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If it is a peaceful time, we can still find ways to dig out the pinned people, but now it is the time to attack the enemy’s nest. There is no rescue condition at all. If the troops are pinned down by the landslide, they can continue to carry out and throw the soldiers in the landslide …

Thought of here yip hon hurriedly asked "all right? Everything is fine! "
"I’m fine!" A weak voice said
"I’m fine, too!" Another voice said
Ye Han has a black line "Count off!"
Upon hearing the order, the soldiers can count off successfully, although there is no queue, but one after another they are very tacit.
After listening to yip hon, he added himself, just right. His hanging half heart was finally put back in his stomach.
Now think about it. If the Shigemitsu didn’t blow everyone up when it exploded, the secret service team would have to bury half of the landslide at least. I really feel scared when I think about it.
Luo Qi leaned over to Yip Han and watched the blocked passage with Yip Han. "Captain, what can I do?"
Giant worms can block the passage and blow it up, but the more it blows up, the more it collapses. This main passage must be impassable.
Yip hon didn’t answer Luo qi’s words but looked to the other side. "What’s behind the hive?"
The hive shook its head and said, "I don’t know if I can’t receive the signal!" "
Yip hon can’t help but sigh. He really didn’t expect the channel to be so tightly blocked that even the man-machine signal couldn’t come. "Where is his direction?"
Honeycomb said, "There is still some signal in his direction … about one-third of the signal is lost!"
Ye Hanma ordered, "Is there a problem finding a way around?"
"I’ll try!" Honeycomb theory
Insect man-machine is not only a reconnaissance equipment, but also a signal relay equipment. If the main channel is blocked, the signal can be relayed by man-machine in other directions and finally reach the hive.
But now the situation is that one-third of the signal is completely lost, which is not so simple, so the hive simply dare not say anything to death
Luo Qi asked again, "What should the captain do next?"
Yip hon wry smile "what else can I do? Take it one step at a time. "
The core plan of taking the main channel and directly entering the enemy’s nest is completely finished. Then we can find a direct core road, and we will definitely face the enemy’s encirclement and interception, and it will be light to collapse several times.
At this moment, yip hon’s heart has been shaken. I don’t know if I can catch aliens this time … The most important purpose of this battle is to capture aliens. Otherwise, the secret service team will not drill into the enemy’s nest and throw a nuclear bomb directly into the underground hole.
Luo Qi said hesitantly, "Why don’t we quit first?"
Yip hon shook his head slowly. "No, it will be harder to call again after this tone is released."
Luo Qi advised, "Captain, I know nothing about it, but do aliens know about the death of Shigemitsu?"
Yip hon face a smoke in the mind more nervous.
If the aliens don’t know that the secret service team still has a chance to enter the core area, if the aliens know about it, they will definitely arrange the heavy light bug all the way. Once the secret service team approaches, they will directly blow up the channel in minutes to block the attack route of the secret service team.
Aliens don’t care about giant worms at all. Humans are not as good at digging holes as aliens. If it develops to that point, can’t we fight and catch aliens? Dream on!
Yip hon didn’t want to give up. He said in a low voice, "You can’t stop fighting because of a landslide, can you?"
Luo jiaqi think about it, and it’s going well all the way. We can’t stop the plan and withdraw it because the enemy has a way to blow up the channel.
The hive suddenly said, "Captain, the signal recovery road has been found!"
"Great! Look at where the light bugs are!" Yip hon said eagerly
The beehive horse marked the heavy light insect part of the monitoring range. Ye Han looked at a large flashing spot on the map and said naively, "This is a big trouble!"
Chapter 1762 The sword goes sideways
The number of heavy light insects is more than expected, and the distribution range is larger than expected. If you want to attack the core area, you must first solve the heavy light insects.
But how can we eliminate the heavy light bug without causing the heavy light bug to explode?
This problem is not difficult to solve. To destroy the head and chest of the heavy-light insect without hurting the abdomen, it can effectively avoid the martyrdom explosion. The problem is that the large-scale light insect launcher has a long butt. In wartime, the huge worm abdomen covers its head and body, bypasses the worm abdomen and hits the worm head. It’s simple to think about it, but how easy is it to actually do it?
If it’s on the ground, Ye Han has a way to go around the flank of the heavy-light insect. When the time comes, whether it’s round or flat, it’s up to him. But wherever the hole is, it’s straight to the root, and there is no such thing as flank. Unless the bomb turns, it can kill the heavy-light insect without hurting its abdomen.
The missile will turn, but no matter how delicate it is, the turning radian of the missile must be small, so there is room for manoeuvre. This kind of narrowness has no room for the missile to play.
Several thoughts in my mind were rejected by Yip hon himself.
Although no one is urging, time waits for no one. Ye Hanshi can’t figure out a way to bite the bullet and say, "There are two existing methods: one is to attack by detours, but the quick assault will definitely not work. You can make it slowly and steadily, but at present, it is likely to turn the raid into a protracted war … The other is to withdraw from the enemy’s nest and re-formulate the battle plan and find another time."
At this point, he paused and added, "No matter how you choose your determination, it is not good. I must ask your opinions now. Just consider it a military democratic meeting. Anyone who has the means can come out to discuss it … Don’t be other people when it is limited."
The soldiers were silent and Luo jiaqi came out. "My opinion is to continue to play where you can play, and then withdraw if you can’t play in."