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At this time, Han Dongcheng is helping Lu Xiusi to deal with the company in his office. When he saw Shen Nuo calling him, he couldn’t help but feel tight because Han Dongcheng didn’t know what Shen Nuo was going to do.

"How did Miss Shen call me?" Han Dongcheng deliberately pretend to be very relaxed and said
"You send me the specific location of Hughes in Liaocheng, and I want it now!" Shen Nuo directly cut to the chase and said
"Shen Nuo you … what are you talking about!" Han Dongcheng knew that Hugh Lu would not agree with Shen Nuo in the past, so he deliberately asked.
"Han Dongcheng, don’t pretend you didn’t know I was there when you two talked about Liaocheng. Please tell me the address quickly. I’m going to have something urgent to deal with in the past now." Shen Nuo was in a hurry.
"What’s your emergency? You didn’t make things worse without you!" Han Dongcheng also put away the cynicism sample serious and Shen Nuo said
"I beg you," Shen Nuoyuan’s tough attitude suddenly softened. "I can’t stop thinking now. I’m really worried about him …"
Han Dongcheng is a soft-hearted guy. When he heard that Shen Nuo was about to cry, he quickly comforted her. "Don’t cry first, there is something to discuss!"
Han Dongcheng himself recalled that since Lu Xiusi left, he did not come back for a long time and arrived safely.
"Haven’t you heard from Hugh yet?" Han Dongcheng asked.
"Well, he spoke to me before the plane and never contacted me again!" Shen Nuo remembered Lu Xiusi and couldn’t help eyebrows a tight.
Han Dongcheng also worried about it. "Hugh was alone in the past. He won’t. He must be fine, but he was very busy when he got there and didn’t come to tell us!"
"You mean … Hughes went there alone?" Shen Nuo meaning to hear HanDong said this sentence can not help but feel very surprised.
"Yes, I came to think about going with him, but he didn’t agree. He asked me to help him with the state affairs office, so I didn’t go there!" HanDong Cheng told the truth.
Shen Nuo listened to Han Dongcheng and couldn’t help but feel very surprised. She recognized that Han Dongcheng didn’t lie in this matter, but what would be a photo of Lu Xiusi and Bai Lulu together?
Shen Nuo was even more skeptical about this matter. It seems that she really must go there. She said to Han Dongcheng, "You can send me the specific address of Lu Xiusi later, and I will tell you when I see him!"
"Ok, I’ll send it to you now!" Han Dongcheng didn’t know Shen Nuo’s other purpose, so he sent Shen Nuo the address of Lu Xiusi out of pure concern for the safety of landing Xiusi.
Shen Nuo looked at the address sent by Han Dongcheng with mixed feelings. What the hell is going on here? What’s wrong with this?
Section 17
Shen Nuo’s heart is like being set on fire. It’s not that she keeps baking her heart and letting Shen Nuo sit. It’s not that she wants to come to Lu Xiusi to see if he is good.
Lu Xiusi spent the night in the car with his mobile phone. The assistant who was in charge of meeting him the next morning came to meet Lu Xiusi.
"Manager Lu, why didn’t you make a reservation for you in the car one night …?" Assistant asked a face of surprise.
"I was here last night for some other reason." Lu Xiusi tidied up a slightly messy dress. "Did you bring a charger?"
"Yes, yes," the assistant quickly took it out of his pocket.
"No, go to the company first! Time is coming! " Lu Hughes looked at a watch and said to his assistant
"Ok, I’ll drive you there now!" The assistant motioned Lu Xiusi to take the bus.
Lu Xiusi made an appointment to meet with General Manager Jin early, so Lu Xiusi hurriedly prepared the documents in his hand in the car and went to meet with General Manager Jin with his old aura.
"Mr. Jin, long time no see!" Lu Xiusi couldn’t help smiling professionally when he saw how long he was waiting at the door.
"It’s really hard for manager Lu to let you come all the way!" Mr. Jin show his signature big gold teeth.
"No, no, it’s really trip worthwhile if you can reach an agreement with Mr. Jin on this trip!" Lu Xiusi’s speech embarrassed General Manager Jin. In this matter, it was indeed that General Manager Jin did something wrong. General Manager Jin did not feel a little guilty after seeing Lu Xiusi.
"Let’s talk inside!" Mr. Jin held Lu Xiusi’s hand and invited him into the conference room.
After everyone was seated, Lu Xiusi looked at the door and said, "Mr. Jin, I’ll come straight to the point and say that I’m not a procrastinator. We talked about the terms before, so naturally you have your reasons."
Manager Jin didn’t expect Lu Xiusi to say it directly. "Manager Lu really has a reason for this matter because I can’t talk about it."
⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ 931
"Mr. Jin, it’s not convenient for you to say no, but I came here specially this time to tell you that I will agree to sign a contract with you on one more condition, and we will never let you suffer."
In fact, Mr. Jin is very white in his heart. These conditions are really beyond the reach of other companies. However, because Mr. Jin has Lu Qingzhou’s support behind him, Mr. Jin will agree to come if he demands too much from Mr. Lu.
"Oh, manager Lu, what are you talking about? I’m an honest man." Manager Jin smiled. "So if you come, just stay with me for a few more days. We have a dinner party. You can talk about business first!"
Manager Jin’s mind is very simple. He will be satisfied only if he wants to see Bai Lulu tonight.
"Gold always you …" Lu Xiusi saw gold always got up and asked to leave the meeting room quickly.
"I have something to do. Let’s talk about it later!" Gold always perfunctory landing Hugh left the meeting room.
Lu Xiusi looked at Li Jin very much. He knew that the gold in front of him was always an old slick and difficult to handle.
"Manager Lu, this …" After Manager Jin left, the little assistant looked at Hugh Lu and asked him.
"No, let’s go first!" Lu Xiusi could see that this little assistant had just entered the workplace and was not deeply involved in it, so Lu Xiusi didn’t let him know much.