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Yip hon’s visual inspection killed a third of the worm machine with just one shot.

The rest of the worm machine dispersed in a hubbub and it has become a luxury to want to play the same result again.
Yip hon, that’s an urgent insect killer with a super cannon. Isn’t that a cannon to kill mosquitoes?
But if you think about it, it’s not surprising that the bug machine is different from the foreign star fighter, and Duan Zhiyang knows that there is nothing wrong with the power of the aircraft carrier to kill the bug machine first.
It is estimated that Duan Zhiyang also realized this. The super cannon no longer chased the worm machine, but did not hesitate to transfer the target to the enemy naval gun.
Since then, every time I hit an enemy ship, the result has been that a group of worms have emerged, and the alien fleet has rushed into more than 3,000 kilometers. A total of seven warships have been hit by super cannons, resulting in seven swarms of worms, at least two or three hundred each.
More than 2,000 bug machines are flooding the No.3 base, making people’s scalp numb and scared. If there is a phobia, it is even more frightening.
At this time, there are less than 3 thousand kilometers left in the third base of the alien fleet, and the long-range missile is close to the enemy ship’s super cannon, and the target can be converted to destroy the insect owner.
However, Duan Zhiyang still insisted on shooting at enemy ships and moving the light beam with a little bug. As a result, there were more and more bugs.
Duan Zhiyang insisted on his own reasons. Although there are many bugs, aliens lack the means to make a final decision. Even a group of bugs can’t do much damage.
But alien warships are different. Any warship or base No.3 is seriously injured at least, and a little more serious is the ship crash.
Which goal has higher priority?
The missile group finally flew to the front of the target, and a group of female fish suddenly blew up a large group of swimming fish and jumped on the enemy ship happily … To be precise, some of them jumped on the enemy ship, and most of them were scattered, and then locked the worm machine and bumped into it at the first time.
Alien warships and insect machines simultaneously exhibit counter-attacks. Fine light and mercerization form a huge net, and layers of missiles are netted into it to hit the target. There are only a few fish-swimming missiles.
The concealed sword missile has a slightly better result. It is the conventional warhead that is too weak to destroy enemy ships, but it kills many worm machines.
"Distance of two thousand kilometers-"
When Lu shouted this sentence, the confrontation between the two sides was already very fierce, but the battle was limited to missiles and anti-missiles. There were super cannons that did not belong to missiles.
At this time, an unexpected scene happened. The shell of a good alien warship cracked without warning, and then a group of worms flew out of the shell with their wings flapping.
It’s like a signal that his alien warships are cracking one after another, and in a blink of an eye, there are dozens of swarm worms, and the number of alien warships drops linearly, and finally there are more than a dozen.
Yip hon gaping at this, a large group of alien warships actually have a dozen ships that are genuine or fake!
What do aliens really want? Can you defeat the human fleet with the worm machine?
In the face of a large group of worms, all human warships are full of fire, and countless missiles fly off the warships and rush to the overwhelming army of worms.
At this time, the super cannon also had a new change. Duan Zhiyang made the original super cannon suddenly disperse, and the thick laser column suddenly dispersed into a huge beam flower.
Dozens of light beams come and go freely across the virtual sky, and all the light beams pass through the place, and the worms are vaporized one after another. Statistics of how many worms are killed by the root method
Chapter 12 Force to go
Duan Zhiyang’s seemingly novel skill is actually not a new tactic.
Anyone familiar with the super cannon knows that this thing is not a cannon at all, but a light cannon array composed of many lasers. It is necessary to control the equipment and allow each laser to shoot a target independently.
To put it bluntly, the super cannon is really far away, near and scattered, and the enemy can fire whatever they want.
Ye Han, the insect killer, simply can’t think of a better weapon than it when the enemy ships are scattered together.
The military also thought about moving the super cannon to warships, but the super cannon is not without its shortcomings. First, it consumes too much energy, and second, it covers too much land.
The problem of energy consumption can be solved by adding more reactors, but the problem of area is troublesome. Even if the cross-sectional area of the warship is so large, even if it is full of lasers, there will be thousands of them. The power and range are so poor that it will affect the overall layout of the warship. The final result is not worth the loss.
It is a plan to install it on the ridge or belly of a ship with a relatively large area, but after detailed argumentation, the result is still more harm than good.
Due to various reasons, the super cannon has not been installed on the warship, and many military generals deeply regret it.
Yeah, Yip Han is also a middle school student.