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Narcissism and arrogance are far from being saved.

Arrive at Chu villa after five o’clock in the afternoon.
There is no accident that Song Anqiao saw Shi Youshi for several days. She was very happy and her sister-in-law was talking about what her sister-in-law heard nodding.
Earlier, Song Anqiao did her homework, and her sister-in-law Shi Youshi was comparable to her best friend, but a little higher than her best friend.
Chu Qiao said, "Mother and daughter are not like mother and daughter, sisters are not like sisters. Although there is a gap in age between them, they are close enough to wear the same pair of pants."
The old lady was overjoyed to see Song Anqiao. "Big Jojo, come and sit here with grandma."
"Good Grandma" Song Anqiao walked over and greeted her sister-in-law, sitting in her heart and doing a good job for the old lady to ask her children.
Who knows that the old lady kept asking her if she was cold without asking? Can a small body stand the cold?
Since Song Anqiao’s refrigerator was robbed, the Chu family was concerned, and the old lady was even more afraid of this painful granddaughter’s wife.
After the old lady measured her children, she said that it is the first priority for Big Jojo to keep fit and get rid of the cold.
"Mom, look, Joe is wearing a lot, so he will be fine." Sister-in-law said with a smile.
Shi Youshi sat there silent.
"What do you know?" The old lady scolded her sister-in-law. "Our big Joe Joe is too thin. Wearing so much is almost the same as not wearing anything."
Sister-in-law is a little jealous. "Mom didn’t see you so biased. You didn’t ask me if I was cold when I came back?"
"ChuYan you this vinegar to eat not too" Fang Lou chu long hear sister-in-law words can’t help but say
Chu Yan listened to the slightly unhappy words, and the words were full of gunpowder. "Okay, your family will take your daughter-in-law as a baby, and the rest of us are angry."
Chapter 136 My wife is still young
Chu Chang sat still, angry and annoyed. "You are right. Our family really takes Anjiao as a baby."
ChuYan beaten face floating up a layer of anger.
Section 7
"You mean I’m a guest?" Chuyan bad attitude seized Chu long-distance fault way
Chu long eyebrows slightly heavy casual leisurely way "I don’t mind if you think so"
One sentence stifles people to death.
Song anqiao black line her father-in-law … dare not compliment.
I can’t help but look up at Chu Fei’s eyes and sigh in my heart. It’s the same as fatherhood. I often take words and choke people to death.
Chufei looked at her with a good look and picked her eyebrows lightly, as if to say that I was kook.
"Dad’s sister-in-law" Chu Fei went out to fight a circle. "Look at how old you are, brother and sister. You are still so naive and not afraid of bringing bad children."
When talking about children, Chu Feiyuan glanced at her eyes intentionally. Song Anqiao reached out and hugged her shoulder. "My wife is still young, and elders like you are easy to lead her astray."
"…" Song Anqiao gas knot where is she small? Where is it easy to bring bad?
Chu long gentle smile "anqiao cover your ears don’t listen to"
All the people present were focused on Song Anqiao’s body, and the atmosphere was really bad. Chu Fei was far-sighted. She was embarrassed and took her by the hand and got up. "We might as well leave here if we cover our ears."
Then he hugged Song Anqiao to the second floor and entered his bedroom here.
"What happened to your aunt and your father?" Song anqiao couldn’t help asking as soon as he entered the room
Just now, although it seems that it is because the old lady loves her that her sister-in-law is jealous and leads to war, there is always a feeling that both sides are holding back their anger and something is wrong.
Chu Fei asked her to sit down and let the servant bring water. "Drink some water first. Look, your mouth is peeling from work these days."
Song anqiao sipped his lips and suddenly felt moist after drinking water.
Watching her drink ChuFei far put the cup on the table handsome face leaned in and kissed her mouth Song Anqiao language stretched out his hand and pushed him.
"Stop that now for a while someone" Song Anqiao back to earn the sound in a hurry "bearer bearer …"
Chu Fei is far from moving his big palm to her back and fishing for her. "I can’t come, and no one dares to enter my room."
Song Anqiao blushed. "That’s not good. I’m afraid." I’m always worried that Chu’s mother or the old lady will suddenly knock at the door. She’ll be embarrassed to death.
"Timidity is not a good thing." Chu Fei sighed that it is imperative to exercise her.
Song Anjiao nestled in her arms, playing with the forefinger of his palm to describe the lines of his palm. "You don’t want me to listen to what they are arguing about?"
Chu Fei frowned. "I don’t think it’s necessary. A little interest quarrel will pollute my ears."
"benefits?" Song anqiao is curious.
Chu Fei’s thin lips rubbed against her forehead. "Sister-in-law hasn’t been home for the Spring Festival for several years. When she comes back this time, she wants a share of Chu’s family, and now she not only wants to increase shares, but also wants the Chu’s family industry in Italy."
Song anqiao stayed in an industry? I don’t have a big appetite, do I
"But the industry in Italy was made by my father alone, and Chu’s private enterprise was not counted as a penny." Chu Fei said faintly, "Italy is for my mother and my sister."
"For your mother and your sister?" Song anqiao repeated his words and said, "Your father is very responsible."
"Yes," Chufei chuckled. "He was afraid that he would have an accident one day. My mother and my sister had no security and set up another industry."
"Isn’t it you?" Song anqiao frowned and asked
"Yes, I am." Chu Feiyuan nodded. "I also gave them separate funds, but you know that a man has to do something with his wife, children and daughters to ensure that they will be worried all their lives. This is my father’s intention and the responsibility of our Chu men."
Song Anqiao listened and stretched out his hand to pinch his nose, eyebrows and eyes. "You praised your father and pulled yourself out."
Chufei shook her hand and lowered his eyes with a deep smile. "This is a must to ensure that your life’s worries are the top priority in my life."
Song Anqiao learned his words with a flat mouth. "Worrying all your life is also my top priority."
Laugh at Chu Fei and kiss the back of her hand lightly. People are drunk before they are intoxicated. "I know enough about Qiao Mei’s words about you."
The dinner hasn’t been finished yet. Chu Chang and Chu Yan quarreled a few words. Shi Youshi took Chu Fei to the side and had to stop him.
"I don’t think we need to eat dinner tonight." Chu Fei said faintly. "Uncle Li, go and take your sister-in-law to the hotel."
"I’m not going!" Chu Yan was angry. "This is also my home. Why should I go?"
The old lady was so angry that her hands shook. Mother Chu helped the old lady Lou Song Anqiao to help comfort her and her blood pressure rose.
Chu’s mother secretly wiped her tears. Song Anqiao looked distressed and reached for Chu’s mother’s hand. "Mom has a father. Don’t cry."
"I didn’t cry. I was so angry that I didn’t get in the way." Chu’s mother blinked and wiped her tears. "This thing at home worried you. Anqiao won’t quarrel with you because of this interest."
Song Anqiao became speechless. "Mom, that’s not what I meant."
"Mom knows that mom can see that you don’t care about these things." Chu’s mother looks faintly sad. "Mom wants to give you a guarantee."