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After all, no matter how many incarnations and reincarnations there are in the later Zhenwu Emperor, I have never heard of his incarnation as a woman.

[Am I ignorant? 】
With this in mind, Pei Wende flew slowly towards the apex of the stone tablet with virtual wind.
This huge stone tablet, which almost connects heaven and earth in the eyes of ordinary people, now seems to be just a slightly higher "mountain peak" by Pei Wende.
Don’t say it’s compared with Mount Everest, even it’s not as good as the Five Mountains.
Therefore, after a few breaths, Pei Wende raised his flying speed to the extreme, a little closer to the untouchable vertex in the eyes of the mortal.
Seemed to perceive PeiWende flying from the stone tablet, and PeiHui quietly opened his eyes in the cloud.
"You’re finally here."
Pei Hui’s heart has neve been so calm as it is today.
Pei Hui has always had a strong sense of anxiety and crisis since she was born.
This sense of crisis comes from her uncertainty about her identity and her misperception of herself.
Because Pei Hui’s intelligence quotient and emotional quotient are far beyond that of normal people, she never recognizes that those guys who are stupid enough to read for years will be her own kind.
In this case, Pei Hui began to transform her unborn brother in order to meet her own needs for "the same kind", and that’s what happened afterwards.
In the next twenty years, Pei Hui has always been so lonely that she may go forever.
Even Xuan Jue, a celestial Pei Hui who has followed him for many years, has never treated them as his own "kind".
Pei Hui is qualified to be her own "kind" only if she has the same wisdom as herself.
This situation continued until Pei Wende appeared and Pei Hui knew that she had finally waited for the "same kind"
Although Pei Wende’s wisdom performance is different, it can be said that it is the opposite.
However, Pei Hui knew from the first time she saw the opposite side that her younger brother really had the same "characteristics".
Because of that kind of unruly arrogance, the mentality of not completely reassuring the gods, Buddhists and sentient beings is exactly the same as it was at the beginning.
"Second sister?"
Pei Hui saw Pei Wende, and Fang Pei Wende also saw the figure of the stone monument standing proudly.
Just like Pei Wende’s impression of the lofty woman, Pei Hui’s long white dress automatically puts a seven-stringed treasure piano across her.
"Wende, congratulations on your success."
At this moment Pei Hui’s face is unabashedly happy and proud.
Pei Wende’s breakthrough scene in Fengzhuang not long ago has been marked with him except those who secretly peek at the evil spirits. Pei Hui naturally knows it clearly.
In fact, after learning that Pei Wende broke through the realm of heaven and man and achieved the method of Yin Shen, Pei Hui was even happier than breaking through the bottleneck himself.
"Don’t you, too? Congratulations on your achievement of incense Shinto! "
Face don’t know if it’s heart or depressed. See PeiWende so low before PeiHui and say
From the perspective of blood and family, Pei Wende naturally feels the heart of Pei Hui’s breakthrough just as Pei Hui feels happy with her own achievements.
However, from the point of view of enemies and opponents, it is more difficult for Pei Wende to take over the action by stepping on the sacred path of incense and incarnation.
"It’s still a little different. At least you found me now, didn’t you?"
Chapter 52 I am the green hill fox
"I knew that one day would come sooner or later after the battle of Changsha County."
"But I didn’t expect that you grew up so fast that you could catch up with me so quickly."
With a faint smile on her face, Pei Hui made no secret of her pleasure.
"Second sister, put what you are doing in your hand and come back to Tanzhou with me!"
Looking at PeiHui that seems to look down on all eyes, the heart suddenly inexplicably gives birth to an uneasy PeiWende light said
"Go back? Do you know what I do? "
Stretching out his hand to touch Pei Wende’s head, Pei Huigang reached out and immediately took it back.
Because now Pei Wende is no longer the teenager of Tongqing Temple, and she is no longer the second daughter of Pei family who was deeply mired in causality and had no identity.
"I really don’t know what you did …"
I noticed Pei Hui’s awkward words and Pei Wende’s anxiety escalated again.
"But if you come back with me, I promise no one will hurt you!"
Pei Wende’s eyes were particularly serious when he said this sentence, and Pei Hui felt a little strange when he was serious.
Unconsciously, the teenager who was still very exclusive of blood relatives a few years ago seems to have really regarded himself as the elder sister who needs to swear to protect her.
[It’s a pity that everything can’t go back]
Without a trace, he sighed and kept smiling. Pei Hui shook his head gently.
"Wende, I understand your thoughts and thoughts, but do you think I am the kind of person who will be pushed around by you?"
The calm voice revealed a firm denial of Pei Hui’s words, which directly plunged the scene into a silence.
"Since you helped me cut off the cause and effect, I’ve always wondered if I was really’ free’ …"
After a long time PeiHui spoke again.
"After all, Tu Shanshi has used my body to die again …"
"Even if she wants to take revenge on me, it will take at least another few hundred years to re-cultivate a doppelganger."
"From this point of view, I am indeed free."
Here PeiHui tone paused a little and became more deep.
"But this kind of freedom is not what I want. I have never been two places at once …"
"It can’t be before and it can’t be after."
Silently stare at Pei Hui, who is becoming more and more solemn, Pei Wende seems to have been able to guess what the other party wants to say next.
"So I decided to become a real’ green fox’ and completely replace Tu Shanshi."
Seemingly insipid, her tone was unprecedent overbearing, and Pei Hui express her determination like deciding what to eat for dinner today.