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Compared with Donghuang Entertainment City, the decoration and arrangement of big waves and sand washing are absolutely different. The first and second floors are sauna massage places, the third and fourth floors are leisure centers, the fifth floor is restaurants, the sixth floor is kv boxes, and the seventh floor is casino buildings and hotel suites.

Students in big waves are different from security guards. Not only are they excellent, but they are also well-known, because if you live in big waves, whether you want to have leisure sports, get together for a party or gamble on prostitutes, you can be sure to do it properly, but one thing is very important. If you don’t have money, you’d better not go to any door. Money makes the mare go.
The boss of big waves and sand scouring is not only well-known in the floating society, but also known as the man of the hour in the underworld of Dongyang Empire. People in Dongyang Imperial Capital talked about Changji Jun and didn’t praise him as the best of his generation.
You don’t have to worry about anything when the players go into the big waves to wash sand. The words "Yujimu Changji" can guarantee your personal safety and gold diamonds. Whether you are in the big waves to wash sand, whether you are a sauna massage, a banquet or a gamble, it can be said that you have entered the F.P.A. guarantee. If you want to make trouble in the big waves to wash sand, you really have to eat more bears and leopards. Because of the background of Yujimu Changji’s famous family, you can add his extraordinary security and life guarantee.
At the moment, it’s nine o’clock in the evening, and it’s the prime time for entertainment venues to open. People are coming and going, smiling and security guards are busy.
According to the old habits of the past, Yuji Changji was sitting in the office building, squinting at the monitoring screen with a pair of eagle eyes, and looking at everyone who came and went in and out of the passenger street.
People like him must always keep an eye on the "color" trend of the wind, and pay attention to every sign of trouble around the big waves and sand. Dongyang Imperial City is now in an eventful period, and monsters and monsters are rushing towards the Imperial City, which has a slight impact on the international community. Mafia organizations have reached out to Dongyang Imperial City to prevent accidents. He has to be careful to watch out for some characters coming in and out of Dongyang and see some strange faces in the Imperial City.
Dongyang Empire, Ames Empire and Tianlong Federation are getting more and more nervous. The economic sanctions against Dongyang Empire have stimulated the explosion of mafia organizations and smuggling industry in various countries. No organization will have a hard time with financial interests. Anyway, Dongyang Empire is short of money. These mafia organizations will be transported in through various channels, and even nuclear warheads can be smuggled in. Dongyang Empire has to pay the starting price.
Tamaki Changji is a cautious man. Although he lives a hard life, he is still very happy. His position in the Tamaki family ranks first than that of Tamaki Hideyoshi.
He belongs to the kind of person who is tall and big, strong and burly, and in his early forties, it is a man with the most vigorous energy, a slightly dark face and a short beard in his prime of life, and a pair of eagle eyes are gloomy and fierce, which makes it difficult to look at his eyes at a glance. Although he is younger than Tamaki Hideyoshi, because he has been taking care of all the businesses of the Tamaki family in the imperial city, the chances of showing his face are much more than that of staying in the Pearl Island for a long time, so he is more prosperous in Dongyang Empire than Tamaki Hideyoshi.
Today, he is more cautious than usual, because at noon, he received four Ames imperial soldiers who were specially guarded by the Secret Service.
As expected, the members of the cabinet attached great importance to the case of soldiers’ rape in Ames Empire. After receiving the information, they secretly transferred the four soldiers from the police station. Dongyang people are going to do a full article on these four Ames Empire sailors this time. Instead of abusing them, they will be placed in the big waves. There are two purposes to do this. On the one hand, even if Ames Empire wants to send someone to rescue these four soldiers and break their heads, Dongyang people will not think that Dongyang people will put these four prisoners in the casino to watch. On the other hand, it is also intended to make an illusion of how benevolent we Dongyang people are. Despite the current international influence, Ames who violate the criminal law of Dongyang Empire are also treated with courtesy.
It was Tamaki Hideyoshi’s idea to put the four Ames Imperial soldiers in the big waves to wash sand. He knows Tamaki Changji well, and the security measures for washing sand in big waves are stricter than those in an imperial prison. Tamaki Hideyoshi is also selfish. He is now taking advantage of all the profitable factors and accumulating political resources for the Tamaki family.
It will be no less difficult for outsiders to find out if they don’t know four people.
A black "color" luxury RV pulled into the spacious parking lot in front of the big wave and sand gallery from the north end of the street.
In life, four people came out of the RV, led by Alevsky and Kusev, and the other two were bigger and stronger than Yuji Changji. A group of four people walked into the big waves and washed sand.
Into the eye Alevsky and Kusev face imperial wood Changji couldn’t help heart a surprised face "color" a mouth can’t help mumbling "intelligence is really accurate holy sickle teach two upstarts really ran to the imperial city"
Lock the monitor screen in the portrait of Alevsky and Kusev, and call in a security guard from outside according to the table. Yuji Changji pointed to the screen image and said, "Be careful to wait on these two guys."
"Boss, they are …" The security guard was a little surprised and couldn’t help asking low questions because it was the first time in his memory that his boss ordered replacement so solemnly.
"Don’t worry about so much, just remember to be careful. Remember not to talk nonsense and annoy them." Imperial wood Changji didn’t explain much and waved to the security guard to get his instructions quickly.
During the reception, Imperial Wood Changji saw one unfamiliar but familiar face after another through the monitoring screen. It seems that the important figures in the Mafia and Changdao, two big organizations, are all making waves today.
The faces that made him jumpy made Imperial Wood Changji’s heavy eyebrows wrinkle deeper. He couldn’t help muttering in his heart how these great men and evil spirits came to my temple, which was too small to hold so many immortals and living bodhisattvas.
His heart beat twice as fast as usual. He felt nervous, worried and worried. He felt that there was a great disaster, except for Alevsky and Kusev, two upstarts of the Holy Sickle Sect, such as the Mafia Rebeck, Williams, Park Zhengjian and Jin Chengdong. He was not willing to provoke these people, especially when he saw Zong Ming with his ambition, Wasano entered the big waves and his head was twice as big as usual. This upstart of the imperial capital is a complete source of disaster. Recently, there seem to be more things happening in the imperial capital than this figure.
Imperial Wood Family The Wasano family is now trying to plot against each other. It is on the side of the Sano family and the Imperial Wood family. It is definitely a hostile position. I have never been to the big waves to wash sand. How can you choose to come to the big waves to wash sand with these ghosts and gods today? Today is bad star day? Will he hide and detain the four Ames soldiers?
When I thought of the third question, Imperial Wood Changji felt a little impossible. When the four Ames soldiers came, they had black hoods on their hoods, so that people could not see their faces. Even Imperial Wood Changji’s confidants did not know the origin of these four men, and it was even more difficult for others to know this information.
Imperial wood Changji is really a little nervous. In fact, it’s a coincidence that Zongming, Alevsky and Kusyev came with their hearts, and Rybeck, Williams, Park Zhengjian and Jin Chengdong.
Fortunately, these four forces did not "show" in public places at the same time after entering the big waves, and all four people got vip rooms and were on different floors. I can’t imagine what would happen if all these four forces met in the same place.
Zong Ming is not a threesome, but a threesome with Jing Shouhang and Tamaki Hideyoshi.
Zong Ming and Imperial Wood Hideyoshi are very delicate now. Because Inoue Shouhang "inserted" in the middle school, both of them get along fairly well. Imperial Wood Hideyoshi is also confused about Zong Ming’s identity. At the same time, he is also trying to make friends with Zong Ming. Of course, Zong Ming is well aware of Imperial Wood Hideyoshi’s mind. Like today, this party is that Zong Ming consciously guides Imperial Wood Hideyoshi to come out and ask Zong Ming to go to the big waves to wash sand and have fun.
In fact, Zong Ming’s accompanying with Zuo Yu’s ambition, Wasano Yue, is a disguised form of picking his position from Tamaki Hideyoshi. The trick has been played. Zong Ming must make a gesture that he and the upcoming plot have no attitude. With the two witnesses, Inoue Shouxing and Tamaki Hideyoshi, it will definitely dispel a doubt about Jun.
Miki Hideyoshi frowned a little after receiving the news from Miki Changji, but that was because he was worried about the big wave scouring. Like Miki Changji, he believed that these people could not have come for the four Ames soldiers who were hiding in the big wave scouring. You know, even the Secret Service agents were very surprised when they came out, and they were very secretive and meticulous in the transfer process. Unless there was a "rape" in the Secret Service, the news could not be leaked.
Inoue Shouxing, after hearing the concerns of Imperial Wood Hideyoshi, said otherwise, "Hideyoshi, you are worried about a little extra waves to wash sand, which is the place where the famous casino in the Imperial City is located. Who is not a frequent visitor here? Although the environment of the Imperial City is very complicated now, it is impossible for the empire to raise so many war-fighting materials without these mafia smuggling channels. Its energy smuggling has always been a profitable business, and the Ames Empire and Tianlong Federation have initiated economic governance to make the Imperial City. Mafia organizations full of limited business opportunities have always sharpened their heads wherever they are profitable. Isn’t our Sun Flag also "fucking" the smuggling of materials in various countries? I think the situation in the Imperial City is normal now. If these underworld organizations know that the Imperial City has such a big piece of cake waiting for them to share it without being tempted, it will be abnormal. The Soucasse Kingdom’s sacred sickle teaches the Ames Imperial Mafia, and the Asiana Kingdom often says that none of these three organizations are linked in some ways. They are not allies but competitors. Therefore, I think it is a coincidence that all these people have come to the big waves to wash sand tonight. At the same time, I also say that your Imperial Wood family is very good at managing the big waves and wash sand. It is the best affirmation of Changji Jun’s business style to attract so many gangsters from different countries. "
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Chapter ninety Conspiracy contest
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Necessary Etiquette Imperial Wood Changji personally hosted Zong Ming’s five distinguished guests in the vip room of the restaurant to praise and analyze Jing Shouxing. He said with no sense of pride, but with a worried face. "Although Shou Hangjun’s analysis has some truth, I don’t know why I always feel that something is wrong. I can’t tell you exactly what is wrong. This is my feeling that these people have not been in the imperial city for a short time, but they have rarely appeared in the big waves and sands. Not to mention today, this is a spectacular scene in which a group of owls gather together."
Zong Gherardini said to Tamaki Changji, "Changji Jun, I can hear the meaning in your words. It’s really not the right time for me to come to the big waves to wash sand today. My first time to come to the big waves to wash sand, all the gangsters followed me. Recently, I gave the impression that I was like a disaster in the Imperial Capital. I was really an unwelcome ominous person when I went to local troubles and disasters!"
Imperial wood Changji hurriedly said, "Jun, you misunderstood you, but I don’t want to invite all the distinguished guests and guests. It’s my pleasure to come to the big waves and wash the sand. How can I say that Jun is now a family with our Dongyang Empire and you have to help us?"
"This is to listen to your imperial wood family Wasano family’s century-old feud. That’s the problem of Dongyang Imperial Department. It’s natural to unite a pair of foreign countries before they have a home." Zong Ming said indifferently.
Inoue Shouxing said in a moment, "This is very reasonable. There is no home in this country. It’s really a word. The Wasano family of the Imperial Tombs must have a sense of the overall situation. If you two fight at this time, it’s really a great sorrow for the empire."
Zong Ming’s skill has been sealed since he had a hard fight with Susuke. It seems that Yuan Shen is a little loose and more mature, so it is very natural to do two things at once.
While coping with Inoue Shouxing and others, he scanned the whole big waves and searched for the exact hiding place of the four Ames imperial soldiers through the reading of Yuan God.
The scanning results surprised Zong Ming a little. He found that the guards in the big waves and the sand were unusual. Although they were very limited, they were not able to deal with ordinary Ames imperial soldiers
It’s true that the plan hasn’t changed quickly.
Zong Ming Ma Shennian and Xue Linglian "There are variables in the small spirit. Now people are being guarded by the Imperial Wood Family. These people are not ordinary soldiers in the Ames Empire. Maybe people are saved and they are taken by the Imperial Wood Family. You have to come up with countermeasures and plans."
"Boss, aren’t you a little too underestimating the individual combat capability of Ames Imperial Marine Corps?"
"They may have a strong fighting capacity in a large-scale war, but now it is necessary to act by stealth and not disturb the military of Dongyang Empire. Besides, it is difficult to talk about fighting alone. I don’t think much of the ordinary marines in Ames Empire. How do you say that they are not biochemical soldiers and imperial wood family masters?"
"Boss, you don’t know that Ames Empire has a secret service unit in its military bases all over the world. All the players are composed of biochemical soldiers, but these biochemical soldiers are the first generation and the third generation biochemical soldiers are very different now, that is, the first generation biochemical soldiers are more than enough to deal with the Imperial Wood family."
"I really know too little about the intelligence of the Yameis Empire. You must give me more snacks to help me do the intelligence work well. Are you going to send a few biochemical soldiers to make waves and wash sand? Dongyang people are very well defended. This Tibetan place is really a bit unexpected, so it can be seen that they attach importance to this matter. You must manage the manpower in your side."
"Don’t worry, boss, I know what to do. Even if it’s a" hole ",I will let them get people out, otherwise there will be no fun."
"You just know it. Anyway, don’t mess this up. I will try my best to stall Yuji Changji and Yuji to reduce the resistance for the Yameis. If you suddenly and violently" show "your whereabouts, you must let them storm the fire. I don’t care if you arrange it. I want the result."
"Boss, it seems that my efficiency has not let you down so far."
"Hey, hey, I hope you can keep this record forever as always."
Zong Ming was chatting with Jing Shouhang and others while talking with blood spirit. He looked carefree and didn’t know about imperial wood. Changji knew that Zong Ming was calculating his feelings at this time.
The enemy is greeted with a full glass of wine and a happy smile. This is the real talent. If you can make your enemy feel that you are sincere and friendly when you smile at him, you have a half chance of winning.
Since Yanchen transferred the special drug transportation channel to Zongming, the black sun group has been facing pressure and threats, and those international drug trafficking organizations that had a good idea about the black sun group have soon set their sights on Dongyang Imperial City.
At the same time, but in different places, another international conspiracy to pay for the dragon is also quietly going on.
This is the president of Yanyang Society, Xiangchuan Kentaro’s comfort zone.
It’s less than five kilometers away from Zongming Moonlight Garden, and it’s on the highway that leads directly to the suburbs of Imperial City, but Moonlight Garden is in the south and Xiangchuan Kentaro Villa is in the north.
Yanyang Society, the three underworld organizations of Dongyang Empire, involves a wide range of industries, and smuggling and drug trafficking are the most important ones. They formally registered the company Yanyang Shipping Co., Ltd., which was the first time they made enemies in Tianlong Mainland and Heiri Group.
Xiangchuan Kentaro is about forty years old and has a deep social background in Dongyang Empire. He manages everything in Yanyang Society with an iron fist, and acts vigorously and with great fame.
He is a man who can enjoy himself very much. His four homes are garden-style villas, namely Sakura Xuan, which is Xiangchuan Kentaro’s villa in the suburbs.
At this moment, in the elegant room where Sakura Xuan entertains guests, Xiangchuan Kentaro is talking with two middle-aged people.
This elegant room is quiet and cool. In the small courtyard, cherry trees are planted to attract a cool breeze, and the refreshing fragrance of cherry blossoms makes the summer heat in the room disappear.
"Has Qin Yejun entered into the implementation stage when he made an agreement with the Mafia Rebeck and Williams?" In terms of big ears and broad waist, Hu Xiangchuan left a rub. Kentaro asked a middle-aged man with a white face and a white shirt sitting on his left.
"President, it’s not the first time for us and the Mafia to get to know each other to a certain extent. Now everyone in the imperial city agrees with our plan. If we can intercept that passage from the hands of a strong dragon international, the Mafia will do anything," Qin Yejun, a middle-aged man with a white shirt, replied.