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The old man seemed to be shivering without knowing that someone was staring at him from behind. "I really don’t have any money with me. Please let me go back and get it or I’ll take you to my house."

The shopkeeper brushed his hand with a spoon and muttered with disgust, "Let’s go quickly, I’ll be bitten by a dog." There is nothing more vicious than comparing people to dogs. The shopkeeper turned around and naturally didn’t see the old man’s mouth.
The old man got up, patted his clothes and walked to the other end of the roadway until the corner. He suddenly approached the wall and breathed deeply. His chest fluctuated greatly and his hand was tightly buckled on the wall.
Holding a transparent glass bottle filled with liquid in one hand, he was just about to pour the liquid into the cooked noodle soup, but suddenly he saw Muming’s figure stunned and ready to leave quickly. He wanted to eat the overlord’s meal and was gripped tightly, so he couldn’t play along with it.
After calming your breath, you will run away in one direction, and you will not be dull, old and weak!
Mu Ming went to the door of the breakfast shop, and the owner of the restaurant saw that they were dressed in extraordinary clothes and laughed. "How many people are eating?"
Shopkeepers change their faces as fast as women, and they change their faces in a moment when they are angry. It’s really worthy of the old saying that every line of work has a job to eat.
"What happened to that man just now?" Cheng Man didn’t answer the rhetorical question and froze the shopkeeper’s face with a smile.
Clap your hands, the owner of the flour shop is not happy to say, "As you have seen, you can’t blame me for being unkind. It’s that man who eats too much of my food and doesn’t give me money is simply disrespectful!"
"Does that man look familiar to you?" Muming asked the shopkeeper to ask one leng.
The shopkeeper bowed his head and thought for a while, "It’s not very familiar, just like seeing it for the first time." He looked at the people in front of him warily and added, "Who are you asking these questions for?"
His tone and attitude can be described as very bad. It is obvious that he is depressed because he hasn’t bought anything for so long. He rubs up the dough again and waves at several people and says, "Come in if you eat, but leave if you don’t eat. I have business to do."
Yeah, it’s really bad to take a look at the door of someone else’s shop. It’s really bad to take a look in the direction where the old man left.
Gu Jingke pursed his lips and said, "The man is alert."
"startle the snake?" Cheng Man fidgety pulled pull hair to ask
Gu Jingke picked the corners of his mouth and looked thoughtfully at Muming. "Not necessarily, maybe he saw Muming, but he was not sure about our identity."
"Keep him under surveillance," Qi Shaochen spat out a foul breath. "I’m sure he can’t escape. Now he needs to be caught!"
"His words can’t wait. Since he is alert, he will definitely try to escape." Muming twisted his eyebrows at Cheng Man. Now it seems that he needs to be monitored until the right opportunity is caught.
It’s not difficult to find a person in a fast-moving joint position. In less than half an hour, the police found out where the person lived. Suddenly, there were a lot of eyeliner around his house.
His residence is not that May Day, so make sure to send someone to visit Mu Ming and Gu Jingke there. They are assigned to the same building, but Mu Ming lives on the seventh floor and Gu Jingke lives on the ninth floor.
With documents into the community, the two men did not hesitate to enter the ladder. When they were on the ladder, Gu Jingke said, "Be careful." Muming nodded and walked behind without leaving a word.
Gu Jingke touched his nose and blinked to Room 93 on the ninth floor, where he was going to visit. He stopped at the door and raised his hand and rang the doorbell.
After a while, a 40-year-old middle-aged man opened the door and looked at Gu Jingke politely and asked, "What do you want with me, sir? Or did you ring the wrong doorbell? "
Gu Jingke smiled, cold and unmistakable. "I’m here to see you about the police case."
The man’s eyes suddenly changed not to panic but to be stunned. "I didn’t make anything to understand what happened?" Is this building dead? "
Gu Jingke pointed to the door. "Can you let me in first?" In order to avoid misunderstanding, I handed the certificate to the man.
The man was uneasy and invited Gu Jingke in.
The room is two bedrooms and one living room. Gu Jingke’s eyes are not strange. The man poured him a glass of water and said, "I will cooperate with you, officer."
Gu Jingke put the water on the table and shook his head. "I have nothing to ask." Then he got up and said to the man, "Don’t make a sound from now on."
The man nodded nervously. Gu Jingke walked towards the wall, put his finger on the wall and gently knocked on a gap all the way. He didn’t let go of the sound on the wall. There was no such thing as a stuffy hum.
The man looked at Gu Jingke’s strange behavior, and the two monks were puzzled, but were afraid to ask.
Gu Jingke stepped out of the last room and reached forward with his finger "Thank you for your cooperation"
The man was surprised and asked, "Is this over?" Just knock on a wall and it’s over?
"Well," there is no stuffy hum, and this family is not suspected. In fact, from the man’s reaction, it can be seen that this person has not done those things just for routine.
The man sighed with a cold sweat and drooped like a collapse. He believed that no one would be calm when the police found him in the middle of the night.
From the ninth floor to the stair door, I saw Muming’s face cold and tired with his back against the wall and the ladder.
He raised his mouth and asked, "Is there anything wrong?"
Muming gave him a look and shook his head and said, "Let’s go."
The ghost face appeared! Wow, Kaka, he actually showed up a long time ago. Girls, do you remember which chapter?
☆ 32 curtains were pulled out of the shell.
There is nothing to prove that the man is a suspect. I suspect that I will go back to Cheng Man to spy on him. The night is heavy and I am destined to sleep tonight.
Because Qi Shaochen and Gu Jingke have not slept for two consecutive nights, they decided to let them go to the car to rest first, and temporarily let Muming and Cheng Man meet instead of the long night. It seems that only a few stars are shining in the wind because of the tension tonight.
This shimmer reflects that Muming’s face is getting whiter and whiter, and her skin is like porcelain. Her long hair is white and delicate, and she is tied up on her head in a spirit ponytail. Her delicate collarbone is neat and flat, just as her eyes are cold and complete with a simple costume, which is more pleasing to the eye and can’t move her eyes.
Cheng Man’s figure is hidden in the dark, and the wind sweeps across the corners of his mouth. "Do you know that you are getting more and more attractive?" The eyes flirted and matched with the long-coveted expression, which provoked Muming to violently smoke the corners of his mouth.
Lazy turned his head and the line of sight was calm, just like Cheng Man was not praising her for "putting away this set of questions and asking directly". If she grew up with Cheng Man, if she could not guess this little idea, it would not be her!
Cheng Man winked at a finger and hooked it. Long hair laughed. "It’s nothing. Just stare at the basket."
Muming frowned at her. Cheng Man’s personality is not a person who will hide things, but now her expression is like words on her lips and she has been swallowed back with toughness. It’s strange, but she doesn’t want to talk about it and she won’t take the initiative to ask.
Some things, some things can’t go back when they are punctured. When she wants to say something, she will naturally say something to suppress her curiosity, not because she is careless, but because she cares too much and doesn’t want to cause embarrassment.
With worries, Cheng Man stared absentmindedly until three o’clock in the morning when Gu Jingke and Qi Shaochen came to the shift.
Gu Jingke walked to Mu Ming’s side on his own, feeling tired and having no rest, and his tone was slightly low. "You go to rest."
"No, I have to stare at him." Muming turned to stare at his eyes and said, "Yes, I have seen his facial features at close range."
During the day, these people looked at the roots from a distance and there was a vague side face facing people. Among them, she did have close contact with her. He frowned and thought.
Look at her tough attitude, and no longer persuade her and him to belong to rational people, knowing what they are doing and making decisions will not be easily changed by others’ words.