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On the other side, the blood in the calf where Tian fell to the ground has become a pool of blood. Looking at Ning Caichen coming over with snow, she has been scared and scared to the extreme. There are 10,000 doubts in her heart. Isn’t this man a poor student? How can he have that kind of means!

"bang! ….. Ah! ……”
Go to the front of chef Ning Caichen directly without a word to kick chef quickly walked beside Mr. Su!
"Mother mother …"
Put Snow White on my girl and just called to get up. See Bai Susu Ning Caichen also relieved and finally arrived! Beat the cage, remove the cloth from Bai Susu’s mouth and untie Bai Susu’s body!
At this time, Bai Susu was very sad, and her mouth was bleeding and her face was swollen. There were two clear palm prints! The clothes were also torn, and the back and shoulders showed a large piece of white!
"Xiaoxue!" "Mother! ….. blare …! "
Untie Bai Susu and hug Snow White directly, and then the mother and the son hug together, and they are in direct pain and close to death. All kinds of emotions are full of fear and fear.
Seeing Bai Susu crying with Snow White, Ning Caichen didn’t speak, but her eyes were red and scary!
Finally, Ning Caichen turned his head to look at the ground, and the eyes of Tian Shihe and Wu Sanren were red, cold and cold, and everyone was shocked directly!
Chapter 47 Throw Chen He
The crescent moon hangs in the sky and sprinkles Yin Hui like the Milky Way. For nine days, the earth’s mountains and rivers are covered with a layer of white and holy gauze. The night wind howls very cold, and there is a chill in the bones. Ning Caichen has a white Confucian shirt and long hair flying, but his eyes are glowing with red light!
It’s scary. Ning Caichen’s eyes are terrible. The chilly chill is a kind of hairy handstand feeling at a glance. It’s cold and scary. Everyone’s atmosphere is afraid to cry with Su Su and Snow White in the night wind. No one talks and looks at Ning Caichen waiting for Ning Caichen’s mouth like prisoners waiting for trial!
Ning Caichen cold eyes swept these faces one by one, but no one dared to look at each other. Finally, Ning Caichen’s eyes stayed at Tian and Wu San. In the final analysis, this matter was caused by these two people. Others were accomplices. These two people were the principal offenders!
Wu San was drunk and wanted to rape Bai Susu, but the result didn’t succeed. Tian wanted to kill Bai Susu directly. His face was as cold as frost. This time, Ning Caichen was really angry, and his murder was boiling. If he hadn’t drunk some wine tonight, I’m afraid Bai Susu had sunk to the bottom of the river. Tian’s malice might not even let snow go!
Those with cold eyes swept behind Tian were directly startled, feeling like a sharp knife with a handle scraping and feeling a cold air from the beginning to the soles of the feet.
"What are you doing? !” Chef was Ning Caichen see hair upside down, she is some virtual a huge fear spread from my heart "I tell you you dare to touch my magistrate of a county adults know won’t let you go! ……”
"Now we know that the magistrate of a county knows the official knows the law …!" Ning Caichen is cold. "Dashan, twist this poisonous woman for me!"
At chef coldly Ning Caichen ordered Ningshan directly!
Ningshan mouth a column for Ning Caichen words he is bidding, and for chef, he also has a big step of murder in his heart. Bend down beside chef, and chef will be screwed up!
"What are you doing! ? Let go! ….. "Chef struggle face twisted hands constantly flying mouth crazy yelling" kill help! Wu San, you son of a bitch, come and save me! ……”
Tian Shi is as crazy as she is now. Wu San is also white with fear. His fingers are broken by Ningshan’s whole row. Now he sees that Ningshan has to deal with his daughter-in-law, but he is afraid to go out. Others have turned pale one by one, especially a timid woman who has been scared to sit on the ground but no one dares to help!
"Wu San Wu San you a day to kill come and save me! ….. "Chef crazy call their own men found Wu San didn’t come over and then went crazy waving his hands to grasp to Ningshan" you devil adulterer I spell with you! ……”
"Peng … pa! ….. Bitch! "
Ningshan was made angry by chef, and directly kicked chef’s chest and scraped chef’s face with one ear, so he couldn’t speak, and his mouth was bleeding. The whole person was in pain like shrimp. Ning Caichen bowed behind him and cried with white snow for a while, and most of his emotions were vented. I just saw Ningshan pulling chef’s hair with one hand and chef’s collar with the other hand to hold chef up like a dead dog …!
"The adulterer whore you all die a natural death shameless things you don’t die a natural death! ….. "At this time, Chef’s sample was miserable. His right leg was broken with blood, and his foot was swollen with blood. This is Ningshan’s mouth, but her mouth was very poisonous. She looked at Ning Caichen and Bai Susu with hatred." You are a smelly slut and you are poor in Ning Caichen. You are all waiting to die a natural death. After tonight, I will tell you all your scandals. I want everyone to know your scandals … "
Bai Susu didn’t talk, but she looked at Chef Ning Caichen coldly with white snow and didn’t speak, but Ningshan couldn’t help it. It was a slap in the face to slap Chef’s face-
"Poisonous woman will break your mouth again!"
Ningshan slap in the face is very heavy, and directly knocked out two front teeth of Tian. When I saw Tian’s bitter eyes, I was angry and slapped again!
At this time, Ning Caichen stopped Ningshan and then bent down to pick up the rope next to it and threw it to Ningshan to "tie it up!"
"Tie it up, tie it up. I’ll be here today to see what you can do to me!"
Chef’s mouth is very hard. At this time, she still refused to be soft. Ningshan rope tied her up, but soon her face changed and she became frightened. Because in her sight, Ning Caichen took the cage that had just been loaded with white vegetarian food and then threw herself into it directly!
"What are you going to do? ……”
When Tian became frightened, his heart was greatly disturbed, and the faces of others around him changed at this moment!
"Throw it into the river!"
Ning Caichen said to Ningshan! But a word changed the face of all the people. Wu Sanren and others turned pale one by one. Chef also realized the fear, and her face became frightened. Susu also looked at Ning Caichen with a change of face.
"Ning gong! ……”
Bai Susu wants to stop Ning Caichen. She is worried that Ning Caichen will get into trouble if she kills Tian in public. This is a big murder and will be beheaded!
Bai Susu’s flower was interrupted by Ning Caichen before she finished, and then she called Yining Mountain. Together, they lifted the cage directly and walked towards the Chen River!
"ah! What are you doing? Help? Kill people … Wu San … Wu San … You fucking help me … Wuwuning Gongning Master I was wrong. Please leave me alone. I was wrong. I won’t dare again … "