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"Are you Wang Jinqiu of Silla?"

Although it is unpleasant to be called by a first name, Jin Hunqiu immediately put aside a trace of dissatisfaction at the bottom of his heart and said, "It is to visit Gu Gong."
Jin Hunqiu looked at each other and then bowed his head and didn’t dare to look at it. Although he knew that this person was very young, he didn’t expect to be so young.
Li Chong-jiu is holding his steed in armor. After he tells the mountain who he is, this is the historical King of Warrior.
How can I put it? This man is now comparable to Li Shimin in the eyes of Koreans. It is he, his children and grandchildren who have worked together to complete the history of Silla’s real reunification with the Korean Peninsula. This period is called Silla’s unification, which represents the first time that the Korean Peninsula has entered the era of great reunification.
Jin hun Qiu said, "Knowing Gu Gong’s war, he led 500 warriors to help Gu Gong with one arm."
Li Chongjiu nodded and said, "Thank you for your help, King Ping. I will wipe my eyes, but since you have come to my account …"
Before Li Chongjiu finished his words, Jin Hunqiu said, "Please ask Gu Gong to know a little about Ma Wu’s arts, literature and sinology even though he sent Xiao Wang Silla."
Li Chongjiu nodded his head when he said, "In this case, let the king give in to the first army, and the eagle will lead the five hundred Silla warriors."
"It’s the end of the general’s life," Jin Hunqiu said.
After that, Li Chongjiu turned his horse.
Jin Hunqiu looked at Li Chongjiu’s dust and went to the back of the mountain silently and asked, "What do you think of Gu Gongru, Wang?"
Jin hun Qiu said, "This person will have something to do if he can win the status of ri, but whether he can win the Khitan depends on whether his subordinates are effective."
This road from Zhuojun County to Liaoxi County is well known to all the soldiers.
But this time it was different along the way.
If the city of Qidan invades Zhuojun, it is lucky for all ages, so the villagers along the way spontaneously stood by the road with a basket of corn cakes and a pot of cheese.
Once a soldier is thirsty and tired, he will take it in the basket of the people.
Li Chongjiu saw a white-haired old woman with a string of hand-made straw sandals on the road and kept asking whether the soldiers passing by needed to change them.
Li Chongjiu saw this scene and couldn’t help but be moved by the official. When this song started to speak for the benefit of one party and the emperors of past dynasties were able to realize their ambitions, it was enough to give consideration to the people and leave a good name.
Can you do it yourself?
When the army left the plain, it entered the endless Yanshan Mountains. Now it is Emperor Yangdi who levied Koguryo and repaired the imperial road, so that three carriages can drive side by side in the mountains.
Twenty thousand county soldiers, three thousand Koguryo auxiliary troops, one thousand Mukun cavalry and five hundred flowers. Lang Jun soldiers marched in the long mountains.
After entering Liaoxi County, the population became sparse, and the army rested for the night, that is, the soldiers on the roadside dragged their leggings and picked up the blood bubbles on the soles of their feet, crushed the rice cakes and put them in an iron horse bowl with water, sprinkled a little bit of coarse salt, and then sharpened the stone to light the fire and cook them.
There’s nothing I can do about it. The commissary rice cake is not thoroughly cooked, and most of it is not threshed, so it’s very rough and difficult to swallow if it’s not cooked.
This is also a condition restriction, but the foot soldiers didn’t complain when they went. The poor people in Zhuojun County can eat bean crumbs, miscellaneous bran, bark, leaves, solid rubber surfaces and anything. If Wei Zhi hadn’t proposed to Li Chongjiu to set up a warehouse to give porridge, people would have starved to death at least ten thousand people in Zhuojun this winter.
In his counties, people can’t bear to compete for food. It’s nothing more than the story of people fleeing from counties, and everyone knows it.
It is quite satisfying for all the soldiers to have a full meal, although it is a little rough.
In Jin Hunqiu, it’s hard to swallow rice cakes when I see Lang Jun’s meals for myself, but I’m also annoyed when I see his armies’ meals, especially Li Chongjiu, who is holding rice cakes and gnawing at the soldiers through thick and thin, even more speechless.
Jin Hunqiu carefully observed that although the county soldiers were eating poor meals, their morale was still very high. They could not help but nod silently, saying that the big Sui people were stronger and tougher than Silla people.
After entering Liaoxi County, Li Chongjiu is a stepping army, but he is not worried that the Qidan Xi cavalry will ambush the Qidan Xi army, and the scouts Cui Xuding will keep coming.
After arriving in Liaoxi County for two ri, Cui Xu led the soldiers in the clan to make a sudden inspection and led 10 thousand cymbals, while Cui Xu took 5 thousand troops from Ding Department.
This is the biggest mobilization of the two films. Li Chongjiu remembers that when Luo Yi fought in the war last year, the Ministry could mobilize at most a thousand soldiers. Now, in addition to the 100 warriors who were transferred to Wansheng Army, it is actually possible to make up 10,000 soldiers.
It turns out that after Li Chongjiu Koguryo’s successive victories, there were people of the same clan who crossed the Liao River from the water at the end of the millet to go to Tuji, so the number of people in Tuji was increasing. This time, the Khitans invaded western Liaoning and looted several tribes, burning and looting, and Tuji was furious.
Jin Hunqiu was worried that Li Chongjiu was not strong enough to fight against the Khitan, but I heard that after the two departments sent fifteen thousand troops to meet, I suddenly felt a little emboldened.
But Jin Hunqiu immediately inspected the two armies and compared them. Li Chongjiu County soldiers couldn’t help but shake their heads.
The foot soldiers of the Ding Department and the Hun Department are all tribes, young and strong, old and weak, and the young and strong men are all poorly equipped. A big stick can nail a few bones to be weapons. The foot soldiers are all covered with animal skins and have no decent armor. They come to the war with wooden shields and hunting bows.
However, despite the poor equipment, jing Hunqiu looked at the soldiers’ bodies and graves, and their muscles were covered with bronze se skin. It is well known that these people grew up in into the badlands, but they can greatly make up for the lack of equipment.
When Li Chongjiu met with his army, he moved on. Ding people pushed their carts and followed the army.
Ding’s carts are filled with their food tents. Whether it’s a war or a migration, Ding’s carts follow wherever he goes. Ding’s wheel height is very exaggerated. Almost horses are as tall as horses, so they are also called high-car families because Ding likes high cars.
The origin of the Gaoche family comes from the same family as the Chiles, and the same family is Xue Yantuo in Mobei. When the grassland rose softly in the same year, the Ding people were gentle, and then the Northern Wei Dynasty cut nine times and took six or seven hundred thousand Ding people to move to the Han Dynasty. Since then, this branch has been called Shanjuding.
After moving to the Han Dynasty, Di Liao Ju Ding was founded in Hebei, and after the founding of Wei, Mu Xianbei Yan was destroyed. Many ethnic groups were moved to settle near Longcheng, the capital of the Northern Wei Dynasty in Liaoxi County.
After the destruction of Yan State, the Ding people still lived in western Liaoning, but their lives were already very difficult, but the custom of carts was still preserved. For example, Cui Xu, now the leader of Ding Department, claimed to be a descendant of Zhai Liao.
And after Ding people, it is the people in western Liaoning who push carts.
People are all a big horse or at least two people. Many people are not riding, but pulling horses. Liaodong horses are good at Mercedes-Benz and can bear loads, but they are all pulled by horses. But after all, this is a small number. Most Liaodong horses are tall but not fast, so they are more suitable for pulling horses.
After the army joined up, the striker had been in Qidan, and the cavalry suffered a few rides and dozens of small-scale battles.
Because Li Chongjiu’s main cavalry hasn’t arrived yet, the scouts are all wandering county cavalry. Although the 20,000 county soldiers are infantry main cavalry, there are only a thousand people, but it doesn’t mean that the county soldiers and cavalry are weak. The county soldiers and cavalry screening are all good brothers in the border county who are good at bowing horses and equipped with jing Liang. However, it is said that the Qidan striker scouts are also one of the warriors in the family.
Although the scale of the scout war is small, it is a test of each other before the decisive battle between the two armies, not only to test the forces, but also to retrieve the enemy information about the surrounding terrain.
This fierce battle of scouts came to Qidan, where the cavalry suffered casualties and retreated slightly after riding a hundred times. It turned out that the scouts were the best in the mountains, forests and valleys of western Liaoning, not cavalry but people who grew up in this familiar terrain.
Although there were people in the forest snooping in Qidan, after all, a strong dragon was defeated by local strongmen, and as a result, he gave up the entanglement ahead and retreated to a plain next to the white wolf.
Looking at the Khitan people’s camp across the white wolf water, Li Chongjiu, a veteran soldier in the war, whispered that the Khitan Xi people claimed to be 200,000 troops this time.
Li Chongjiu knew that the Khitan people wanted to play the cavalry power in the plain. He decided to fight a decisive battle. Li Chongjiu would not go deep into the grassland, but set up a camp by the white wolf valley and waited patiently for Li Hu’s army to arrive
According to the forecast, Li Hu should lead the main cavalry of grassland and should have come here two ri ago, but his eyes have been out of sight.
People are somewhat uneasy at heart.
In the face of the Khitan Xi army reinforcements stood up before the war, it was a fatal blow to the morale of the army. If Li Hu was Li Chongjiu’s father, it would be impossible to turn his back on his son. If he were one of his generals, I’m afraid the generals would have been unable to sit still. The most timid people would have anointed their feet first.
But Li Hu stood me up, which makes it difficult for people to speculate.
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