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When Yao Shangqing came back, the county cut the meat and some other ingredients. It was a big dish to cook braised pork and pancakes with some rice soup. This meal was solid and malicious.

Braised pork is sweet but not greasy. Juice with cake is not good. Take another sip of boiled millet soup. I’m not tired.
Yuanyuan also eats a mouthful of soup and smiles.
Not to mention others. That’s a satisfaction.
Yao Shangqing worked in the afternoon and took Yuanyuan to the mountains to cut pig grass and dig wild vegetables. There are always chickens, ducks and pigs at home to be watched, and they are indispensable anyway.
Several of his older children can do some small work successfully, and they all follow together, and they can’t lose any food. After all, food is a life.
Yao Shangqing didn’t expect to see his parents coming back. They must have worked hard, too.
Two groups of people didn’t dare to get close. After all, they still had to avoid suspicion, but everyone in the village worked hard and there was nothing else.
"You sent me the medicine, and it didn’t matter much. It’s fine now, and I’m getting used to it and I can work." Yao Zhizhao bent down to work and could talk to her daughter.
So is Zhou Xingyue.
Yao Shangqing sighed and conveniently cut himself into their baskets.
"That’s fine. You should also pay attention to your health. Our family will be reunited."
Yuanyuan is playing over there.
Yao Zhizhao got up and looked at the past. "Yuanyuan is almost four years old. How time flies!"
Yao Shang counted and nodded, and they have been here for many years.
Mr. and Mrs. Yao Zhizhao left together after the pig grass was cut.
Yao Shangqing began to work hard again, and it was almost noon before he was going home.
I cooked steamed noodles and a pot of tomato and egg soup at noon.
It’s a plate of bacon cut behind the steamed noodles with dried beans and served with green onions and garlic, which is particularly comfortable to eat.
Chen Yougang ate two bowls and drank a big bowl of soup by himself, leaving them with three adults and one bowl of children, most of whom were bowls.
Yuanyuan’s garlic was spicy, and she slowly felt delicious. She also ate half a bowl after another.
The autumn harvest is not over until it has been busy for seven days, then the field will be plowed and the target land will be planted, and then winter wheat will be planted.
School will start, and Yao Shangqing will return to the city to continue his classes.
Children in Baijia village have also started classes.
At the end of October, there was a heavy rain in Baijia village, and the temperature dropped instantly, so the thick clothes were dispatched.
It’s cold. It’s almost winter. Fortunately, Chen has prepared all the clothes for them long before.
The sweet potatoes planted in the private plot can be recovered. Chen and Yue-e Li took Yuanyuan to dig sweet potatoes in the back mountain. Chen Yougang still went to the brigade to dig ditches as usual. Good spring next year.
When Chen dug up the sweet potato, it looked different. This year, the sweet potato was much bigger and more knotted than in previous years.
Two people worked hard to dig sweet potatoes, sweating and taking off their coats.
At noon, Chen Yougang came to work and helped to transport it home.
Chen Yougong came back suddenly in early November, and he also carried two big bags of cotton.
Chen has slept and got up again in her clothes. What happened to her when she saw someone?
Chen Yougong is tired. "Mom, it’s full of cotton. It’s the truck friend who had an accident with us before. He got these two big bags and gave them to me. Look at making clothes for his family or something." After that, look at Chen Yougang’s house. He has other things.
"Mom called my second brother up."
Chen smiled and squinted. To tell the truth, the cotton in the children’s cotton-padded jacket at home is relatively old. Adults naturally mend it. After three years, the cotton is a little hard, but everyone in the village is like this. Even Li Guihua’s family is so difficult to get cotton.
After hearing this, Chen immediately went over and asked people to get up. "Isn’t the second daughter-in-law cooking a bowl of noodles for the third child at noon?"
Yue-e Li got dressed and went straight into the kitchen.
Chen Yougang knew that Chen Yougong had come back and naturally got out of bed.
"Old three, this cotton is hard to get."
Chen Yougong hey hey smiled a thinking about this thing.
"Second brother, I have one more thing to tell you-would you like to learn to drive?"
Chen Yougang’s eyes widened. "What did you say about learning a car?"
"It’s the truck. This is what happened with me that year. The truck master has also been in contact with us in recent years. He has nothing to do at ordinary times. He has to return to other jobs when he is old, but he can decide for himself who to give it to. He has no children and is not married. Just ask me."
Chen Yougong told the general situation that a truck driver was not peaceful a few years ago. After all, some remote places were still uneasy and added some driving problems, and when he left, he wouldn’t go home for a month or two, but the truck driver’s income was high, so he would come back overnight.
Yue-e Li heard this as soon as she came in with a bowl of noodles and two poached eggs.
"Old three eat noodles"
Chen Yougong is also cold. This will take the noodles and start eating them.
"Niang second brother and yisow, think about this job first, but you can’t always take care of your family after your second brother."
Chen looked at them and "let them make a decision"
Is it what Li Yuee wants when she slaps her thigh? Truck driver, this is a hot job.
"Do you still want to? We are definitely willing, aren’t we? "
Chen Yougang is quite clever when he comes, and he is still in a trance when he is hit with a wooden stick by this news.
"Can I do it?"
Chen Yougong took a sip of soup with a bowl. "What’s wrong with this?" He said that he had been teaching you proficiency by running with you several times.
Chen Yougang wiped his face hard and nodded. "Then I will do it."
Chen Yougong eats quickly, and the meal is finished.
"That line, this can’t be done for nothing. Here’s the thing. I told him to give him 500 yuan and pay half first. We’ll pay the other half when my second brother learns to get a formal job position for the team."
This is equivalent to buying a job, and 500 yuan is thought of as the ten-month salary of the team workers. Their salary is 55 yuan a month plus some bills every month.
Yue-e Li’s heart thumped when she heard so much money
"This money?"
Chen Yougong Bai Yue-e means, "Sister-in-law doesn’t worry about borrowing this money as a second brother, and it doesn’t matter if he gets the job done first."
Of course, he is not the only one who decided to discuss these things with his daughter-in-law at home. He knows these things well, and a big family must work hard together to make a good life.
Yue-e Li immediately became red-eyed, and the old couple were too good for them.
"Do you believe that I will learn my second brother well?" Chen Yougang is also very moved. To tell the truth, if he has so much money, he may not be willing to spend it for himself.
Chen Yougong nodded with a smile. "I know that the tractor of the second brother’s commune meeting is a bit low, but the tractor is still a little different from the truck. Then you just listen to people and be diligent in dessert."
Chen Yougang was so charged and a little nervous that he stretched out his hand and scratched the back of his head. "I know I will do it well."
Chen doesn’t talk about how much money he has at home. The old three and two couples pay some money every month. In recent years, there have been about four or five hundred, and they have all gone out. It is worthwhile to buy a job, but they have to save money from scratch again.
Yue-e Li went to the kitchen to wash dishes, and Chen Yougang went to the cellar to get something. The new sweet potato just happened to let Chen Yougong take it back this time.
There are only two mothers left in the hall.
"I have just enough money in my hand for your second brother to buy a job, so keep it for your family. Don’t take it out this time."
Chen Yougong took out a hundred dollars from his pocket. "This is when I came back. Shangqing gave me some money for both of us. You can’t have no money in your hand, and it won’t be paid directly this time. It’s enough to ease you. Don’t think so much."
Chen looked at Chen Yougong and handed me the money. "All right, then I’ll take it. Take all 500. Anyway, it’s all your money."
Chen Yougong laughed and finally went away carrying sweet potatoes.
"Second brother, if you come to town before noon, I’ll take you to the team and see the master."
Chen Yougang sent people to the village head before he came back in a trance.
Chen has returned to bed.
Chen Yougang went back to their own room, and Yue-e Li waited in the room.
"You can’t lose your third child and study hard."
Yue-e Li took out the new clothes made by Chen Yougang last year from the cupboard. She didn’t want to wear them. She usually worked and wore them when she visited relatives.