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"Come in."

Su Yu coughed a face primly light openings.
Now that Lingyu has come, it’s time for the props from the lottery to be used.
Chapter 33 The effect of eating two together will be better!
Ling Yu came in and respectfully saluted Su Yu. This etiquette was taught in southern Jiangsu. Although it was a bit crude, Ling Yu was meticulous in doing it.
Su Yu smilingly pointed to the desk stool.
Ling Yu sat on a stool in accordance with the words, but did not dare to sit on the stool and show respect for Su Yu.
It can be seen from small details that Ling Yu is a serious and sensible teenager.
Su Yu smiled and was satisfied with Ling Yuhang. Su Yu continued to pick up the writing brush in his hand and kept his head down to continue to circle the data circle.
Su Yu fully aired this little half-column incense kung fu, but Ling Yu remained silent all the time, waiting for Su Yu to speak.
Good personality is very calm!
Yeah, it’s a little less talkative and a little cold-hearted
Su Yuxin gave an evaluation.
Generally speaking, Su Yu is more and more satisfied with Ling Yu, and the props Ling Yu got from the lottery are not a loss.
Ling Aner brought two cups of hot tea to his brother and Su Yu.
Su Yu took a sip of tea with a brush and said with a smile, "You always wanted to be a fighter, didn’t you?"
"It’s Gongye"
Ling raindrops nodded with a calm and serious expression.
"Well, well, I’ll make you a fighter tonight."
Su Yu smiled indifferently.
This sentence makes Ling Yuyuan’s calm expression suddenly change and his heart suddenly beats.
Opportunity to become a fighter!
Ling Yu’s expression was so excited that he lost his former calm voice and trembled. "Is this true, Gongye?" Can I become a warrior tonight? "
"Of course, when have I ever lied to you?"
Su Yu was all smiles.
"It’s great to be a wise fighter! Grandpa, I will work hard to cultivate and never live up to your cultivation! "
Ling Yu’s muttering voice is still trembling, and his dream for many years is about to come true, which makes him not know how to vent his passion for Su Yu.
Grandpa is really my Lord!
Su Yu picked his eyebrows and laughed. "It’s not just intellectual environment but also stronger."
"solid state!"
Lingyu a surprised hurriedly surprise said
"not stronger"
Su Yu took a sip of his tea with a smiling expression and said indifferently, "I estimate that it can rise to the strength of the soul-condensing environment, and it doesn’t need to wait too long to reach it tonight."
"Calm the soul!"
Ling Yu shouted that the whole people were shocked. He was completely shocked by Su Yu’s words.
Ling Yu’s chair grew up silly and looked at Su Yu with a dull mouth and didn’t know what to say at the moment.
Cheng Ning’s soul is strong!
This is something that Ling Yu once dared not even think about!
Moreover, Su Yu also said that he can become a strong soul when he is late!
Oh, my god, grandpa’s tactics are too bad!
Can one night make me a soul fighter?
Imagine that a few hours ago, I was hunted by Master Ling’s family. Every day, I have to plan where to earn some money to support myself and my sister the next day. Every bite of food has to be broken in half.
Calm the soul. No!
Even the lowest level of intellectual practitioners are once LingYu look up!
Su Yu, however, said that it would take a night for Ling Yu, a poor man who once struggled at the bottom of Baiyang City, to completely turn into a powerful soul-condensing fighter!
Ling Yuxin is full of shock and disbelief.
Aside clever wait on Su Yu Linganer also couldn’t help looking at Su Yu with beautiful eyes wide open.
Does Gongye really have a way to make her brother a master of soul-setting?
Ling Aner’s beautiful eyes are full of adoration. She can believe Su Yu’s words! After all, unrequited love women are always so unreasonable.
"Gongye I asked Gongye to teach me! Ling Yuding refused! "
Ling Yu’s lips trembled, and he suddenly got up and looked at Su Yu with an excited expression.
Ling Yushi was so excited that he stuttered when he spoke.
"Don’t worry"
Su Yu smiled and put his hand into his pocket. Nao Da ordered to open the Lord’s backpack and pulled out a small box directly from his pocket (Lord’s backpack).
The small box looks like gold, and the wooden surface is covered with mysterious lines, which is a bit heavy in the hand.
Su Yu opened the small box, and inside it was a white red lead powder with a tangy aroma, which made people smell a shock.
It’s extraordinary at first glance!
[Lord’s servant-level realm Dan] The commander of the Grand Lord’s special consumption class can increase loyalty by 5 points while greatly improving the servant’s strength and automatically understanding a set of random random random multiplication techniques on the plane of the world. Note: Due to the limited effect of the level realm Dan, the strength of the high-condensed soul realm is different from the first order to the peak of the condensed soul realm. At the same time, this thing can be used to exchange the popular energy of the mall, which requires 1 point of popular energy.
This master servant level realm Dan Wan is the master servant’s quick training elixir!
Add loyalty!
Add strength!
Also send supporting cultivation techniques!
It’ s almost a step from head to toe!
Five stars praise!
When Su Yu drew this stuff, he also specially checked the unified mall. Sure enough, in addition to the level realm Dan, there are advanced and super-strong Dan medicines.
But with one exception, these are only used by lords and servants, and most things and Dan medicines have territorial level pre-requirements.
But even if you can’t exchange these things now, Su Yu is still very keen to perceive these Dan medicines, which can be said to be the core of the big lords!
If the people’s hearts and minds have enough energy, the territory level is high enough, and the population is enough, he can form a powerful army in minutes!
"This is my Su family’s special Dan medicine. Take it and your dream will come true tonight."
Su Yu smile some evil meaning to look at LingYu eyes like a mouse.
For the first time, Su Yu, the Lord servant, was not sure if there would be any sequela that he didn’t say.
But there must be the first crab eater in everything.