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He hopes to cultivate more idealists, even if they are constantly eliminated after entering the real society, there will always be idealists who can persist in it.

An idealist needs more idealists to maintain and build a country.
Reality is cruel, but if there is no idealist, reality is cruel and it is terrible.
The most important core point of reform is the financial issue.
Su Yonglin’s education conference moved the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Civil Affairs out of the decision-making process on education issues, and asked the Ministry of Finance to set up a certain scale of education expenditure separately every year, just like the military.
This expenditure does not require the intervention of the Ministry of Finance, so how can it be managed by the Ministry of Education and audited by the Ministry of Finance and the Audit Department?
The Ministry of Civil Affairs also needs to hand in population data to support the department in enrolling school-age children, and it does not need the intervention of the Ministry of Civil Affairs.
After putting up the high-rise building, Su Yonglin determined the goal and importance of educators through one educational meeting after another.
"Education is to cultivate great builders and guardians, not to cultivate everyone’s masters. I heard that there is a saying among students in China and Cuba that scores are our days. I have also heard some educators talk about that education is to look at scores without looking at academics.
In order to make students better adapt to the atmosphere of imperial examinations, state schools began to arrange students to conduct mock imperial examinations in county schools after they came out of Mongolian school. In some places, they were held once every six months, in some places once every three months, and in some places even once a month.
Although the students trained in this way have great strength in the imperial examination, they can constantly produce high-scoring candidates in the imperial examination, but does this have any profound significance for the revolutionary cause? Are we doing revolutionary work by examination papers? "
It was just after the purge, and Su Yonglin’s prestige brought a deep psychological shadow to everyone. When Su Yonglin was dissatisfied with the educators, almost no one dared to raise any objections.
Only Yelujin gave Su Yonglin some opinions from a realistic perspective.
"Chairman, it’s not that we haven’t considered whether these problems are bad or not, but as far as selection is concerned, we can’t find a better way to paste the papers for the time being. It’s really … fair."
What Yelujin said, Su Yonglin certainly agrees.
"I have never said that I am opposed to the examination paper selection method, but I don’t think we can decide everything just by the examination paper selection method. We select officials who govern the country and need some literacy, and the examination paper can’t be inspected.
In addition, I pay more attention to the fact that in the process of education, I should join the production practice in sufficient quantities, so that all students can know from the very beginning that production is difficult and how difficult it is for the people to raise a full-time student.
The problem now is that many students don’t know how rare it is to be able to read and write. They don’t study hard with awe and gratitude.
They didn’t deeply understand that what they can learn is because their predecessors fought for their lives and the revolution is because of struggle. If they don’t know all this, then we can train bureaucrats. "
Su Yonglin took out a list and patted his console table.
"There are more than 70 criminals among the officials selected in the two-year imperial examination of Hongwu during the rectification movement, and there are more than 50 criminals among the officials selected in Hongwu for five years.
What makes me even more angry is that there are more than 30 criminals among the officials selected by Hong Wunian. The interrogation officials have inspected their revolutionary theoretical level and know nothing.
Can they become promoters of the revolutionary cause in the future? Can’t they unify the old bureaucrats into our enemies and train our enemies from our own schools? This is not too ridiculous. "
So Yelujin couldn’t say anything about his opinion.
Looking at everyone’s complaints, Su Yonglin nodded his head.
"Generally speaking, the first step to take our job is to clarify the number and location of Chinese schools, as well as the number of students, the number of teachers, the teaching environment and so on. I am going to inspect the situation of Chinese schools in a year or so.
Then, according to this actual situation, we will make overall arrangements for the teaching staff in Chinese schools, how to learn and what to learn, and make a thorough overall plan, and then make reasonable arrangements for students to participate in production and understand production according to the local actual environment and industry. "
Su Yonglin handed over the investigation of this country’s teaching university to Yelujin.
"Yelushang is in charge of this teaching inspection, and all the staff in the whole department are involved. If there is a shortage of staff, you can apply for assistance from me, and I will hand over the cabinet staff to you to help with the investigation. Generally speaking, I want to see the detailed report at the latest one year."
Yelv Jin got up and saluted Su Yonglin.
In terms of personnel training, Su Yonglin has been pushing for a certain degree of reform, but it is difficult to see the effect in the short term. In the future, we need to go through rounds of personnel adjustment and optimization.
It’s hard and hard, but the only good thing is—
Su Yonglin is still very young
At present, however, the strategic preparations needed to launch a war are more direct.
The more important strategic workers are Hexi province, Sichuan province and Guangxi province, which are respectively responsible for the logistics transportation of three battles: the West Liao attack and annihilation war, the Dali attack and annihilation war and the South Vietnam recovery war.
As far as the present situation is concerned, the best preparation is Hexi Province.
Since the fall of Xixia in four or five years, there has been no large-scale war in Hexi Province, and there has been a small-scale public security war, and there has been no turmoil in the past two years
China’s local rule is very stable. Joline, the top leader of Hexi Province, successfully promoted various policies here, which made the local area enter a virtuous circle of development.
A large number of ethnic groups, such as Tangut, Qidan and Qiang people, live in great harmony here. Everyone cultivates fields, cultivates fields and grazes, does business, studies and studies, and enjoys a rare peace, which greatly eases social contradictions.
According to the requirements of the central government, Joline has also implemented various policies to benefit the people, and built large-scale traffic roads and water conservancy projects to benefit livestock manure and compost workshops. It is very good to build Ningxia Plain and Hetao Plain, two agricultural treasures.
In recent three years, agricultural production in Ningxia Plain of Hetao Plain has been very successful, and successive bumper harvests have accumulated a considerable amount of grain for the attack and extermination of Western Liao. Su Yonglin praised Joline and the administrative team of Hexi Province twice in a row and expressed satisfaction with their work.
Economic and political preparations in Hexi province have been done quite well, and Jiang Liangping, who is in charge of the Sixth Corps, has also done quite well in military preparations.
A considerable number of mature officers and political cadres of the Second Corps assisted Hongwu in the establishment of the Sixth Corps for about six years, and completed the establishment of the army and the simultaneous development of various military trainings.