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Anyway, I don’t want to have anything to do with the mysterious pawnshop. I have been to that place once, so I just stopped thinking about going again.

"Everything is speculation that we can go and see" Grandma patted me on the shoulder.
Healing in Dan Tai Glass Room Grandma and I chatted from time to time outside the door to help him keep the door. Although there may be no abnormalities in this bride village in broad daylight, it is still necessary to drive carefully and be more cautious.
When the village head looked up at me and grandma in the courtyard and asked me to have lunch with grandma, I directly refused the village head and said wryly that he and his wife would eat first, and then he and his wife would help us cook when we were hungry.
When the village chief entered the main room for dinner, I told my grandmother that I was going to buy some water and food outside after Dan Tai came out of the room. I said that I didn’t want to contaminate the village at all when I thought that the only well in the village was mixed with human blood.
Grandma smiled and nodded, saying that after she learned that the only well in the village was mixed with human blood, she also found the food here a little disgusting.
After grandma finished this, the conversation turned to say that we have the conditions to buy water and food now. If we don’t have the conditions to buy water and food to save our lives, let alone a mixture of human blood and water, we must force ourselves to eat.
I said I was white, and I said I didn’t pay attention to my life.
My voice just fell and the door of Dan Tai Glass Room opened from the inside. I saw that Dan Tai Glass had changed a shirt again at this moment.
I asked Dan Tai that Li’s injury could be cured, and Dan Tai Li nodded with a smile and said yes.
I have no doubt about Dan Tai Li’s words. I said that since he recovered, he and his grandmother would go to the village to investigate the situation first. I would go outside and buy some water and food to bring back.
After that, I took out the water and food left in the ring and gave them to grandma and Dan Tai Li, and I was ready to leave immediately.
Dan Tai Li urgently stopped saying that he would accompany me. I said that this place is not too remote. I can do it alone.
Grandma answered us at this time and said that it is better to let Dan Tai Li say with me that although this place is not remote, it is also remote. It is always good to have one more person to look after it.
Seeing grandma also agreed that Dan Tai Li would follow me. I can ask Dan Tai Li to suggest that if I say so, grandma will stay here alone, then the investigation will be carried out slowly. When Dan Tai Li and I return to the village, we will act together.
Grandma chuckled and told me and Dan Tai Glass Road to pay attention to safety.
When Dan Tai Li and I just left the hospital from the building, I heard the village head ask grandma where Dan Tai Li and I were going. I heard grandma tell the village head that Dan Tai Li and I were going out to buy some food.
Knowing that the curse in Bride Village is likely to be mysterious, I was a little uneasy about leaving my grandmother alone in the village as soon as I left the village.
Thinking about going back and asking grandma to leave the village with us, I didn’t want grandma to be involved. After hesitation, I still chose to go back with Dan Tai Li Su.
Chapter four hundred and seventy Black fog reappears
Dan Tai Li and I left the village to buy water and food, which can be described as non-stop rhythm. After buying enough water and food, Dan Tai Li and I immediately returned to the village.
Returning to the village road, Dan Tai Li smiled and said that I was rushing into Kyushu. I said that I was worried that my grandmother would be uneasy to stay in the village alone.
I confess what I think. Although Dan Tai Li still teases me from time to time, I am too heroic and heroic at the moment, but I have also accelerated my pace.
Bride Village is in a ravine, bypassing the last mountain range far away, and I can see that the Bride Village is once again shrouded in black fog in broad daylight.
What I saw in front of me made me tense up and clenched my fist. I stopped and immediately began to join two invisible paper men in the bride village. I want to know exactly what grandma is like now
Invisible paper men’s eyes I saw another massacre in the village. Many people looked ferocious and their eyes were full of hatred. The village head was surrounded by a well in the middle of the village. At the moment, his eyes were full of enthusiasm. He was holding a long knife and cutting his neck at the side of the kneeling well, stretching his neck towards the wellhead.
This time, when the village head was cut off, he didn’t catch the man’s hair. The man’s head should fall into the well.
After seeing the situation near the well in the middle of the village, I immediately urged and tracked the village head. The invisible paper man was also at the well in the middle of the village, and another invisible paper man went in the direction of the village head’s home.
But at this time, I saw that grandma was also standing around the crowd at the water well in the middle of the village
I was shocked to see grandma standing with her bare hands in the crowd.
Look at grandma’s expression carefully. My heart is a little wider. Look more carefully at the water injection well. I don’t want anything to happen to grandma.
The slaughter continued to surround the well, and the number of people decreased. One body drained of blood was dragged aside, and another person immediately went to mend the missing knee. The well stretched its neck towards the wellhead and waited for death.
Although grandma is in the outer position of the crowd around the wellhead, it is still safe so far, but seeing that the village chief has no tendency to stop chopping people’s heads and roots, I am worried that grandma will be exposed before long
In any case, I can’t watch my grandmother encounter danger but do nothing. Even though I know that my ability is limited and my work is humble, I will drive my grandmother into the village and help her in the dark fog before she is peeped out.
Thinking of this, I lifted my foot and approached in the direction of Bridal Village. I told Dan Tai Li that I could be invisible just now. I said I would enter the village and enter the black fog.
Dan Tai Li followed me closely and said that he would accompany me into the village and the dark fog to help grandma.
As I walked, I continued to connect with the village well, but I could be invisible as a paper man. I told Dan Tai Li that it was enough to have this intention. He needed to enter the village with me into the dark fog. I said that things in the village were very likely that mysterious pawnbrokers would get into trouble.
Dan Tai Li said that he was left alone, and the most feared thing in his life was to get into trouble.
Glancing at Dan Tai glass, I said thank you. I said that if Ma helped Grandma, it would provoke a mysterious pawnshop, and I would bear the consequences without tiring Dan Tai glass again.
Dan Tai Li said with a low smile that if the road is rough, he should draw out his sword and help him, saying that there will be consequences and we will discuss them later.
Finally, we arrived at the village tree, and Dan Tai Li and I had to take a few more steps forward to enter the village and enter the black fog.
At this time, I can see that the village head has stopped killing and there is still a circle of people in front of grandma.
In front of grandma, there is a tall man, whose body shape is just enough to completely block the sight of the village head sweeping to grandma’s direction by the pestle well.
I immediately told Dan Tai Li Dan Tai Li what I could see from the invisible paper man’s eyes, saying that we should be calm and wait until we see what will happen next, and then decide our next step.
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Do you want to go into this village and into this black fog?
Dan Tai Li said that as the situation in the village is now, it is bound to cause turmoil if I break in with him. Unless grandma is exposed, he is not advised to go into this village and into this black fog.
Dan Tai Li told the truth. I nodded and said it was more near the water injection well
I saw that after the village chief stopped killing, the village chief waved his hand and became bigger because of the constant killing of the village chief, and the circle began to gather around the wellhead of the well.
Grandma moves with the rest of the people. When the enclosure is still, grandma looks through the gap between the person who is in front of her and the person who is in front of her right. She stares at the wellhead of the well and frowns. I don’t know what to think.
The village chief’s eyes glanced at the innermost layer of the surrounding water well, and the circle was raised and the blood was still ticking. Suddenly, the long knife was slashed to the man’s head in front of grandma.