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Although the Legalism has been entrenched in the southeast since ancient times, there is no unified belief, including Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, and Shan Ye’s wild roads, demons, ghosts, demons, elves, ghosts, gods, people, gods and Poseidon … The origins and teachings are different and cannot be combined

Therefore, the situation is far less than that of the three religions, and the southeast and South China Seas are also beyond the reach of the imperial court. Therefore, the struggle between France and Christianity is small, and the imperial court is also difficult to govern, and it is even more unwilling to spend money and food to intervene in trivial matters in the clan.
"The arrival of the master shows us a new road."
"If you want to confront the imperial court, you must put the past ten generations of grievances and nine generations of hatred together to truly make Dharma a big religion instead of scattered and entrenched in the southeast. You fought for three points, incense and two fragrant oils, and beat you to death."
"If it has been taught by law for nearly a thousand years today!"
"The three religions bullied us, and the imperial court also regarded us as dirt. Once the court Taoist came to us, the sects such as Nanhaimen, who were in front of the French religious boundary, caused troubles and destroyed us, belonged to the dharma altar. This is already a mortal enemy!"
"If we don’t unite with the imperial court, sooner or later, we will dispatch magic soldiers to collect all of us. At that time, the eagle dog’s life and death will be in the hands of others. Is this still our French monk?"
"Call method to teach! No, jump six ways out of three religions! I wait for life and death to be decided by us. I don’t want to return to Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. It’s convenient for me to learn from others and love to save the world! "
"It’s’ teaching’!"
"Three religions shall not provoke the court shall not provoke is equal to others can literally hold our lives! If you don’t want to give your life to God’s will, it’s even more time before you wake up! "
At this time, in the words of King Lei, there is a Buddhist dragon, Lei Yin, and a door, and the dragon sings and drinks. The combination of the two sounds makes these leaders who have enmity or knot with each other, or have similar or far-reaching teachings pause for a moment when they are struck by lightning, but when they come back to the world for a moment, they are greatly afraid.
King Lei is strong!
More powerful than a meeting!
"King Lei has reached the pinnacle of pure sunshine?"
"congratulations! Congratulations! Lei Tang is unbreakable, and the thunder king is expected to soar! "
"Go further!"
"A fairy looks like a fairy!"
It is difficult to improve after entering the pure sun for a long time. There is too little aura to compare with the mountains and rivers. The main Chongyang Palace in Qingshan is Wudang Mountain. Several pure suns are trapped in the pure sun realm, and sometimes the lack of aura means that Shou Yuan is inferior
Heaven and earth coexist, heaven and earth, and I, the so-called fairy, can eat and breathe out because the fairy can swim in the earth and mountains, take the aura of mountains, rivers and seas to support herself. Once the aura is thin, the fairy’s life will not be long.
And the thunder king at this time to give them the feeling has been and meet in the past is not the same!
Therefore, after sensing the inhuman atmosphere of King Lei, there were several leaders who complained about King Lei’s heart. At this time, they became the first to congratulate several people, but they said that they were not happy, but they were full of fear and words were more frightening.
King Lei just talked about Buddhism and Taoism, the second religion, and the Lei Yin method, which was to shock them and show their strength. At this time, it really shocked his leader. They all looked constantly changing, and their thoughts were constantly changing.
"Hey? King Lei of thunder, you are angry … This is somewhat similar to my teaching God. "
At this time, a man wearing a yellow head and a black crown with a sword was full of doubts when he looked at King Lei.
"Taiyi thunder doesn’t move the Buddha … isn’t Lei Zu the thunder king Lei Tangfeng?"
Legalism often does not worship each other’s main gods, and some gods are extradited from the three religions and have their own people incarnate. Legalism often has its own nicknames.
Taiyi Lei does not move, and the name in Buddhism is the Lord God of Huaguang Sect, Huaguang Emperor!
And Leitang, the king of Lei, is even more arrogant and directly declares that he is the nine-day Lei Zuyu. Taoism in the Muslim kingdom has a great origin. After the reincarnation of "King Lei Zhen" in the Tang Dynasty, Wang Dasheng was called "turning into a saint"
"I hold the thunder of the sky, the thunder of the sea, the thunder of the jade and the thunder of the fire. We are all thunder walkers, like the laws of the Ministry of Heaven, and the ghosts can’t move the Buddha in the thunder hall, which shows my sincerity."
King Lei looked at the Taoist in the Yellow Clothes. "Ha, you are the three deputy door owners. You are not the door owner. You don’t know something. You are not the only one who does not move the Buddha!"
Then he looked at all his leaders and named them one by one!
"Guangze Dashengmen Guangli Hongsheng King God Nanyue Zhu Rong; Guanyin in Zhushan teaches Guanyin Bodhisattva in Nanhai; The holy king of the mountain teaches the holy Lord Dayu of the mountains and rivers. "
"The Madonna of Puji teaches Mazu Tian Fei; Teach the world to help the public; Sincerely teach Hao Tian Jin Qi Jade Emperor; Three Mountains Great Religion During the Song Dynasty, the God Sanshan Kunji "
"Jade department teaches even the founder of Yan Hui for three days; Wu Po teaches Empress Wu Zetian, the Great Sage Emperor; Five doors cover the yellow flag, the Qin Emperor, the God of Fu Jian. "
"Maitreya teaches Maitreya Buddha; Taigong teaches Jiangya real person; Who sent Sun Simiao ".
"There will be … ten thousand days Dachang teaches the five-party cabin soldier Lord Human-God and ten thousand days Lord Song Huizong Zhao Ji."
"After that, there will be no such thing as waiting for you and inviting the idol into my hall."
Lei Wang finished his speech.
The face of the surrounding Dharma leaders changed suddenly, and they seemed to hear some incredible things. Let’s take a look at the fact that several other Dharma leaders didn’t appear here, which made the other Dharma leaders feel more and more afraid.
"You …! You have joined forces … to unify the South China Sea! "
When King Lei heard this question, he didn’t understate it and said, "Everything ends up as a great religion."
Road flyover Huang is also changing his look at this time, but he chose to keep silent at this time.
King Lei looked at the Buddha and the ghost again and asked, "But even if you form a big religion and occupy a continent of mountains and rivers, you may not be able to hide from people for four days."
"Even though I want to support us behind us, I don’t know who the other three are?"
Without thinking, the Buddha and the ghost "don’t be careful to test the four heavenly hearts. My Lord has interfered with the three of them to spy on you. I won’t be heard by God when I wait for this conversation."
Then he pointed to the zenith and let it go and drew two imaginary lines.
"Nowadays, the appearance of the young King Kong, who is the closest to the four heavenly hearts and Buddhists, is very clear."
"Confucianism for six days is making middle-aged people look pale and white, and it is a great sacrifice."
"Taoist purple clothes gods and teenagers look like twelve white horses to fight the sky."
"The alchemist, the old man, is dressed in coarse cloth and gray, and this one is the only one who doesn’t shy away from his name, but some words still can’t be said to be sensed."
"He once commented by Shan Hai Jing that it was a big change."
Chapter three hundred and seventeen Everywhere monarch
"Is it … Guo Pu!"
Huaguang sent Taoist Huang Yi to blurt it out!