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"Let’s go" Cocoa greeted one of her own and stepped out of the room.

Qin Yu kicked the old cat’s ass when he lifted his leg at the door. "What’s the matter? Did you suffer there?"
"What kind of brain power am I that can be cleaned up by a bitch?" The old cat immediately pouted and replied, "They caught me and didn’t start work at that time. I immediately came here for nothing. You two must have got the chips outside, otherwise they could be so polite to me? So these days I’m there as an old man. I should eat and drink for the driver around that little bitch. Haha. "
Qin Yuwen scolded, "You have a big heart everywhere."
"Not big also not line? I want to be empty, then maybe the cocoa will be really old and healthy. "The old cat looks like a tiger, but when he meets something, he really has a calm spirit, which also has a superior family background with him, which will subtly affect him and make him less afraid."
"I’ve heard about the brothers." The old cat sat next to Qi Lin and said in a rare tone, "If it weren’t for you and silly Yu, I wouldn’t be able to really fold Jiangzhou. Don’t say don’t be angry about your business this time."
Qi Lin smiled, "Everyone has everyone."
"Oh, yes," Qin Yu suddenly opened his mouth and said, "I’m going to let the middleman in Jilin be responsible for the drug matchmaking and dividend distribution."
The old cat was stunned. "This job is very difficult and dangerous."
"I’m not afraid of danger, I want to do it." Qi Lin responded lightly.
The old cat habitually looked at Qin Yu when he heard this. "What do you think?"
"Well, I agree." Qin Yu nodded.
"That’s up to you," the old cat agreed.
Songjiang’s most important thing was that Qin Yu secretly joined forces with Ma’s family to protect Qi Lin. All the way to Jiangzhou, it was also Qin Yu who came up with ideas and took Qi Lin to take the blame for falling from the sky. Nowadays, the drug line has taken an absolute turn for the better, and it is Qin Yu who has made a plan to let everyone swim in a good direction …
No matter whether the old cat or Qi Lin has been involuntarily taking Qin Yu as the backbone at the moment, this change of consciousness is also beneficial, because several brothers can’t discuss everything together, and they must have a real clapper to make a decision, while the old cat is somewhat dissolute and some things are slightly reckless and idealistic; Not to mention Ji Lin, he is bold and rich now, but his communication with people is especially important for these evil spirits in the planning area. They are inexperienced, but they have more than ten years of experience in doing things alone, and Qin Yu is more suitable for sitting in that top spot.
Qi Lin lay in bed thinking for a long time and then asked, "Xiaoyu, are you going to talk to Coco? Is the price still going forward?"
"No," Qin Yu shook his head. "We are not like your eldest brother. He was hungry at that time, but this time we are going to give money to many people. If the medicine is too high, it will be difficult to satisfy all parties with less profit."
The old cat rudely buttoned his nose and said, "Lao Li has been served in the north, and his side may want to make a profit of 50%."
"So much?" Qi Lin frowns
"Lao Li’s mind doesn’t make money. He can create some for himself to suppress Yuan Jia at the same time." The old cat explained gently, "This 50% base is for the layer, and he can’t get much for himself."
"That’s a little too much." JiLin turned to look at Qin Yu. "Ma’s family has to split up some."
"Fifty percent can understand," Qin Yu replied with a smile. "The biggest reliance of this business is Li Si’s background. If he can ensure the smooth sales of drugs, we can’t hold it steady even if we earn less at a time. If we can’t earn a lot of money in the short term, then we can rely on time to accumulate capital. Take your time."
"Well" JiLin nodded.
When the three brothers were chatting and watching
It took an hour and a half before JiLin pulled out the needle and followed Qin Yu and the old cat to the opposite room.
Cocoa room meat smells fragrant, rusty copper pot sets the table and burns hot soup. Next to it, several plates of frozen mutton are cut into red and white thin rolls. This era is inexplicable and makes people look at the appetite.
"I brought the mutton and vegetables, and the soup was made by the boss." Coco waved his hand in a big sweater with a high collar. "Come and sit down and eat together."
"Then I’m not at all." The old cat picked up a big chopstick and threw it into the pot before taking a step. "Ah, it seems that eating instant-boiled mutton two or three years ago was not as good as you compatriots in the planned area."
"Hehe" Coco smiled and turned to look at the old cat. "Your old Li sat in that position and casually raised his hand. Are you still short of mutton hotpot?"
When the old cat heard this, she immediately pretended to be B "Sister, you don’t know that elder brother is a strong person! Although I have relatives with Lao Li, my dignity does not allow me to live on him … "
"You are quick to shut up and have a meal" Qin Yu is going to throw up.
"Why don’t I say it’s true?" The old cat squinted and asked.
"It’s real shit" Qin Yu nodded vaguely.
"Come on, sit down, sit down." Cocoa greeted with grace.
When they heard this, they sat at the round table, and the cocoa driver and others didn’t come in to eat alone in the room next to them.
Cocoa poured three people a drink and said with heroic spirit, "I wish our future success;" Second, you caught Li Tong, which is also a revenge for Kang Ge. Third, to do business with me is to make me money. I have to thank you. I’ll drink three cups to show my respect. "
The old cat looked at the spirited Coco and immediately blinked his small eyes and said, "It’s a pity that this bitch can’t drink enough."
"You can shut up." Qin Yu stretched out his hand and pulled the old cat’s head over.
Chapter 60 The girl’s name is Yu Jinnian
dining table
Cocoa field drank nearly five taels of white wine, but the girl still kept her face still and didn’t breathe. Qin Yu was embarrassed not to accompany her when she saw that little girls were doing things so well. He and the old cat even had three cups of company, and Qi Lin could sit next to her because she was injured and couldn’t drink wine.
After three rounds of wine and five flavors, Qin Yu smiled and said, "What’s your name, Coco?"
"My name is Yu Jinnian," replied Cocoa, wiping the grease stains on her red lips.
Qin Yu was stunned. "This is a bit like a boy’s name."
"It’s nice to hear, but don’t pinch the girl a little," commented the old cat. "It’s not good to show off the edge."
"You don’t know shit." Coco rolled her eyes. "In ancient times, it was a beautiful jade, and the atmosphere was simple and the meaning was good."
"He has no culture. Don’t be like him." Qi Lin advised 1.
"I can see that this is illiterate." Coco nodded.
"I think this name matches you." Qin Yu looked at Coco with a crooked neck. "You are better than many men."
"Where is it?" Coco shook his head. "It’s just following in his father’s footsteps."
"There is no man in your family?" The old cat asked
"Yes," Coco said with mutton and smiling, "but men are not as good as me."
Three people one leng cocoa and nifty added "joke my two brothers are responsible for other things hey hey"
Qin Yu looked at Cocoa and suddenly asked, "Can I go to the medicine production car to have a look?"
Coco smell immediately shook his head "of course not"
"Your guest level is not enough and I haven’t finished the letter. How can you let you go to the car to see it?" Cocoa decisively refused.