qualifications, no one wants you? "
Ruan Danning was asked bored nu way "you what matter! Are you bored? "
"I don’t care if it’s okay." Hang An surrendered on the sofa and sat on the coffee table. She just put Ruan Danning’s resume and some information about her job search. Hang An looked at it at random and found that she was looking for these owners all belonging to one person.
Sheng Jia, to be exact, is Sheng Shijun.
He heavy eyebrows a pick holding information to Ruan Danning "what are you doing? I am bent on entering Shengjia? "
Ruan Danning ignored him when he didn’t hear Le Ci comb her hair. "Aunt, sit down for a while and I’ll heat the medicine. It’s time for you to take medicine!"
"Smelly!" Hangan was surprised to see him? But what’s with you trying to get into Sheng’s house? There are many good choices in the imperial capital, and it is absolutely no coincidence that this part is full of Shengjia information.
Don’t … A tingle in Hangan’s mind reminds me of Ruan Danning’s attitude towards Nijun and suddenly feels a sense of anxiety and smelly little won’t be that piece of wood?
Ruan Danning heated the medicine and served it to Leci. She wiped her mouth again. She was so considerate that Hang An was blindsided and felt a little uncomfortable.
"Cough cough" Hang An gently coughed and left his sight.
"Ann, Ann?" Leci sat opposite Hang ‘an after drinking the medicine.
"It’s the adoptive mother" Hang An came to her senses and promised.
"Have you heard from your adoptive father today? How is he now? " Leci is looking forward to seeing Hang An, and I haven’t heard from him since I visited Hang Zegao for the second time. There will always be some news that Hang An is still in office.
Hang’ an’s face was reluctant and he stammered, "Mother, take good care of yourself."
Leci a listen to heart sank again "is there any bad news? Ann, don’t keep it from me. I want to know whatever the news is. "
"Mother" Hang An frowned and didn’t know how to say it.
"Quick say! Ann! " Leci became more and more uneasy and urged
"Adoptive father, he was moved two days ago. It seems that he will be put in custody for a long time." Hang An hesitated for a moment and said it.
"Ah …" LeCi exclaimed a hold temple collapsed.
"Auntie!" Ruan Danning nervous to hold Leci "Aunt, don’t be nervous … bet! Isn’t it troublesome to bet Han Chengyi to help my uncle everywhere? Of course, there must be a process for such trouble. "
Leci now hates Han Chengyi’s name. It’s all his fault that her husband did this! And he’s still pretending in front of his daughter! Leci slowly slow lead strength to face is worse than just now.
"Adoptive mother, don’t worry too much. Ann will try her best. Although my strength is meager, I will never look at my adoptive father." Hang An also comforted Leci. "Adoptive mother Ann has something to do. I’ll see you another day."
"Are you leaving?" Leci was helped up by Ruan Danning to send Hang An out. "You are so busy that you don’t miss me."
The gate hit Hang ‘an and went out through a short path. Le Ci saw Han Chengyi and Le Xuewei hugging and kissing at the door. Suddenly, an internal heat rose and stepped out.
Chapter 391 Wait for me.
Han Chengyi and Le Xuewei are hugging each other, and the taste of each other is not enough.
But might as well the gates’ hua’ was rushed out by Lale Ci, and a handful of Lale Xuewei glared angrily at Han Chengyi "Hum! Han Chengyi, how dare you come here? What kind of person are you? Okay, you want revenge, we admit it! But you don’t want to be a man. It’s beautiful! You want my daughter after what you did to my husband? Han Chengyi and Hanghan are at odds! Since you can do that to my husband, you can’t have my daughter again! "
"Mom!" Le Xuewei grabbed her mother in amazement. She had never seen her mother so hysterical and excited. What happened today?