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Li Zhiwan sighed and said in a rather regretful tone, "Brother Li has his own idea, so please remember that when talking about it, the Li family is a full choice, and my sincerity will not change."

"But now that Brother Li’s mind has been made up, I regret that a talent like Brother Li has lost his arm. San Niang can wish Brother Li a pleasant journey!"
Li Chongjiu said with fuels, "Please take care of yourself when Sanniang is serious. See you later."
With that, Li Chongjiu got up and walked out of the pavilion and took the reins from the big man of Xuanjia and rode away.
Li Zhiwan stood in the pavilion and watched Li Chongjiu ride away.
Grandson Shunde said, "Miss, this person is so unappreciative that I should be taught a lesson."
Li Zhiwan said, "It’s a pity that Uncle Grandson can’t insist on me if he comes or goes. This man has a bright future in his chest. Maybe he has other ambitions and can’t look down on me."
Sword snow aside slightly laughed "miss is not think this person can’t see us the lees"
Li Zhiwan looked back at Jian Xueyan and said, "What do you think of Xiao Ni?"
Sword snow vomitted to stick out your tongue and said, "Miss, where do I have any opinion? I guess Li … Li Chongjiu has a crush on Miss Li, but he is a self-sustaining mountain thief. He thinks that if he is not worthy of Miss Li again, it will be more difficult for him to have a chance to be with Miss Li."
"So I think he has to make his own way and achieve something in the future, and then come back to marry the young lady."
Sword snow so cheerfully said Li Zhiwan listened to is low spat a face somewhat reddish.
It’s Sun Shunde’s hey hey sneer that "the humble mountain thief also has a plan to climb the dragon and attach the phoenix to the cold brother to make a living, and it’s still a cold brother, even in one thousand."
Sword snow heard angry was refuted but was stopped by Li Zhiwan.
Listening to Li Zhi’s gentle words, "My marriage will choose what my heart wants, but it’s the princes and the nobles who are in the poor family …"
Li Zhiwan shook his head. At this time, the door saw that it was too heavy for a family to marry each other, not to mention that Li Chongjiu was born as a mountain thief.
Li Zhiwan paused and said, "This little thief said that Emperor Gaozu was clothed in cloth, but I believe he said that I would be interested in seeing him in the future, so don’t keep me waiting too long."
Speaking of which, Li Zhiwan smiled
At this time, the sunset is flowing through the river.
The fields in the sky are already stained with blood.
"Let’s go!" Li Zhiwan followed Sun Shunde with a whip and a sword.
After turning over the horse, Li Zhiwan took one look at the direction of Erxian Village and struggled to whip the horse’s crotch and mount its hooves, and suddenly left.
Chapter 27 Be a man and leave room for three points.
After Li Chongjiu met Li Sanniang and returned to Erxian Village.
Everyone in Erxian Village is beaming, especially the six people who have been released from their homes. It’s not too much for them to feel at the moment.
Obtaining the yellow certificate means that 7,000 villages can engage in legitimate business. Although they are engaged in the cheap business of businessmen, they are quite happy to think that they can stop hiding in broad daylight.
Everyone was in high spirits when they discussed the opening of an escort agency near Erxianzhuang.
Li Chongjiu was so happy to see all the brothers in the 7,000-village, and his heart was also gratified. He planned to run the escort agency personally, but his eyes did not have a chance.
Li Chongjiu in Li Hu’s room told Li Hu that Yin Kaishan had released his arrest papers to counties in Bingzhou.
This arrest article will arrive in Dang County in a few days, and there will probably be a government official, Erxian Village, to arrest it.
Li Huwen grabbed Li Chongjiu’s hand and said, "Xiao Jiu, you need to consult a single landlord about this."
Li Chongjiu listened to Dangdang and felt Li Hu’s eagerness and replied, "Dad’s single owner has helped us a lot, so we must never bring trouble to the single owner again."
Li Hu nodded when Li Chongjiu said this. He is also a man who refuses to drag down his friends.
Listen to Li Chongjiu said that he couldn’t help but nod and say, "Xiao Jiu, you said I really didn’t shelter …"
Li Chongjiu laughed at the words that interrupted Li Hu. "Dad, where are you talking about? This is what I have already decided. Fourth Uncle doesn’t often say that reading thousands of books is not as good as going to Wan Li Road. I want to go around and have a look. I heard that Henan is an outstanding person in the sky, so I want to see the elegant demeanor of a well-dressed person in the Central Plains."
Li Hu heard Li Chongjiu say this, but he also said with emotion, "It’s said that the fourth brother often said that the young eagle will fly to Xiao Jiu one day. You have this ambition. It’s good. Dad is old and not knowledgeable enough to think about it all day long. If I give you the position of taking charge of this 7,000-village, now that I think about it, you should not see it."
Speaking of which, Li Hu turned his back to wipe his tears and said again, "My hero, don’t miss your hometown when you travel around. If you can get ahead in the future, you will be more filial than me. It’s your painstaking efforts. I know that you will know your spirit by setting up a frame with this. Go for a walk in other places first. Dad, this will give you a decision to open this escort agency and let the whole state know the name of our Li escort agency."
Li Chongjiu heard Li Hu say this and laughed, "That’s right, Dad. When I get back, I still have to be a less escort. Just listening to it will tell you that it’s much more beautiful than being less in charge."
Li Hu listened to Li Chongjiu’s saying that it was also a stroke of laughter to sweep away the sadness.
As a matter of fact, Li Chongjiu has said that Li Hu will open an escort agency, and everything has been properly said. A successful e has already got out of the way, and everything is personally involved in several directions, so let them do it.
At present, there are no problems in several major aspects of the escort agency. Let Li Hu, Su Su, Wang Mahan and others do it. It doesn’t take a few years for their own Li family escort agency to flourish. "Dad, I just packed my bags tonight and left overnight. If time delays this sea arrest, I will be unable to move."
I heard that Li Chongjiu was leaving overnight, and Li Hu couldn’t help but correct it from the bottom of my heart.
Waiting for Li Hu to pack up for Li Chongjiu and lead to Erxianzhuang Road. Xu Daliu, the head of the county government, is coming overnight with more than 20 chief officers holding torches.
Xu Dalu is not his name but his nickname because he has a huge tumor on his head.
The tumor is big and black and yellow, which makes people want to vomit. This person deceives fish and fish in the county, and the people are used to it, and they all hate it.
Eye Xu Da tumor glanced at the sea arrest article, and the wanted criminal Li Chongjiu couldn’t help but hum in his nostrils.
This article on sea arrest arrived early today, but he didn’t care much after receiving the news, but it was only after he heard that Erxian Village had recently gathered a group of refugees that he realized it.
The great cause of seven years was not peaceful for the Sui Dynasty, and the imperial conquest of Liaodong was well known, which caused public grievances.
A man named Wang Bo, a unruly Shandong, claimed to know the world and rebelled in Changbai Mountain.
Plain strongman Liu overbearing Douhang gathered more than 100,000 people to be called Auntie Army.